Monster Skins Pack Uploaded

I have uploaded a monster skins pack of thug, runt and bitch skins.

It is the skins from all other skin packs and any other skins I could find. It's about 142mg of skins.

It covers from 1999 right up to now as I inlcuded the new Duke Nukem skin released only a few days ago.

It's not all skins problaby as there have been so many and some of the skin names will be different from the ones you may already have. This is because so many different skins shared the same names sigh.

I included a readme with info on a small amount of the skins (skin names, author and how to select them).

You can download the monster skins pack from here.

Just unzip the files to your kingpin folder and the files will be placed in the correct locations.

However if you already have a lot of skins and don't want to overwrite the ones you have because a few might have the same name but be different skins do the following:-

Unzip the files to your desktop. This will create a main folder on your desktop with the skins inside.
Go to where you have Kingpin installed and open your Kingpin folder.
Copy the main folder from your desktop to your Kingpin folder.
Click on yes when asked to merge folders.
When the skins start to copy click on 'Don't copy' and tick 'Do this for the next xxxx conflicts'.
Then only the skins you don't have will be installed.
Then just delete the main folder you placed on your desktop.

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New Death Match Map Released

has released his conversion of the classic Duke Nukem level called Hollywood Holocaust. He had to make a few changes due to the difference in phsysics between the two games otherwise it is the same.

It is  medium to large map set in a Hollywood street and inside a movie theatre. The map uses a mixture of standard and custom textures.

From the readme:-

The level contains 16 deathmatch spawn points (+1 single player start point), 4 Tommy machineguns, 3 shotguns, 1 heavy machinegun, 3 packs of pistol mods (complete with rate of fire, magnum mod and reload mod), 1 grenade launcher and 1 flamethrower.

To find the cooling mod you'll have to see James Cagney (if you don't know who that is Google it).

Acc also included Kraze bot routes in the zipfile. Check the readme for information on how he did the conversion.

You can download Hollywood Holocaust from here.

Just unzip all the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.





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Japanese Skin Pack Updated

I have updated the Japanese Skin Pack we host which features skins for the thug, runt and bitch models.

It was in an installer exe so I have changed it to a zipfile now.

I also fixed two of the skins that didn't work because they were 2mg in size instead of 30kbs.

I removed all the non exclusive Japanese skins that are available elsewhere

I had to rename a few of the skins as the names clashed with existing skins.

I added a readme with all the skin names with an attempt to match as many up as possible as not all skins had the same name for head, body and legs.

There are many complete skins but also several loose heads, bodies and legs.

There are some manga bitch heads which is very interesting to see in Kingpin and there are some very colourful runt skins. There is also a wide range of thug skins.

You can download the Japanese skin pack from here.

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.



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Enhanced Bagman Mod Uploaded

I recently found the windows server files for the Enhanced Bagman mod that had been missing for about twelve years. 

The mod was made by Cashmoney with help from a few others.

It's a Bagman mod with a few different features:-

 * Enhanced scoreboard (fixed those ugly colors)
 * Replacement for the Pipe (press 1 for Machete)
 * Replacement for the Tommygun (Coltm41a) made by Hypov8
 * New explosion graphics
 * New weapon sprites for muzzle flash and rocket trails
 * Custom music
 * Custom weapon sounds
 * Changed team names and skins (Rednecks and Punks)
 * Weather effects in maps (Rain and snow)
 * Flashbangs and regular grenades! (press Q to switch between them)
 * Two maps made for the EBM mod (all Bagman maps will work though)

As it is an older mod it incorporates the MMAdmin and as it is recommended to run public servers using KPDED2 I have included that file plus the readme for it. I also included a please_read.txt file with suggested settings.

If you use the KPDED2 file then players will be able to download the required client files that contain all the new skins and weapon models, maps etc.

I have combined all the files (both server and client) into one full install zipfile.

You can download the EBM Full Install for Windows files from here. 







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Custom Tommygun Skin Uploaded

I have uploaded a custom yellow skin for the tommygun. It's in a pak4 file. You see it in your hud and on the ground but not on other players.

You can download the yellow tommygun skin from here.

The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak4 file to your Kingpin directory. This will place the pak4 file in your kingpin/main folder.

If you already have a pak4 file in your main folder then extract the new one to a temporary folder somewhere and rename it to another number such as pak2, pak3 etc which you don't already have. Then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.


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New Death Match Map

Several years ago converted this map from Quake 2 but never quite finished it and so it was left unreleased. Recently I found it in one of my old Kingpin archives and, with a lot of help from , was able to complete the map.

The map is a conversion of the Land of the Dead Quake 2 map that was originally made by Jester.

It is a medium sized map, set in space, that uses a custom sky and all custom textures.

It has 12 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

You can download Land of the Dead from here.



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If you like what you see you can download the complete Homer Simpson model with all skins and extras from here.

We also have a Homer Simspons sounds pack which you can download here.

Just unzip all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.

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Death Match Map Added To Archive

Here is a map I just found on one of my Kingpin backup disks. It is called Obsidian and is a straight conversion from Quake 2 by .

It is a medium to large deathmatch map that uses all the original Quake 2 textures. It has plenty of weapons and items and should be able to handle a large crowd. It is a little bit dark in places otherwise is fine.

You can download Obsidian (kpobsidian.bsp) from here.



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Leopard Skin For The Bitch Model

Here is a unique style of skin for the bitch model. It is a leopard skin including a leopard face.

You can download the leopard bitch skin from here.

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

Easiest way to select this skin is to:-

Pull down the console (tilde key ~)

Type in :-

skin "female_chick/lep lep lep"


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Designer Bitch Skin Pack

Here is a skin pack of high quality skins for the bitch model. This is from the early days of Kingpin and was made by the late Tyler Durden.

There are six bodies and five legs (seemed he forgot to include the 6th set of legs) but no heads so any bitch head can be used.

You can download the Designer bitch skin pack from here.

Check the readme for more information.



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