New Death Match Map Released

has released his conversion of the classic Duke Nukem level called Hollywood Holocaust. He had to make a few changes due to the difference in phsysics between the two games otherwise it is the same.

It is  medium to large map set in a Hollywood street and inside a movie theatre. The map uses a mixture of standard and custom textures.

From the readme:-

The level contains 16 deathmatch spawn points (+1 single player start point), 4 Tommy machineguns, 3 shotguns, 1 heavy machinegun, 3 packs of pistol mods (complete with rate of fire, magnum mod and reload mod), 1 grenade launcher and 1 flamethrower.

To find the cooling mod you'll have to see James Cagney (if you don't know who that is Google it).

Acc also included Kraze bot routes in the zipfile. Check the readme for information on how he did the conversion.

You can download Hollywood Holocaust from here.

Just unzip all the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.





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New Death Match Map

Several years ago converted this map from Quake 2 but never quite finished it and so it was left unreleased. Recently I found it in one of my old Kingpin archives and, with a lot of help from , was able to complete the map.

The map is a conversion of the Land of the Dead Quake 2 map that was originally made by Jester.

It is a medium sized map, set in space, that uses a custom sky and all custom textures.

It has 12 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

You can download Land of the Dead from here.



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Five Latest Map Releases

Here is a summary of the five most recent map releases in casee you missed them:-

Death Match

Damage01 (damage01_kp.bsp)

Another F*cking Waste Theme (Quake2 textures) (wolfendm3.bsp)

Another F*cking Waste Theme (Kingpin textures) (wolfendm3_kp.bsp)


Team Berlin (team_berlin.bsp)

Team TNT 2017 (team_tnt_2017.bsp)

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Death Match Map Added To Archive

Here is a map I just found on one of my Kingpin backup disks. It is called Obsidian and is a straight conversion from Quake 2 by .

It is a medium to large deathmatch map that uses all the original Quake 2 textures. It has plenty of weapons and items and should be able to handle a large crowd. It is a little bit dark in places otherwise is fine.

You can download Obsidian (kpobsidian.bsp) from here.



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Bagman Map-Pack

Just a reminder we host a Bagman map-pack with all Bagman maps released so far. (350mg)

You can download it from here.

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New Bagman Map Released

Team Berlin is a small, frantic, Bagman map that is a remake of an old Quake 2 mod map.

Each team has small spawn rooms where you grab armour and ammo and then teleport out to the playing area.

There are two bases separated by a wall in the middle of the map. The money drop is on the wall and there are sevral ways to get over the wall.

You can download Team Berlin from here.



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Updated Bagman Map

The girls don't really appreciate the Art Erotique Bagman map like the guys do so has created an amended version just for them. In the revised version all the art has been stolen and all that is left are the boards that the paintings were mounted on.

You can download Team Art Stolen from here. 



If you want to grab the original Art Erotique Bagman map (team_art) you can download it from here.

Update 27th April For an alternate solution Acc has remade all the art textures to look like they have been defaced by vandels so all are covered up.

You can see some screens and download the updated textures from here

Just unzip the files to your kingpin/main folder and it will overwrite the existing textures if you have them.

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New Death Match Maps

The map being converted from Quake 2 that I posted about a few weeks ago is now completed.

The map was called wolfendm3 in Quake 2 and was made by [WolfeN].

It's a medium sized , multi level, map. It has 17 player spawns and ample weapoin and items.

There are two versions - one uses the original Quake 2 textures (wolfendm3) and the other one has a few changes and uses the central towers texture set (wolfendm3_kp).

You can download the maps from here:-







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Mancer 2 Death Match Map

Mancer 2 is a map which is also a conversion/remake from Duke Nukem 3D and was a collaboration between  and .

Mancer 2 is a small death match map. The main area is an open area and there is swimming pool with a underwater passge to the other side of the map.

You can download Mancer 2 from here.


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Mancers Death Match Map

Mancers is a map converted from Duke Nukem 3D using Build Map Converter Programs.

It's a smallish, fun, death match map which has six player spawns and uses a combination of Kingpin and Duke Nukem 3D textures.

The original Duke Nukem map was made by Cole Savage who made Sick City (sickre.bsp) map for Kingpin.

You can download Mancers from here.


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