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The mod is a free for all game mode where the objective is to use weapons selected by the server in order to reach the kill limit. It requires multiple kills with each weapon, except the final tier (machete), which requires only one kill, to finish the game.

It's similar to Hitmen and Arsenal mods and there are also similar mods in other games.


There are thirteen weapons in the mod - twelve bullet weapons and a machete.

Modded Dual Pistols
Double Barreled Shotgun
Uzi (from Crash mod)
Colt M41a (from CS)
Super Shotgun (from KPQ2v2 mod)
M60 (modified by Hypov8)
Machete (by TiCaL - modified by Hypov8)
AK47 (modified by Hypov8)
MP5 (modified by Hypov8)
Spas12 (modified by Hypov8)
Benelli Shotgun (modified by Hypov8)

Mod Boxes

Hypov8 has created mod boxes for the mod. Mod boxes contain the HMG cooling mod and the pistol rate of fire mod and replace the actual HMG cooling mod and the rate of fire mod in game.
So when a player picks up the mod box they get both mods.
Both mods now last for 30 rounds.
There is only one pistol mod included because the dual pistols already have the magnum mod when you get them and, as the mod uses infinite ammo, the reload mod is not used.

Mod Box screenshot


There are five weapon modes that can be played:-

Machineguns only
Shotguns only


At the beginning of the game all players start with the modded pistol.
When you get the required number of kills with the pistol (1-5 determined by an option in server.cfg) you then move to the next weapon (shotgun).
This continues until one player has worked through all the weapons and enters the final stage which requires getting one kill with the machete.
When a player receives the machete they also receive an extra 100 health and full armour.
When someone enters the final stage there is a message to alert all players.
When a player get a machete frag the map ends and that player is the winner.


The weaposn are given out in the opposite order to Standard mode.
So players start with the M60 and work there way down to the modded pistol. The machete is still the final weapon.


The weapons are given out randomly by the server. The random order changes for each map played. The machete is still the final weapon.

Machineguns only

Only four weapons will rotate, Tommy, M41a, Uzi and M60. The machete is still the final weapon.

Only the four shotguns will rotate. The machete is still the final weapon.

Custom Weapon Skins

Most of the wepaons have custom skins. Some are custom skins that were already available and some are new custom weapon skins.

Bot Support

GunRace supports bots so you are able to run a GunRace server that includes bots.

Custom Maps

We have twelve custom maps for the mod. They are death match maps that were either made, revised, or converted especially for this mod.

Malevolence (malevolence_kp)
Water Base (kp_2015dm2)
Ghosts (ghosts2)
Fear Docks (fear_docks)
Condemned Arena (condemned_arena)
Hypoville South (hypoville_south)
420DM1 2018 (420dm1_2018)
Sick City 2018 (sickre_2018)
Quake 1 The Edge (q1dm_theedge)
The Cake is a lie (spirit2dm9)
Goat's Arena (fragndie7.bsp)
Butlers GR (butlers_gunrace_b1)