Short Video Of Macanah Playing Against Bots

Macanah uploaded a video to Youtube of him playign against bots in his botmatch server on his mhnkpdm2 map.

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Screens From Sunday Bagman Game

Here are some screens from Sunday's game of Bagman.

A bit of a slow start but the game soon got into full swing. Some of it was even streamed on which must be a first for a game of Kingpin :)

Remember we also have videos of some of our past game you can check out if you want to relive past glories or see what fun you have been misisng out on :P

You can check them out here.





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YouTube Kingpin Soundtrack Video

A twenty three minute video featuring the Cypress Hill Kingpin Soundtrack.

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Another YouTube Walkthrough Series

I'm surprised at how many people upload Kingpin videos to Youtube. A lot of them are gameplay videos and walkthroughs in many different languages.

Here is a brand new seires by Britt. Worth a view and a thumbs up :)

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Another Jackbot Gameplay Video

has posted another videos highlighting his Jackbot bots playing Bagman. The new video is entitled Kingpin JackBot Gameplay 3.

Check it out here.

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French Video Playthrough

Itisforyou has created a series of vidoes of a French playthrough of Kingpin (French commentarey using the French version of Kingpin).

Check out the first in the series here.

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World Record Kingpin Speedrun

Recently I told you about a spate of videos of Kingpin playthroughs being live streamed.

The latest by Cubeface is a world record speedrun for Kingpin apparently with a time of 30:52.

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New Jackbot Video

has posted another video about his new Jackbot bot he is working on.

This video shows how to set up the routes that the bots follow. If you have ever wondered how multiplayer bots know where to go in maps to get items etc then watch this video.

You can check it out here.

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New Final Crime Youtube Video

Jorge B Ramos has created a playthrough video of Method's single player episode Kingpin: Final Crime.

Final Crime is an unofficial sequel to Kingpin, continuing right after the game ended.

This is the 2nd video playthrough made for this single player mod.

You can download Kingpin: Final Crime from here.

Just follow instructions in the readme to install it.

Btw he also created a complete playthrough of the official singleplayer game using the Rags2Riches mod. You can view those videos here.

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Jackbot Video

has posted a video on Youtube of his new Jackbot multiplayer bots.

The video focuses on movement - jumping, crouching, grabbing the best gun etc.

Check out his forum thread about the Jackbot bots here.

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