Team Lavapit Bagman Map Released

has now released a beta of his new Bagman map called Team Lavapit.

It is a medium sized Bagman map in the two forts style. It's mirrored and uses both standard and custom textures.

It has ample weapons and items and it features a trap at the money drop area which should make things interesting :)

You can download Team Lavapit from here.



Btw this is his first new map for Kingpin since 2007 :)

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Finally Filled A Server

Today, while playing the Thursday Hitmen game, we managed to fill the server with players. For a little while sixteen people were in the server which is the maximum player load for that server :) 

Fourteeen people were playing with two spectators.

It took a while but we finally got there :D

Thanks to everyone who turned up for a game today and to everyone who has played since we started playing again last February.

Here are some screens from the game:-





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Grey Screen In Linux

If anyone is having problems running Kingpin in Linux/Ubuntu where you are getting a grey screen after running the game then check this forum post out here.

Hopefully that will resolve your problem.

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How Many Downloads?

Fredz just told me that, so far, 117 gb of Kingpin files have been downloaded from :)

Popular downloads at the moment are the hi res patches, Gamespylite, the game manual, the Star Wars skin pack and the latest two death match maps dm sludge and dm victor.  

So I think this alone shows that we are serving a purpose here :D

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Crash Squad Mod Server

  has now set up a Crash Squad mod server.

Server details:-

Server : KP crash squad Mod
IP :
Maxclients : 24
Admin : Macanah

CRASH Squad is a multiplayer mod about the struggle between the CRASH Squad, LA's anti-gang suppression unit and the Crenshaw Mafia, a notorious LA street gang. The game play is team-based and each scenario has its own objectives. Each team has it's own subset of weapons. Weapons include pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons, assault rifles and sniper rifles along with hand weapons.

There are two scenarios:-

VIP Rescue

The CRASH Squad must escort a VIP through the city of Los Angeles to his safety while the Crenshaw Mafia attempt to stop them.


The Crenshaw Mafia must bomb one of two bombing sites while the CRASH Squad must try to stop them or defuse the bomb after it's been placed.

You can get the required Crash Squad client files from here.

Just extraxt to your Kingpin folder.



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Screenshots Of Upcoming Bagman Map

is working on a new Bagman map called Team Lava Pit.  It's a two forts style  Bagman map and features a trap at the money drop area :)

It should be finished shortly.

Here are some screens of the work in progress.



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New Power2 Map And Update

was requesting some smaller maps for the Power2 mod. As a result I updated the Mausoleum map I posted about the other day and I also completed a map I had hanging around for several years.

Many years ago Stigma send me a map to work on but I never finished it. When looking at it recently I figured it would work out nicely as a Power2 map. So I worked on it for a couple of days and, after some beta testing and further changes, completed it. It's called Mob Rule, is a smallish street map, and uses mostly custom textures.  

It will be included in the Power2 client files when they are released.



As for the version 2 Power2 client files Captain Death has now finished bug fixes and so they should be available shortly :)

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Force Mod Server

has just set up a server running the Force mod.

Server details:-

Server : KP Jedi Force Mod
IP :
Maxclients : 20
Admin : Macanah

Force mod is a mod created using some of the features from the game Jedi Knight 2 into a mod for Kingpin. All weapons have been removed and replaced with a saber that you start the game with.  In the Force mod the Thug, Bitch and Runt duke it out to the death with a combination of force powers and light saber combat.

Features include:-

* 3 Different Force Powers (push, pull and cloak)
* Built on Monkey Mod v1.40, for easy and secure server setup.
* High powered, high range Light Saber (no guns).
* Togglecam re-enabled
* All special engine features enabled (explosions, SP props, spawners)

There are four maps included in the Force mod files (Dual Carbon & Dual Pit by |AB|Mr.Knoxville and Team Jedi Beta & Jedi Arena by Whoop-ass). You can grab the files (which include files for running a Windows server) from here.

Just extracr/unzip files to your kingpin folder.



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Thursday Hitmen Game

The game this Thursday is going to be the popular mod Hitmen.

Game details:-

Server : Thursday Night Game
IP :
Time : 9pm UK time
Date : 20th October
Maxclients : 16
Admin : Killa

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here

Come along and join in the fun :)

Mr.Damage | Wednesday 19 October 2016 - 02:02 | News | 2 comments

New Death Match Map Sludge

and I have collaboratd on another death match map. This one is called Sludge. It is a smallish, one room map with two levels, which uses standard textures. There are two teleports, ample weapons, items and thirteen player spawns.

You can download Sludge from here. 

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.



In case you missed downloading our other recent death match map collaboration called Vector you can grab it from here.



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