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Kingpin was released on 29th June 1999. It came out first in the USA and then a bit later in the rest of the world.
From 1999 until now I have learned a lot about Kingpin and one of the things I learned is that there was a lot of missing missing stuff or stuff that was left out of the final game.
This is a FAQ about the stuff that was left out.
There is a lot of interesting stuff in here.
Have fun.

Maps and Screenshots

There is a map in the sdk of Kingpin called "" which is used as a bike map.
It was probably planned to ride the bike out of Skidrow at the end of the Episode instead of seeing the cutscene of you riding the bike.
It is missing some textures but some are in the Xatrix Texture pack that was released as an addon.
Below is a bunch of screenshots that were made available on the the internet before Kingpin was released.
They show maps and skins than weren't in the released game.
Map of crystal palace probably? Map of crystal palace probably?
Map of crystal palace probably? Map of crystal palace probably?
Map of crystal palace probably? Different team map?
Dunno? See also Kingpin promo movie(1998) Dunno? also different skins
Dunno? Looks like sr1 or sewer but is not.


Just a list of names that are in the sdk but never used in the game:
"Al",//Not used, old name for bernie??? in ep_sidrow.c
"Jed",//Not used only tested in code
"Buster",//Used in map bar_pv but also used for tested in code
"Sharky",//Not used, this was name for pawn o matic guy
"Jane",//Not used
"Barney",//Not used but voice table only no wav files, dead guy: poor Barney...  he's sleepin with the wharf shrimp
"kid_6",//Not used but doest the same like other kid_1 to kit_5
"kid_7",//Not used but doest the same like other kid_1 to kit_5
"kid_8",//Not used but doest the same like other kid_1 to kit_5
Also some of the animation of the charaters in the demo are different then full version.

Textures and Skins

There are 3 textures in props textures from Xatrix texture pack that suggest there should be a:
  • Joey's pizza joint
  • Barber shop Vinnies
  • Sammy repair (shoe repair)
  • Stores as building
    Also there is some kind of zebra texture in it?
    Different skin Different skin
    Different skin Different skin
    Different skin and weapon skin for tommygun? Different skin and weapon skin for tommygun?
    Different skin Different skin and weapon skin for tommygun?
    Different skin Different hud
    Different skin and fence on sr1 Different skin and fence on sr1
    Different skin and weapon skin for tommygun? Different skin
    Different skin Different skin
    Different skin Different weapon skin for tommygun?

    Weapons and Weapon Mods

    There were to be mods for most of the weapons in Kingpin and they would come in three different flavours: projectile, chemical and concussion.
    And to counter them accordingly there was to be three classes of armour.
    So if you're wielding a grenade launcher with concussion grenades and an enemy is wearing armour which shields against concussive damage, he won't have much to fear.
    (Info from urbangangsta website see also different hud image)

    Weapon: Description: Images:
    Shotgun Upgrades:
    -Shotgun Acid ($50) --(deal more damage)
    Tommygun Upgrades:
    -Tracer Ammo Drum ($100) --(so you can better direct your blasts)
    Rocket Launcher Upgrades:
    -Mini Launcher ($200) --(fired in a cluster of four)
    (note normal image for rl is green, could also be the coil model but the coil model was already in the demo)

    Grenade Launcher a) the fragmentation grenade, which will spread shrapnel
    b) napalm grenade, will unleash a pool of fire
    c) concussion which will stop those thugs dead in their tracks
    (note the normal image for the gl is green, there is no 3th image for the concussion grenade)
    (A is already probably in the game, see SDK when you buy grenade g_pawn.c: fragmentation grenades)

    Sniper Rifle Good for attacks from high towers and good for hitting enemies before they even see you coming.
    ECD Electro Capacitance Discharger. It is some sort of electric shooting device that stuns your enemy for a while. no image
    elf_gun Elf gun? or is this the ECD model?
    The small images above are from the Kingpin demo. There is no info about he missing weapons in the SDK.
    Some of the items have got prices behind. That is the amount of money they would cost in the pawn o matic shop.
    Some of the items are only listed in the g_pawn.c in the sdk for buying them:
    "a box of acid shells",		
    "acid shells, nasty...  You want a box?",
    "concussion grenades, very nasty, sold 5 to a group",
    "oooh concussion grenades,  sold in nice groups of 5",
    "high velocity ammo for sniper rifles.  very nasty... you want some?",	
    "you wanna buy some hv ammo for a sniper rifle...",	
    "napalm grenades, very nasty. 5 to a lot... you want some?",	
    "napalm grenades... very firey if you know what I mean.  5 to a lot... you want some?",	
    "tracer bullets... you wanna buy em?",
    "so you wanna buy tracer bullets...",
    "Whoo, the mini launcher mod... 4 rockets at a crack",
    "the mini launcher mod.  Very nice.  4 rockets all comin out at once... Boom!",
    "oh very good mod, that'll let your shotgun accept the acid rounds",
    "this mod'll let you fire the acid rounds from your shotgun",
    "the tommy gun tracer mod... very nice, very nice",
    "the tommy gun tracer mod... very nice.  increases your firepower and lets you see where those bullets are goin",
    The Concussion Rifle is also called the HMG so I don't count it as separate weapon.
    But the SDK only shows that Pipe, Crowbar, GL and RL are concussions weapons.
    The Kingpin demo has got a different pistol silencer model.
    The Kingpin demo has got a different gas can for the flame thrower.
    In the SDK the HMG is also called the barmachinegun sometimes:
    if (!stricmp( ent->classname, "weapon_barmachinegun" ))
    gi.dprintf("Hacking old BAR machine gun to grenade launcher for KPDM1-cash.bsp\n" );
    sprintf( ent->classname, "weapon_grenadelauncher" );
    You can see most of the models for youreself in this Kingpin demo map.


