Screens From Thursdays Game

It was the biggest Thursday crowd we have had so far I think.



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Screens From Sunday's Game

Good to see a couple of old players drop in for a game today  - {U*W}Apraxin and Firestorm/Acid



More screenshots in Steam here.

Please give the Steam screenshots a thumbs up :)

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Screens From Thursday's Games





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Screens From Sunday Game

Another fun game today.



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Gunrace Mod Update

is now working with us on the Gunrace mod. He is working mainly on the models for the mod.

Initially we were going to have a knife as the final weapon but we decided it didn't look imposing enough so changed to a machete.

We are using TiCaL's old machete as the base but Hypo has done a lot of modification to it.

Here is a shot of the machete in the Hud. You don't see it on the other player in this screenshot as it was taken in normal Kingpin not in Gunrace.


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Screens From Thursday's Game

A good game to kick off 2018 :)



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New Player Model On The Way

is currently working on a new custom player model for Kingpin ported from another game. It should be finished soon.

See if you can tell the name of the model by looking at the teaser picture :)


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Screens From Wednesday Game



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Merry Christmas

Me and Fredz would just like to wish all the Kingpin players out there a very Merry Chrstmas :)

We hope you have a good time whether you are relaxing at home or out partying . 


2017 has been a good year for Kingpin. Several mods have been updated and renewed with new game modes added to some. There have been lots of new maps released for death match, bagman and various mods and there has even been a new Duke Nukem thug skin :)

Kingpin now has its own master server so our servers are independant of gamespy or qtracker etc. We have new dedicated server files and patches that help bring Kingpin into the 21st Century.

Lets hope 2018 is another good year for Kingpin too :D

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Screens From Thursday Game





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