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  • New Death Match Map - Skidrow 2019
    Mr.Goodfinger , with some help from me, has released a new death match map called Skidrow 2019. The map is based on/inspired by the CoD MW II Skidrow map. It is a medium t
  • New Deathmatch Map - Kitchen Rats
    Deluxive (aka Mr.Goodfinger ), with a little help from me, has remade the famous counter-strike Rats map for Kingpin. The map is set in a large kitchen with the players th
  • More Screens From Upcoming Sreet Revenge
    Here are some more screens fromĀ  Mr.Goodfinger 's upcoming single player mission - Street Revenge.
  • New Death Match Map Street DM
    Mr.Goodfinger and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Street DM. Street DM is a medium sized death match map where the setting is an urban street and also

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