    If you look into the sdk code you will find the Jetpack item:
    // JOSEPH 2-MAR-99
    /*QUAKED item_jetpack (.3 .3 1) (-16 -16 -16) (16 16 16)
    		"models/items/misc/jetpack/jetpack.mdx", 0,
    /* icon */		"/pics/h_jetpack.tga",
    		"Jet Pack",
    /* precache */ ""
    Some temp model is in Kingpin demo:

    The sound are missing but it will work for a bit.

    Bike and etc
    With the command g_vehicle_test 3 you can load as bike into map:
    // Ridah, Hovercars
    	if (g_vehicle_test->value)
    		if (g_vehicle_test->value == 3)
    			ent->s.modelindex = gi.modelindex ("models/props/moto/moto.mdx");
    			ent->s.modelindex = gi.modelindex ("models/vehicles/cars/viper/tris_test.md2");
    //		ent->s.modelindex2 = 0;
    		ent->s.skinnum = 0;
    		ent->s.frame = 0;
    		if ((int)g_vehicle_test->value == 1)
    			ent->flags |= FL_HOVERCAR_GROUND;
    		else if ((int)g_vehicle_test->value == 2)
    			ent->flags |= FL_HOVERCAR;
    		else if ((int)g_vehicle_test->value == 3)
    			ent->flags |= FL_BIKE;
    		else if ((int)g_vehicle_test->value == 4)
    			ent->flags |= FL_CAR;
    // done.
    As you can see from the above there was also going to be a car, a hovercar and a hovercar_gound (whatever that means).
    All the code is just for testing build into the sdk.
    The bike models and some sounds are in the game but the viper car model doesn't exist.
    There are 2 cars and 1 boat into the game as props.
    Also there is a helicopter in the end cutscene of the game (But that would require modeling editing).
    I don't think they meant it be static as a mod when you a ride a car or bike but then you could step in and out of the car or bike.
    Also they used the simple model of the bike so it only loads 1 model instead of multiple models simply because it was easier to test for the Xatrix crew.
    Because Quake2 engine only loads 1 model and not multiple.
    Information from what urban-gangsta website at the time said:
    You can look forward to driving a motorcycle and piloting a gyro-copter and Xatrix hopes to add a car, and maybe some sort of water vehicle.


    Soms prop models don't have a skin or are never used in any maps.
    Also some sound files are never used, like different foot step sounds for different types of floors.
    If you compare the maps in the Kingpin demo with the full version ones you sometimes see there is difference between maps and textures and map sr4 doesn't exist.
    Most of the textures and skins and sound are the same and downloaded in 1 pack but not all of them.
    Anyway these screenshots are just from the internet:
    Allot of people on sr1 and a car prop
    You can also see it on promo movie of Kingpin
    Deadguy on bar_sr
    Different bar_sr with sitting guy Different sr3 with sitting guy

    Rumors and etc

  • Bagman was first called "Cops and Robbers"?
  • FREDZ: Could be true

  • Kingpin shoulded be a Mafia-inspired shoot 'em up with RPG elements?
  • FREDZ: it has some elements in it from a RPG game just like Drew Markham(Xatrix President) says: the game is 75% action and 25% RPG.

  • You get to have sex with everyone you shoot (not really)
  • FREDZ: lol it's good it had more shooting in it than just attacking everybody with a pipe or crowbar.

  • Kingpin is based on Half-Life?
  • FREDZ: Yeah this is a bit true with the crobar, also it's compared a few times in previews.

  • Kingpin is based on the movie Mobsters (1991)?
  • FREDZ: : The Kingpin crew took inspiration from it.

  • Kingpin is based on the TV serie Kingpin (2003)?
  • FREDZ: Can't be true because the series is from 2003. Maybe the series is a bit based on the game but it doesn't really look like that.

  • Kingpin should enable to load scripts for charaters as files?
  • FREDZ: Could be true I dunno, I know there are some animations never are used in some characters like the dog pissing lol


    Internet don't got all the links probably Kinpin website before launch of game (Gone using webarchive) using webarchive)
    http:/ using webarchive)
    Gameaholic Kingpin screenshots

    Kingpin SDK
    Kingpin Demo
    Kingpin 1.21 patch
    Xatrix Textures pack(Can overwrite some files)
    Xatrix Textures pack 2

    Kingpin promo movie(1998)
    Kingpin ganghit movie

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