Atrophy Lava Tomb Death Match Map

Atrophy Lava Tomb is a conversion of Quake 2's Q2DM6 Lava Tomb death match map by .

This one is textured similar to the other Quake 2 map conversions he did using standard Kingpin textures.

The Quake Wiki briefly describes Lava Tomb as - the map is entirely indoors, a dark and sooty place with numerous lava pits and traps.

It's one of my favourite of the official Quake 2 map conversions.

You can download Atrophy Lava Pit from here.



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Fragtown3 - Hillsdale Death Match Map

Fragtown3 - Hillsdale is a smallish, urban style,  death match map set in a city street scene. It is a conversion of a Quake 1 map that I did a few years ago.

It is a conversion of one of the classic Quake Fragtown maps which were a series of levels for Quake deathmatch in a city setting. The original map was created by Demolition Man. You can fight in the streets or kill people from up above on the rooftops. There are plenty of weapons and items and 13 player spawns.

You can download Fragtown3 - Hillsdale from here.

Just unzip all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



This post is for Killerdog a loyal supporter of Kingpin Info :)

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Single Player Custom Maps

Just a reminder that we host all the single player episodes made for Kingpin. Each one has its own folder so they are easier to find.

If you have finished the single player game and you're looking for some custom single player action then check out our single player map archive here.

Some are quite short and others are very long so they should keep you busy for some time :)

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2016 & 2017 Map-Packs

Here are two map-packs that contain all the maps that have been released since the start of 2016. They contain all Death Match, Bagman and CTF maps. 

2016 map-pack

2017 map-pack

Just unzip all files to your Kingpin foldr and they will be placed in the correct locations.

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Sunday Bagman With Latest Maps

The Sunday Bagman game this week will be on Killa's Bagman server starting at 9pm UK time.

This week Killa will be rotating only the Bagman maps that have been released since we started playing these weekly game in February 2016. There have been twenty Bagman maps released in that time.

Game details:-

Server : Sundays Bagman Game
IP :
Date : Sunday 24th Sept.
Time : 9pm UK time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

Btw if you don't have a Kingpin server browser you can grab Gamespylite from here.

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1999 Death Match Map-Pack

Here is a map-pack that contains 21 classic death match maps from way back in 1999. Some of them are still being played on the servers today :)

You can downlaod the 1999 Map-Pack from here.





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Kingpin Board Level Death Match Map

A few years ago I did this conversion to Kingpin of the Quake2 map Board Level which was originally created for Quake 2 by Brenda EP.
This is a fun deathmatch map set inside a PC on a motherboard. It uses mostly custom textures to represent the mobo and the inner workings of a PC. It has 10 player spawns, has ample weapons, and armour but only small amounts of ammo & health.
 If you jump on top of the processor fan you'll be flung to a ledge (IDE ribbon) on the side of the case where there are some nice items waiting for you :)

Hypov8 helped with the map also.

You can download Kingpin Board Level from here.



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New Bagman Map Team Sois

Macanah gave me one of his Quake 2 maps to convert to Kingpin. I ended up rebuilding it from scratch :)

It is a medium sized Bagman map which utilises mainly custom textures from the Kamikaze texture set.

The are four ways to get to the enemy base - through the centre room (where the money drop is), two side rooms or an upper level room.

There are ample weapons and items and can easily handle a large crowd.

You can downlaod Team Sois from here.





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Bigroom 2 (ver.2) Death Match Map

Here is a death match map I made a few years ago.

It is a remake of an old DM map called Bigroom 2 that was creatd by Deefa.

 It's a small arena style map which features a centre structure, walkways and platforms all on different levels. There are platforms in each corner of the arena which move up to walkways which skirt the edge of the four walls. The structure in the middle of the map has a cooling mod in the middle of the lower section whilst up high is the HMG.
The map features ample wepons and items and 13 player spawn points.

You can downlaod Bigroom ver2 (br2_upd.bsp) from here.



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Arena of Death Kingpin Style Death Match Map

The Quake3 death match map Q3DM3 (The Arena of Death) was originally remade for Kingpin by Oracius and named Arena SMRTI (which is Arena of Death in Czech).

Arena of Death Kingpin Style is a complete rebuild of the map.

If you're not familiar with the map it is a small arena style death match map which I textured using the KPDM5 Central Towers textures.

You can download Arena of Death Kingpin Style (kpq3dm3.bsp) from here.



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