GunRace Now Supports Bots.

In a rush of activity, not only has a random weapon mode been implemented, but has now added bot support to the GunRace mod.

We just finished testing it and it works great. Soon you will be able to play GunRace 24/07 and when no one is around you can play against bots :D


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Screenshot OF Halloween Mod Alpha

Here is a screenshot from the alpha version of Fredz's upcoming Halloween mod.


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Tsunami Map Added To Botmach Server

My new death match map, Tsunami,  has been added to the Luschen Botmatch server so you can check it out there while playing against bots (and maybe a couple of real players).

Server details:-

Server : Luschen Botmatch Server
IP :
Maxclients : 18

You can download Tsunami from here.


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Thursday Game Of GunRace & Bagman 16th August

The Thursday games this week will be an hour or more of GunRace random weapon mode on Goat's server then the remainder of the night will Bagman on Killa's server.

Server Details:-

Server : Goat's GunRace Server
IP :
Date : Thursday 16th August
Time : 9.30pm UK time/4.30pm EST time 
Server : Thursdays Bagman Game
IP :
Date : Sunday 16th August
Time : 10.30pm UK time/5.30pm EST Time
Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.3opm UK time here.
You can download the GunRace beta client files from the server but to save your self some time you can download them from here.

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/gunrace_b1).

Get there a few minutes early so it's all guns blazing at 9.30pm :)

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Another GunRace Mod Update

and  have completed the random weapon mode and we did some testing last night.  is just fixing a couple of little things and then the mod should be ready for v1.0.

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New Death Math Map - Tsunami

I have released a new death match map called Tsunami.

Tsunami is a small, arena style, death match map that is a tidal wave of action and fun :)
It is set in some king of container yard.There are three shipping containers spread around the yard that you can climb up on to get items.

There is a small building you can enter, a lower walkway with cracked pipes and a small side area with a dumpster and the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG).

There are thirteen player spawns and ample weapons and items.

I also used some of Roarkes' great Graffiti textures in the map.

You can download Tsunami from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they wil lbe placed in the correct locations.

Thanks to everyone who tested the beta version on Sunday.



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Fredz Halloween Mod Update

The Halloween mod that  is working on is coming along.

He has implemented an axe to replace the crowbar and new bat ammo for the rocket launcher.

If anyone would like to make a Halloween themed map for the mod Fredz has released a new def file for mappers. It includes the new axe and the new rl ammo.

You can download the new def file from here.

Just unzip the file to your Kingpin folder and it will be placed into kingpin/kprad.

You will then be able to place the axe and bat ammo into your map.



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GunRace Mod Update

We are nearly there guys. 

and  are just finishing off the random weapon order mode at the moment.

"weaponorder" has 3 modes, 1 default, 2 reverse and 3 random.

Its random generated on map load. So every game will be different.


Check out the GunRace webpage here.

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Video From Sunday's Game

Pale streamed some of Sunday's game on

The first part of the video he is playing an old NES game but if you move to 03:13:00 he starts playing Kingpin.

Check it out here.

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Screens From Sunday Bagman Game

A good crowd today :)





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