New Wallpaper

has created a new background wallpaper.

It's definately worth a download and using as your desktop background for a while :)

Update 22nd Nov. The Punisher has now created a black and white version of the wallpaper which has been included in the zipfile.

You can download the wallpaper from here. 

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Summer Mod Update

  and   are working away on the Summer Mod.

In case this is the first time you are hearing about the mod it is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. It is still in the development stage at the moment.




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Screens From Thursdays Game Of Killa Mod



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Trickle Is Making His First Map For Kingpin

Trickle is making his first map for Kingpin.

It is a large deathmatch map inspired by the game GoldenEye and using GoldenEye textures.

It's currently in beta stage.



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Screens from Thursday's Games

We played some real mode, team real mode, ctf and deathmatch to finish up :)


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New Mod On Way - Kill Confirmed

is currently working on a new mod for Kingpin called Kill Confirmed. The mod is based on the Call of Duty mod of the same name.

Currently it only supports team deathmatch but Goat will work on deathmatch mode has well.

Basically it like deathmatch but when you frag another player on the other team they drop a dogtag and you have to pickup (run over) that tag to score the frag point for your team.

If a member of the other team picks up the dogtag first your team doesn't get the point.

It was beta tested today and it went well. Hopefully it will be released soon.



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Screens From Sunday's Games



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Screenshot Of Upcoming Map

I am currently working on updating the the old Joy 2013 deathmatch map.

I have changed it a fair bit and made it somewhat larger.

Should be ready soon.


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Screens From Sunday's Games



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Screens From Thursday's Games



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