Upcoming Mod - Summer Mod

The Summer mod is a new mod currently in production.

It is a mod which will have a Summer theme. If you have played any of th other themed mods such as the Xmas mod, Halloween Mod or Easter mod you will know what sort of things get changed.

Currently replacement Summer themed models for ingame items/weapons/ammo etc are being created and implementd into the mod.

Also there is one map remake currently being made for the mod.



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Screens From Sunday CTF Game



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Screens From Thursday's Games



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Upcoming Mod - Killa Mod

As previously mentioned there are two new mods on hte way. One of them is the Killa mod.

This one is a capture and hold mod like Power2 but is more squad based.

It will include the control points and also the harpoon from Power2 but it will have options for both two team and three team games.

Each team will have one boss (Kingpin) and the other team members will be regular players.

There are no weapons or items in the maps. The players will spawn with the shotty, tommy, HMG, all with limited ammo, and the GL with one grenade.

The Kingpin spawns with the Harpoon and Crowbar only and 75 health.

All players on the Kingpin's team will spawn near him. When the Kingpin is killed all the players will also die and all respawn together. So you need to protect the Kingpin at all costs.

The Kingpin will also drop health bags and ammo boxes (containing Shotty, Tommy and HMG ammo). He can drop one health or ammo box every three seconds. Both teams can pick up any ammo or health that is dropped.

Work is currently progressing on the mod.


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More Screens From Upcoming Sreet Revenge

Here are some more screens from 's upcoming single player mission - Street Revenge.





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Look What I just Got

I just got this Kingpin T-Shirt from ebay :)



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Screens From Thursday's Games

Welcome back to Stigma.



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Screens From Thursdays Games



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Screens From Thursday's Games

A good crowd turned up for Thursday's Games.



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More Screens From Street Revenge

Here are some screens from the street3 map from the upcoming single player episode called Street Revenge.




You can check out progress and news about Street Revenge o nhis Moddb page here.

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