New USA Death Match Server

Monkey Harris has set up a new death match server on the East coast of The USA.

Server Details:-

Server : East Coast Deathmatch
IP :
Maxclients : 16

The server is rotating the same maps as the Newskool Fragfest server.

So all you guys in the USA jump in and check the server out :)

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Screens From Sunday XMas Mod Game



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Questions For Kingpin Developer

Method has arranged for Ryan Feltrin, one of the developers of Kingpin, to answer any questions ppl want to pose to him.

Becasue of problems with the timing trying to organise an actual Q and A this will take the form of written questions that will be sent to him and he will respond.

Ryan was a developer on Kingpin and mainly developed the AI and Bagman mode!

This from an old interview with him-

Ryan: My role for Kingpin was initially just to provide navigation and AI, however it soon branched out to include most technological additions and enhancements, like multiple colored light sources on characters (very important for the look and feel), character interaction system (RPG element), persistent level data (returning to a previous level should restore the world as it was when you left), effects (like flamethrower, bullet sparks, rocket flames), locational hit detection, multiple pain skins, shootable body elements (hats, cigars) and finally, the multiplayer code (and related Linux ports) and "Bagman" game mode.
Meth: How did you come up with idea to make a Bagman mode for KP?
Ryan: This was something that still there is a lot of conjecture over, however I
remain adamant that it was my idea. I was always a huge CTF fan from Quake1 and
even moreso Quake2. So adding a similar element to Kingpin was very important to
me. However, I wanted to make sure it had that Kingpin feel, so it couldnt just
be a straight copy. Since a fundamental aspect of the game was money, I figured
this should be the basis of the multiplayer also. The design just flowed from
there, pretty much.
So if you have a question you want to ask Ryan then just add it to the comments in this news post (click on where it says no comments or 1 comment etc).

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New Death Match Map - The Black Realm

After I converted the Claustrophobic Edge map by sst13 I showed him some screenshots. He was impressed and sent me another of his Quake maps to convert to Kingpin.

This one is called The Black Realm and is a small gothic style death match map. It is a one room map that contains several columns, seval wall torches, uses minimal textures and has 10 player spawns.

The map has the rocket launcher, tommy gun, shotgun, HMG and pistol mods. It has one set of armour and 7 small healths.

You can download The Black Realm from here.




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New XMas Mod Map XMas Immortal Combat

Sorry for delay in releasing this map as my intenret was down for three days sigh.

XMas Immortal Combat is a Bagman map for the XMas mod and is a remake of the standard Team Imortal Combat Bagman map.

It has all the usuall XMas mod additions like Christmas music, decorations, Christmas trees, snow etc.

Other than that the only real change from the standard verson is that I changed some of the armour around after a suggestion form Xanarki.

You can download XMas Immortal Combat from here.



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More Screens From Street Revenge

Here are some screenshots from the first three levels of the upcoming single player mission Strret Revenge being made by Mr.GoodFinger (aka Deluxive).







Check out more screens and leave a comment, if you want to, at his Street Revenge webpage here.

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Sunday Game Of XMas Mod.

The Game this Sunday will be the Xmas Mod. It will be an hour or so of XMas Death Match then the remainder of the night will be XMas Bagman.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool XMAS
IP :
Date : 16th December
Time : 9.00 pm UK time/4pm EST Time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

Grab the new v1.61 Xmas client files from here.

Grab the Xmas Mod Map-packs from here.

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Kingpin On Sale At

Kingpin is on sale at for 66% off.


Unfortunately the Steam & button for Kingpin wont show up if it is banned in your country, such as Germany.

It's part of their Winter sale and will be on sale until  3rd January.

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New Bagman Map - Team Immortal Combat

My new map, Team Immortal Combat, is a small sized Bagman map. It is a remake of the death match map Immortal Combat (fragndie6_2018.bsp)

The team's bases are fairly spacious and contain two small weapon rooms. The middle section of the map is a small open area with walk ways that lead up to a platform with the money drop and side platforms with armour and ammo.

There are also two side passages that lead to the middle section or to the other Team's base.

The map uses a mixture of standard textures and custom textures.

There are ample weapons and items throughout the map.

You can downalod Team Immotal Combat (team_fragndie.bsp) from here.



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Screens From Tuesday Game Of GunRace Mod



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