Screens From Thursday's Game

A good game to kick off 2018 :)



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New Player Model On The Way

is currently working on a new custom player model for Kingpin ported from another game. It should be finished soon.

See if you can tell the name of the model by looking at the teaser picture :)


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Screens From Wednesday Game



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Merry Christmas

Me and Fredz would just like to wish all the Kingpin players out there a very Merry Chrstmas :)

We hope you have a good time whether you are relaxing at home or out partying . 


2017 has been a good year for Kingpin. Several mods have been updated and renewed with new game modes added to some. There have been lots of new maps released for death match, bagman and various mods and there has even been a new Duke Nukem thug skin :)

Kingpin now has its own master server so our servers are independant of gamespy or qtracker etc. We have new dedicated server files and patches that help bring Kingpin into the 21st Century.

Lets hope 2018 is another good year for Kingpin too :D

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Screens From Thursday Game





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Screens From Sunday's Game

Another big crowd today.



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Random Game

Had another random game today. Saw a couple of people in a server, joined in and and then messaged a few other people, more just joined and we ended up with a game going on. It was good to see that several of the players were new guys :)



If you are looking for a game and no one is around I suggest joining the Luschen Botmatch server and playing against the bots. Chances are other people will join you there and you'll get a game started. Especially at the moment when more new players (and old ones returning to the game) are showing up on a regular basis.

What I also suggest is getting other Kingpin players added to your friends list in Steam, Facebook, Skype etc so you can msg them when you are looking for a game. 

If you are in the Kingpin Facebook groups you can also post there when you are going into a server and some of those guys might join you to.

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More Screens From Sunday's Game





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New Player Record Today

At today's Xmas Bagman mod game we managed to set a record, for our games, of the number of players in the server at the same time.

The previous record was 23 players but today we had 25 players in the server simultaneously :)

Thanks to everyone who showed up today :)



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Screens From Thursday's Game





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