New Deathmatch Map - DM Krampus

has released a new deathmatch map called DM Krampus.

It is a large map that features heavy fog (set fog to yes in visuals menu).

It is a remake/larger version of the old DM MortalHavoc2 map.

It is set in a warehouse type of building with several boxes/crates placed around the map.

There seems to be ample weaposn and items and should handle a medium to large crowd.

You can grab DM Krampus from here.



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Speedway Mod Video

The Speedway mod is a motorcycle racing mod for Kingpin that was made by Chief_SohCahToa and Hexed[AD].

Here is a brief video showing two players playing the mod.

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Thursday Game Of Speedway Mod & Deathmatch 27th June

The Thursday Game this week will be half an hour or so of the Speedway mod then the remainder of the night will be Deathmatch on Newskool servers.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool Speedway
Date : Thursday 27th June
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time\4.30pm EST time

Server : Newskool Fragfest
IP :
Date : Thursday 27th June
Time : 10.00pm UK time/5.00pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

You can download the Speedway client files and maps from the server or you can grab them from here-

Speedway Client Files

Speedway Maps

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpinvfolder and they will be placed in the corrrect locations.

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Ape Skin For The Thug Model

Here is an Planet of the Apes skin for the Thug. It was made by .

Download Ape Thug from here.

Just unzip all the files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations. 

Easiest way to select these skins is to:-

Pull down the console (tilde key ~)

Type in :-

skin "male_thug/ape ape ape"


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Reminder That Sunday Is 20th Anniversary Of Kingpin

Just a reminder that this Sunday, 30th June, is the 20th anniversary of the release of Kingpin.

There will of course be a big game of Kingpin on Sunday so I hope you can all set aside some time and drop in for the game. It should be good :)

It would be great to get two or three servers filled with players.

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Upcoming Mod - Summer Mod

The Summer mod is a new mod currently in production.

It is a mod which will have a Summer theme. If you have played any of th other themed mods such as the Xmas mod, Halloween Mod or Easter mod you will know what sort of things get changed.

Currently replacement Summer themed models for ingame items/weapons/ammo etc are being created and implementd into the mod.

Also there is one map remake currently being made for the mod.



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Screens From Sunday CTF Game



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Sunday Game Of GunRace & CTF 23rd June

The Sunday games this week will be an hour or so of GunRace on Newskool GunRace server then the remainder of the night will be Capture the Flag on Killa's server.

Server details:-

Server : Newskool Gunrace
IP :
Date : Sunday 23rd June
Time : 21:00 (9.00pm) UK time/4.00pm EST time 
Server : Sunday CTF
IP :
Date : Sunday 23rd June
Time : 22.00 (10pm) UK Time\5.00pm EST time
Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

Btw if you don't have a Kingpin server browser you can grab Gamespylite from here.

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Mac''s Kingpin Servers Updated

Australia is currently upgrading it's broadband network and Macanah has let me know he has just got connected to the new service and his servers run much better now.

Mac runs the Aussie macanah.moo.KP servers which run several different mods plus Botmatch.

He also said that because of the network upgrade downloads from his site are much faster too. Check it out here.

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Greem Gauntlet Deathmatch Map

Here is another map that is a straight conversion from Quake2 that was done several years ago.

Green Gauntlet is a medium sized deathmatch map converted from Quake2 by DirtyDog. The oriignal Q2 author is Nephilim.

It is a classic Q2 style, multi leveled map, that uses all Quake2 textures and sky. It has ample weapons and items and 12 player spawns.

You can download Green Gauntlet (xdmt1.bsp) from here.



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