Kingpin reference
Created: 22 June 2021
Last updated: 19 December 2023
This map was never released but it's a orginale Kingpin map that was planned for the game.

The building is from the Chicago World's Fair held in 1933.
US Government building or Federal Building, sadly there is basicly nonning left of the Chicago World's Fair.
Expect some pictures.



Boulevard des Capucines (Monet) - 1873 painting
Textured is cut and mirrored.

Gilmore Red Lion gasoline sign


Phoenix Dortmunder bier (1930)

The text in the Kingpin textures is translated whrong. It says:
2 glass beer beer in 1 bottle Phoenix Dortmunder beer
The correct translation would have been:
2 big beer beer out 1 bottle Phoenix Dortmunder beer

Phoenix Dortmunder bier

The text in the Kingpin textures is translated whrong. It says:
me beer
The correct translation would have been:
your beer

Blitz beer

It probably just a text texture but Blitz beer acculaty excist.


LadyPain: How important was the Diesel license to the Kingpin skins?
Corky: Not important at all. We had some kind of deal with them where they would display the game in their stores in England so we had to put their logos on some of the characters.

Henricus Hondius, Dutch. 1633

It could be a diffrent old map but there not that many maps that looks the same like that picture.
Texture is mirrored and probably altered.

Paul Haeberli photographed the "cafe" environment map in Cafe Verona in Palo Alto, CA.

Texture is mirrored and compressed.


model = runt
art_skin="120 120 120"
Marsellus Wallace

Marsellus Wallace is character from the movie Pulp Fiction (1994).
In Kingpin the character is called Kingpin.
But Marsellus Wallace occupation is crime Kingpin.
But if you look closely in the game you see he also have gold earrings and he talks exactly the same as in the movie.
Not to mention the yellow shirt.

model = thug
art_skin="*** 019 ***"

Pin up made by Earl Macpherson.

Sound effects Sound Ideas Series 6000 General

All the sound effects from Kingpin expect from the voices and music comes from the:
The Original General Series 6000 - Sound Effect Library.
There cut and altered. The list is to long and duo copywrite i can't show a example. But maybe you can find some examples in the Link under here.
Also allot of the same sounds are used in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. But also in other games. The 40 cd's are famous to be used in games.


M1911A1 pistol

If you google "colt pistol" like the folder name. The first website you see is M1911 pistol also called the Colt 1911. It's probably the M1911A1 from (1926) duo skin and model size.

Ithaca 37 sawed off

All the sawed off Ithaca pictures are fake because sawed off shotgun's are illegale. The shells come from under, most shotgun reload from the side. Rounds can be 4, 5 or 7 Rounds. Kingpin demo uses shotgun with 7 rounds. Ithaca 37 was made in 1933 matches the 1930's

M1928 Thompson submachine gun

Ofcourse it's a Thompson submachine gun but there loads variants. But in Kingpin you can see a compressor on the end of the Thompson submachine and it got 50 rounds. Some thompson has 100 rounds. So it's probably the M1928 mostly duo the compressor. But it also could be the M1921AC.
Heavy machinegun:

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

In the Kingpin SDK the HMG is ofted called Barmachinegun aka the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). There is no variant of the Barmachinegun that is 30 rounds all are 20 rounds or 10 rounds.

Colt R80

There probably meant the M1918 from 1918 but it also could be the Colt R80 from 1931 if you look at it with a cooling mod (compressor).


Or the SVT-40 from 1942 if you look at the grill. But weapon looks for the rest very diffrent and is only 10 rounds and Russian. Most weapons from Kingpin are USA.
Grenade launcher:

M79 grenade launcher

The looks comes from the M79 but it only got 1 round it's a mixture of the M79 (1961) and the Milkor MGL (1983) what has 6 rounds.

Milkor MGL



Lanciafiamme Modello 35

There are a few problems with the flamethrower. In the Kingpin demo is only has 1 tank (see screenshot, model also still in full Kingpin). But it does look mostly like a Lanciafiamme Modello 35 (1935) from Italy.

M9A1-7 Flamerthrower

If it needed to be USA weapon like all the other weapons then it would be probably the M9A1-7 Flamerthrower. The muzzle is not same and the tank is abit diffrent (Maybe to get a lower poly model) but it does have a handle bar.


Map of Kingpin.
Chicago Beginning in familiar urban settings that allude to the south side of 1930’s Chicago, Kingpin takes players on an adventure that quickly progresses into an alternative, “retro-tech” past.
In the press-kit from Interplay you can find this text. There is not much more information about it. Expect the missing map is also based on Chicago World's Fair. What uses Central Towers or Crystal Palace textures. In episode Radio City.
Los Angeles On the press kit box:

Set in downtown LA, experience the violent and disburbing life of urban gangsta warfare, opposing enemies on both sides of the law, fighting for survival and being the top man... not the dead man!
There is actualy a area that is called Skid Row and it's quite a bad place to be.
East central and northeast Iowa
Louie is in Poisonville, you can also can enter the warehouse the picture is only found on map pv_h. The phone number start with 563.
Allentown, Pennsylvania
The text on the image is abit unreadable but atleast you can read the phone number. The texture can be found on map kpdm4, ty2 and ty3. Episode Trainyard. The phone number start with 484.