GunRace Mod

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Staff & Mod Status


Goat : Coding & Testing

Hypo : Coding, Testing, Mapping, Modelling

Mr Damage : Mapping, Webpage Admin, Testing, Misc

Thanks To

Monkey Harris for helping with some coding issues and allows us to incorporate Monkey Mod 2.0 into the Gunrace Mod.

Captain Death for also helping with some coding issues and offering advice.

Killa for creating a map for the mod

BoA for working on the Tommygun custom skin with Hypov8.

Elfor for creating the GunRace console background.

Mod Status

The mod is now at the beta stage.

Assets Used

Monkey Mod v2.0 by Monkey Harris.

Machete model by TiCaL. Highly modified by Hypov8

Quake 2 Super Shotgun from KPQ2V2. Modified by Hypov8

Uzi from Crash mod. Modified by Hypov8.

Colt M41a from CS. Modified by Hypov8

M60 from KP2 mod

Überdroog's Nickel Silver Pistol

Überdroog's Mariner Shotgun