Thursday Hitmen

Thursday's game this week is the Hitmen mod starting at 9pm UK time on Killa's server.

Details :-

Server : Thursday Hitmen Game
IP :
Date : Thursday 30th March
Time : 21.00 (9pm) UK Time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

If you need the Gamespylite Kingpin server browser you can download it here.

This is a Youtube video of highlights of one of our previous Hitmen game nights here.

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Whoop Ass Bagman Map Pack Updated

We hosted a map pack of all the Bagman maps has made but it was badly out of date not having been updated since 2002!

So I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching for all his other BM maps he has released since that time.

I put together a new map pack that contains 36 of his Bagman maps. I think I got all of them but maybe one or two more will turn up lol.

Anyways you can download the updated Whoop Ass Bagman map pack from here.

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KiT Mod Map Pack

We host so many maps for the KiT mod (Kingpin Intensive Training) that I decided to put them into a zipfile to make it easier to download them all.

KiT mod is a mod with obstacle course maps where you can practice all kinds of jumps.

You can downlaod the KiT map-pack from here.

There is currently one KiTmod server:-

Server : ---battys kit---
IP :

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Chastity Female Player Model

If you haven't downloaded the complete player models pack from here because you only want to have a few select models then maybe you should check out the Chastity model.

Chastity the Vampire female model was converted to Kingpin by TiCaL. She is a famous comic book character and was originally created for Quake 2 by Jade Moffatt.

I have added all the custom skins for the model to the zipfile so it is the complete package.

You can download Chastity the Vampire female model from here.

Unzip the files into your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.
Start the game and choose the model from the player setup menu.





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Reprisal Single Player Episode

Reprisal is the fourth episode of a five part single player series for Kingpin made by .

The story: After the incident in Europe (Gulag), the European authorities deported you back Stateside, where you were quickly tried, convicted and jailed on numerous international charges (including gun-running). But the gangs want their revenge for the deaths you caused overseas, so they have decided to break you out of your cell and execute you. Fortunately for you, they blow the wrong cell, and kill the poor sucker in the cell next to yours. Having a convenient hole blown in your cell wall, you use this opportunity to make good your escape, so now, once again, the gangs are after your ass...and this time it's personal. The only way to get them off your back is to find the gang boss and take him out, letting confusion reign as the lackeys fight for the top job.

Check the readme in the zipfile for a lot more information.

Wheelbarrow made a story that spreads over five episodes. The order in which to play them is Funeral, The Chase, Gulag, Reprisal and Sanctuary.

You can download Reprisal from here.

Installing & Loading : Unzip the files into your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.

Create a desktop shortcut for Kingpin and then add the following:-

+set developer 1 + skill 1 +map num1

skill can be 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard.





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Top 10 Downloads February 2017

The Top 10 downloads this month are:

Gamespy Lite +2
Kingpin Resolution Steam -
Kingpin Resolution patch +1
md2-mdx -3
BagMan Mappack
Kingpin Multi Patch +2
clan demos 3
Tennis 2016
Team Bloodytracks


Statics are based on server stats. Txt files will not be includes in count, old files that are updated will be updated with new link.

❿ Got same ammount of downloads

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**Sunday Bagman Game**

There is a game of Bagman this Sunday and it will be on the East Coast Snitch Slappa server starting at 9pm UK time.

***Please note*** The Uk starts Daylight Saving time at 2am Sunday 26th March so make sure to check the world clock as it could mean the game starts one hours earleir for you depending on where you are located.

Game details:-

Server : East Coast Snitch Slappa
IP :
Mod : Bagman
Date : Sunday 26th March
Time : 9pm UK time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

Btw if you don't have a Kingpin server browser you can grab Gamespylite from here

Grab the complete Bagman mappack (all maps released up to Nov. 2016) from here.

See you in the server :)

Check out the latest video of highlights of the games in February here.

Fantastic game today - a long game and a good crowd. What more could you ask for :)





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Crash Mod Map pack

The Crash Squad client files contain all the maps that were originally released with the mod but there have been several other maps made for it that are all included in a map pack.

The map pack contains thirteen maps (eleven really as there are two versions of two of the maps). Monkey Harris is adding a couple of the maps to his Crash mod server so we will be playing them at the game on Thursday.

You can download the map pack from here.

I hope to see some of you at the Thursday night Crash Squad game on the Newskool Crash server starting 9pm UK time.

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Kingpin Demo Is Eighteen Years Old

The Kingpin demo is now eighteen years old as it was releasaed on 22nd March 1999. It's finally an adult just like its rating :P

I'm sure we all remember the first time we saw it thinking wow what the heck is this it's awesome :)

If anyone wants to download the Kingpin demo we host it here.

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Modified Textures By Hmn

Hmn has released a pak file that features all the Kingpin textures modified.

The zipfile contains two pak files - zzzpak1 is the modified textures and zzzpak2 is a different console background.

You can download the file from his webpage here.

If you just want to try the modified textures extract zzzpak1 to your Kingpin folder or extract both if you want to try the new console background as well.

You will need to rename them as Kingpin only recognises pak1, pak2 names not zzzpak1, zzzpak2.

I suggest renaming them to pak2, pak3 or which ever pak numbers you dont have in your kingpin folder up to pak9.



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