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1st August 2019 GunRace V1.3 Released

Hypov8 has updated the GunRace mod to v1.3 for both Windows and Linux.

The changes are:-

Fixed a posible server crash bug
Added support for two more custom models - female_leela female_coffy
Added latest Monkey Mod 2.0 features- onscreen frag messages death camera death sound latest map voting screen

You can download GunRace V1.3 Full installs from the Downloads page.

31st October GunRace V1.2 Released

Hypov8 has completed his updates for GunRace and v1.2 is now released for both Windows and Linux.

The main updates from v1.0 are:-

Fixed a bug that allowed players to get final kill with shotty
Added weaponorder 4 (will rotate between machine guns)
Added weaponorder 5 (will rotate between shotguns)
Fixed bug that allowed players to spawn with Machete
Added support for limited number of custom models - male_homer, male_alien, male_bender, male_krafty, male_mrburns, male_themask, male_soldier, female_wilma and male_drfreak.

There was no official v1.1 release as it was a lot of test versions that kept changing as more things were added and fixed.

There are full install zipfiles for both Windows and Linux which include everything you need to run a server or just connect to one as a client - server files, client files, all the GunRace maps and the KPDED2 files so you can run a public server.

You can download GunRace V1.2 Full installs from the Downloads page.

18th September GunRace V1.0 Released

GunRace v1.0 has now been released. It's just the windows version now with the Linux version to be released shortly.

The zipfile is the full install and contains the v1.0 client files, the GunRace maps, bot files and the files needed to run a server.

You can download GunRace Windows Full install from the Downloads page.

12th September Bot Testing Completed

My previous news post was a little premature. Although GunRace was complete in itself Hypov8 was still tweaking the GunRace bots and adding bot route files for all the GunRace maps.
That is now complete and so the next thing to do is to get the Linux server files created. Once that is done everything will be placed into zip files and v1.0 of the mod released.

24th August Finished Beta Testing

We have finished adding features, finished beta testing, fixed any bugs that were found and now GunRace is ready to be released as v1.0.

This should be soon.

24th August Goat's Arena Map

I have done a remake of the old Frag'n'die2 map called Goat's Arena (fragndie7.bsp) which will be inlcuded with GunRace.

I have made it larger by adding side rooms, retextured the main room and added platforms to get to the top of the crates that are in the main room. I also updated the number and location of weapons and other items.


24th August GunRace Now Supports Bots

In a rush of activity, not only has a random weapon mode been implemented, but Hypov8 has now added bot support to the GunRace mod.

We just finished testing it and it works great. Soon you will be able to play GunRace 24/07 and when no one is around you can play against bots :D


24th August GunRace Now has 3 Weapon Modes

Gunrace now supports three weapon modes - standard mode, reverse mode and random mode.
"weaponorder" has 3 modes, 1 default, 2 reverse and 3 random.
Random is generated on every map load so every game will be different.


1st May Latest news #2

After much work the mod is now ready for beta testing :)
Thanks to Hypov8 and Goat and anyone else who has helped out for all their hard work.

1st May Latest news

Hypov8 has revised the old 420DM1 map and it will be included in the mod. Hypov8 has retextured the map and it's now called 420DM1_2018.
Screenshots are available on the Maps page.

Elfor has created a console background for Gunrace.

Testing screenshot

Hypov8 has added the custom weapons to the bitch model.

Testing screenshot

Testing screenshot

I have converted two more maps to Kingpin to use in the mod.

One is the Quake 1 version of the famous The Edge map and the other is a map from one of the great mappers in Quake 2. The map is called The Cake is a Lie and was made in Quake 2 by Spirit.
Spirit gave me the ok to convert his map and he liked the Kingpin version.
Screenshots are available on the Maps page.

19th February Custom Weapons

Apart from the machete Hypov8 has incorporated the super shotgun and the colt m41a into the mod.

Testing screenshot

Testing screenshot


19th February More Maps

I have done a remake of Sick Sity (sickre.bsp) and given it a Redneck Rampage theme. Killa is working on a remake of the old Butler's Hell map.
Screenshots are available on the Maps page.

19th February Mod Progress

After a quite period, due to real life, work on the mod has really picked up recently.
Hypov8 has joined the team and has been working hard to get the mod to beta stage.
Hypov8 had to remake the Hud due to a bug. It still looks the same but it had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Work on the machete has been completed. Started by Goat and completed by Hypov8.
The machete is the final weapon you receive and to win the round you need to get one frag with it.

Testing screenshot

When a player receives the machete all players will see a message to alert them that someone has just gotten the machete and have almost won the round.
Testing screenshot

When the player gets the machete they also receive a bonus 100 health.
We used the machete model that was created by TiCaL but Hypov8 has heavily modifed it.

19th February General Mod Update

I have just finished a complete update of all the sections of the GunRace website. I have updated the Mod Overview, Maps and Staff and Mod Status pages.

17th December HUD Completed and New Map

It has taken a while but Goat has now completed work on the Gunrace Hud. It ended up being much more difficult than anticipated but with the help of Monkey Harris and Captain Death Goat was able to work it out.
It's quite a simple looking Hud actually and shows your current weapon, what the next weapon will be and frags until the next weapon.

Gunrace Hud screenshot

In other news Hypov8 is contributing a new map to the mod that he is currently working on. The map is called Hypoville South and is a companion map to his excellent Hypoville North map.
You can see screenshots of the work in progress on the Maps page.

2nd November Fifth Map Status & Coding Update

I have now completed working on the 5th map for the mod called Condemned Arena. You can see screenshots on the Maps page.
Killa is updating an old death match map called Butler's Hell for the mod.
Goat is continuing work on the scoreboard and Hud and work is progressing nicely.

24th October Fifth Map Screenshots & Coding Update

I have uploaded some screenshots to the Maps page of the work in progress 5th map called Condemned Arena.
Goat is still working on the HUD display with the help of Monkey Harris.

18th October Fifth Map Started & Coding Update

I have started work on the fifth map for the mod. it is another UT99 remake and is an arena style map.
Monkey Harris has been helping Goat with some coding issues incluidng the removal of the pistol mods from maps and the HUD display.

17th October Fourth Map Completed

I have completed the fourth map for the mod called Fear Docks (screenshots on Maps page).
Goat is currently working on the Hud text. So what you will see in your Hud such as how many more kills to go with your current gun.
He is also working out how to remove the pistol mods from maps as they are not needed. You will only have the pistol once as the first weapon and it is already fully modded.

9th October Work is progressing

Goat has incorportated Monkey Mod 2.0 into the mod so it now features antilag, map voting and other MM 2.0 features.
Goat has also made several other advances with the code:-
Weapons and ammo don't appear in maps (health, armour and the cooling mod will remain)
The player starts with a modded pistol and after a set number of kills changes to the next weapon.
The round completes when a player has gone through the selected weapons list.

We have started testing (just me and Goat at this stage) and have had two test sessions so far.

I have started work on the fourth map for the mod.

Goat will work on custom weapon skins once the coding is completed.

Screenshot from 1st Test Session

Testing screenshot


28th September Uploaded Webpage.

30th September Uploaded new screenshots of work in progrss map to maps page

30th September Goat continuing to make progress with the coding

4th October The third map - a remake of the UT99 map Malevolence - is complete. New screenshots are up on the Maps page.
Goat hopes to start initial mod testing in the next couple of days.