New Player Model Pack

I have put a new pack together which includes all known custom player models, all custom skins for the models and all extras. It also includes all the extras for the thug and bitch models (backpack, hats, cigar, joint etc). 

There are loads of custom models both male and female. You probably know some of the more popular ones such as Homer, Mr Burns and TheMask but there are heaps of others including some crazy looking ones :)

It took a while to find a few skins and extras we didn't have here but now we have a comprehensive pack which contains everything.

You can download the model pack from here.

Just extract all the files to your Kingpin folder.





Mr.Damage | Saturday 25 February 2017 - 11:59 | News, Download, Model | 1 comment

New Death Match Map

UGNDM KP is a largish death match map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of an unreleased Soldier of Fortune map.

It is a multi levelled map with the lower level being a sewer area. It uses mostly Kingpin standard textures with an emphasis on corrugated metal, has ample weapons and items and 16 player spawns.

It has been tested during two games and is now ready for release.

You can download UGNDM KP from here.





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Gold Flamethrower Skin

We host one custom skin for the flamethrower here at Kingpin Info. It is a gold flamethrower skin made by Micketh. The files are in a pak file (pak8).

You can downlaod the Gold Flamethrower skin from here.

The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak8 file to your Kingpin directory. This will place the pak8 file in your kingpin/main folder.

If you already have a pak8 file in your main folder then extract the new pak8 to a temporary folder somewhere and rename it to another number such as pak2, pak4 etc which you don't already have. Then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.


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Female Droid Model Zipfile Updated

I have updated the zipfile for the female droid model to include all the custom skins for it.  There are many custom skins for the model and for some reason the model also includes some Rayban sunglasses. She is a droid from Star Wars and the model was converted to Kingpin from Quake 2 many years ago.

You can download the female droid model from here.



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Fragcastle Death Match Map

One of my favourite death match maps from the old days, which you dont' see on the servers very often these days, is Fragcastle by KaptenSvea.

Fragcastle is a small to medium sized map that was released back in 2001. It uses mostly standard textures and has ample weapons but doesn't contain the grenade launcher or flamer.

You can downlaod Fragcastle (kapsvdm1.bsp) from here.



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More Clan Demos Uploaded

Here are all the clan demos sent me. There are many of them covering games by many different clans from the old days.

You can download the clan demos from here.

Just extract/unzip these files to your Kingpin folder. The zip is setup so that they will extract to kingpin/main/demos.

To watch them you bring down the console and type:

map xxxxxxxx.dm2

for example

map ak-ma.dm2

If the console doesn't retract just press space and esc and you should be ok.

Check out all the other demos we have here.

Mr.Damage | Tuesday 14 February 2017 - 02:01 | News, Download | 1 comment
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Custom Pistol Skins

We host two custom pistol skins here at Kingpin Info and I have now updated the zipfiles and placed them into pak files. I have named the pak files pak2.

The two custom skins are the Castor Troy gold skin and the Nickel Silver skin. Both skins were made by Überdroog.

You can download the pistol skins from here.

Nickel Silver skin

Castor Troy gold skin

The zip files are set up so you only have to extract the pak2 file to your Kingpin directory. This will place the pak2 file in your kingpin/main folder.

If you already have a pak2 file in your main folder then extract the new pak2 to a temporary folder somewhere and rename it to another number such as pak3, pak4 etc which you don't already have. Then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.



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Kingpin Info Is One Year Old

It's now one year since opened the doors here at Kingpin Info. The first news post was made on 1st Feb. 2016.

It's been a busy year since we opened here. Lots of new maps, lots of news posts, some mods updated and lots of games on the Kingpin servers.

Hopefully things will continue to go well during 2017.

Btw we hsot a map pack of all the maps released durign 2016 here.

Mr.Damage | Saturday 04 February 2017 - 23:37 | Download, Map, News | 7 comments
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More new Bagman Goodness

has quickly followed up his Team Barns beta2 map with another Bagman map called Team Bloody Tracks.

This is a smallish Bagman map set in a trainyard. The map is small, full of concrete and brick, and will be frantic BM action.

Railroad tracks dissect the map in the centre where the money drop is. There are a few ways to get between the team's bases and there are plaenty of weapon and item caches.

I'm sure this one will be added to all the Bagman servers :)

You can download Team Bloody Tracks from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.



Mr.Damage | Saturday 04 February 2017 - 23:20 | Map, Download, News | 2 comments
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Beta Of new Bagman Map *Updated*

has released a beta of his new Bagman map called Team Barns beta.

This is a largish Bagman map with a farm style setting where the team's bases are two barns. There are horse stalls and another big barn/storehouse in the middle of the map where the money drop is. There are several ways to get to the enemy's base.

The map uses mostly custom textures from the old Soldier of Fortune game and there are plenty of weapons and other items. There are als several custom sounds you would hear around a farm.

You can download Team Barns beta2 from here.





***Updated 2nd Feb. Jonez has released an uodated version of this map (beta2)***
*Added light flares to pendants
*Added more spawn locations
*Some adjustments on items and added some ammo in middle

I have updated the download link with the new version (

Mr.Damage | Wednesday 01 February 2017 - 05:43 | Map, Download, News | No comments
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