Q & A With Maxx Kaufman 2019

Another of the Kingpin developers has sent his responses to the community questions.

This time it's Maxx Kaufman the Art Director for Kingpin : Life of Crime.

You can read the Q & A with Maxx here.

A big thanks go out to Method who has co-ordinated these Q & A's with the Kingpin developers.

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Four Interviews Added

has uploaded four more interviews from some of hte Kingpin developers.
conducted all the interviews and they were done in 2004 and 2005. Those being interviewed are , , and .

Check them out here:-

Rafael Paiz

Dan Koppel

Ryan Feltrin

Amit Doron.

Check out all the Kingpin devleoper interviews we host in the Interviews Section of the Menu on hte left side of the front page.

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Q & Q With Rafael Paiz 2019

We are still awaiting responses to the questiosn from the community that were sent to Ryan Feltrin but Method sent some of the general questions to three of the other Kingpin developers too. So far Rafael Paiz has responded with his answers.

You cn check out the Q & A with Rafael here.

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Two Old Developer Interviews Added

While we wait for the Kingpin developers to respond to questions that the community recently submitted Fredz has uploaded two older interviews.

One is with Dan Koppel (Technical Lead and Senior Level Design) which seems to be from 1999 and the other one is with Rafael Paiz (Lead Programmer) and looks to be from the early 2000's. Both interveiws were conducted by Method.

I like this part from Rafael's interview:-

Q: Did you enjoy working on Kingpin:Life of Crime?

A: Working at Xatrix was the best time I ever had making games, there was just a special kind of magic while I was there. The entire team was very dedicated and we were able to create several great games.

You can read the interviews here:-



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Who Was Voiced By Cypress Hill In Kingpin?

Occasionally someone asks which voices members of Cypres Hill did in Kingpin.

Fredz just showed me part of an old interview and it says that Cypress Hill did the voices of bartender, Momo and Jesus.

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Questions For Kingpin Developer

Method has arranged for Ryan Feltrin, one of the developers of Kingpin, to answer any questions ppl want to pose to him.

Becasue of problems with the timing trying to organise an actual Q and A this will take the form of written questions that will be sent to him and he will respond.

Ryan was a developer on Kingpin and mainly developed the AI and Bagman mode!

This from an old interview with him-

Ryan: My role for Kingpin was initially just to provide navigation and AI, however it soon branched out to include most technological additions and enhancements, like multiple colored light sources on characters (very important for the look and feel), character interaction system (RPG element), persistent level data (returning to a previous level should restore the world as it was when you left), effects (like flamethrower, bullet sparks, rocket flames), locational hit detection, multiple pain skins, shootable body elements (hats, cigars) and finally, the multiplayer code (and related Linux ports) and "Bagman" game mode.
Meth: How did you come up with idea to make a Bagman mode for KP?
Ryan: This was something that still there is a lot of conjecture over, however I
remain adamant that it was my idea. I was always a huge CTF fan from Quake1 and
even moreso Quake2. So adding a similar element to Kingpin was very important to
me. However, I wanted to make sure it had that Kingpin feel, so it couldnt just
be a straight copy. Since a fundamental aspect of the game was money, I figured
this should be the basis of the multiplayer also. The design just flowed from
there, pretty much.
So if you have a question you want to ask Ryan then just add it to the comments in this news post (click on where it says no comments or 1 comment etc).

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Another Interview With Kingpin Level Designer

has uploaded an interview with John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep) from just before Kingpin was released.

It's another interesting read.

Check it out here.

He also uploaded Pika Commander's conversation with Alex Maybery.

Check that one out here.

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