Central Towers Urban Death Match Map

After posting about the re-textured version of KPDM5 the other day I thought it would be good to post about the other versions of the map that people might not know exist.

Central Towers Urban was made by and is the KPDM5 map totally re-textured to give it a rougher more urban feel.

You can download Central Towers Urban (kp5u.bsp) from here.





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The Camping Grounds Deathmatch Map

The Camping Grounds is a death match map converted to Kingpin by .

It was originally a Quake 2 remake of a Quake 3 map.

If you have ever played Quake 3 then you know this map.

You can download the Camping Grounds map from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



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The Gauntlet Deathmatch Map

Here is an older deathmatch map called The Gauntlet that was converted to Kingpin by .

It is a two level, arena style, map converted from Quake 2. The are two teleports at either end of the lower level that transport you to the upper level.

If you fall into the red stuff on the lower level you will die. It uses custom textures and has ample weapons and items.

You can download th Gauntlet from here.



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Two New Crash Mod Maps

has now taken two of his Crash mod maps out of beta.

He has converted KPDM2 and KPDM3 to the Crash mod bombing scenario.

You can download the maps from here:-

Industrial Waste Crash

Mean Streets Crash

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



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2018 Map-Pack

I have put together a map-pack of all the maps released in 2018. This is all the deathmatch, CTF, GunRace and Bagman maps. 36 maps in total.

I didn't include beta maps that have since been finalised or Killa's beta maps as I spoke to him and he will be finalising his maps in the next few weeks.

I also didn't include Halloween or Xmas mod maps as they are/or will be included in the XMas/Halloween mod files.

I did include the maps made for the GunRace mod as they are now finding their way onto the deathmatch servers.

You can grab the map-pack from here. 

Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.





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Def and FGD Updated

I have updated the Def and FGD (Forge Game Data) files for Kingpin. Those are entites files for Map editors in Kingpin.

Most people that making maps where using whoop_def file or just the orginale def file that game with the map editor. Allot enties are there misssing or broken.  already figured that out with his SPMOD and entity guide. Where mostly these new def files are also based on. Just see the readme.txt for more info.

Mine def file come's in 2 shapes:
fredz_kingpin_multi_def.zip (multi def files)
fredz_kingpin_big_def.zip (1 file)

If you using radiant make sure there is a def file in kprad\*.def for example: kprad\kingpin.def

I also updated NetRadiant kingpin package with the new def file.

TrenchBroom model

The FGD files are also based on the def file just checked manualy and got new options like showing diffrent models and selecting options as showed in the picture above.

I also update the TrenchBroom package with the new fgd file and some options in the cfg and including a picture how to setup compiling. (Update)
It seems a new version of TrenchBroom came out and you need new cfg file for it:

The fgd file come's also in 2 shapes:
fredz_kingpin_multi_fgd.zip (multi def files)
fredz_kingpin_big_fgd.zip (1 file)

Some entites got missing models you can download that package here. (For example teleporter models)

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Team Nipples Bagman Map

Way back in 2001 created this Bagman map called Team Nipples.

It's a small Bagman map in the Quake3 style. It's a tight map and shoudl be fast paced action.

It has three cash spawns and has two red buttons in the centre area that open a deadly trap door over the main cash drop area.

Iin order to get the HMG you have to push a button in your Team's base which opens a panel in the front of the other Team's base where the HMG is. 

There is also a laser that travels around the map that will inflict damage if you run into it.

Each base has a team safe which is opened by just clicking on it.

It has enough weapons and uses custom textures and a custom sky.

You can download Team Nipples (team_nipples-r2.bsp) from here.




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Team Gravel Pit Bagman Map

Here is an older Bagman map called Team Gravel Pit (team_gp_beta1.bsp) made by .

It's a pretty standard two forts style map but looks like it would be fun to play.

The team bases are three levels with lots of boxes and crates scattered around. The safe is on the top floor of the base.

There are several routes to the other team's base and each team has a sniping spot overlooking the money drop in the centre of the map. The money drop is in the gravel pit.

You can download Team Gravel Pit from here.



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Two New Power 2 Mod Maps

I have updated the Mob Rule Power 2 map. I have fixed a problem with one of the ladders and made a few other minor changes.

You can download Mob Rule 2019 Power 2 from here.

I have also made a version of the Frag'N'Die3 map for Power 2. This one is a little different from other maps as it only has one control point which is on the roof of the building.

But f you try to camp the control point you will end up dead :)

You can download Frag'N'Die3 Power 2 from here.

        Mob Rule 2019 Power 2                                        Frag'N'Die3 Power 2



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NetRadiant for Kingpin

NetRadiant sr1 Windows

NetRadiant Bar Linux

I added Kingpin support to NetRadiant.

NetRadiant is a fork of the now defunct GtkRadiant 1.5 editor what is based on QERadiant (KPRadiant) and later on Q3Radiant.

You can download from the NetRadiant website or here on Kingpin.info.

Just install NetRadiant and unzip the Kingpinpack.zip into youre NetRadiant folder.

NetRadiant game Windows

NetRadiant game Linux

And you would enable to see Kingpin game addon.
The linux version is also possible but there no really Kingpin compiler files expect from Quake2 or you need to use WineHQ same count for the other that have support.

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