Final Boss Video

Here is a new video at Youtube of the final boss fight in the single player campaign where you fight Kingpin and miss 'nearly immortal' Blunt.

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Youtube Video Featuring KP.Info & [M]'s Server Page

Here is a Russian Youtube video showing people how to download Gamespylite, set it up, and use it to go and play online. It also shows some footage of various servers. and [M]'s Server page are shown.

Surely it's worth a view and a thumbs up for helping to promote playing Kingpin online.

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Eighteen Years Ago

Wow can you believe that is is 18 years since the famous 10 second Kingpin Ganghit video was released (10th March 1999).

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A New Fun Kingpin Video

See a couple of guys having fun playing the first episode of Kingpin. (macarana at 2.25 lol).

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Finnish Review Kingpin Video

Another new retro Kingpin review video this time from Finland :)

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Incredibly Popular Frech Kingpin Video

I just found a Youtube French Kingpin video called Un problème de Rat? that was uploaded on 8th January and already has over 13,500 views.

It's a video of a fench guy playing through the first part of Kingpin. I was just surprised it had so many views. The channel must be very popular :)

Check it out here.

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Video Of Guy Playing Kingpin For 1st Time

Here is a recent Youtube video of a guy playing Kingpin for the first time. You can see him getting more into the game as he gets into it. More so in the following videos he did (he has five Kingpin videos in total).

It's just interesting to watch someone play Kingpin for the first time. It might remind you of the first time you played it :)

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Another Kingpin Youtube Video - This Time From Lithuania

Here is a nice little video (from Lithuania I think) of Fuxas playing his favourite game - yes that's right it's Kingpin.

I think anyone whose favourite game is Kingpin deserves a view and a like and maybe a comment too.

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Killa's Gameplay Video

has released his latest gameplay video. This one is of two games in October that features both hitmen and bagman play.

Chck it out and see the big crowds we have been getting recently. If you haven't joined us yet we want you to be part of this this so come along next game :)

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Video Of Botmatch Server

Here is a video of Truzenzuzex playing on the Luschen Botmatch server.

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