Team Towers 2007 Bagman Map

The other original Bagman map that was updated in 2007 is Team Towers.

Not being a big fan of the original I am not sure what the changes are but as Monkey Harris has just added this map to the rotation at Newskool Bagman server I'm posting about it so you can download before playing it there.

Download Team Towers 2007 (team_towers2007.bsp) from here.

Just extract the file to your Kingpin folder.



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Mephistopholes Lair Death Match Map

The other night I was showing Killa a few maps he might not have seen before. One he liked, and has added to the rotation on his server, is Mephistopholes Lair.

Mephistopholes Lair is death match map converted by me from Quake 2 which was originally created by Monster. It's a classic style Quake2 map, an ancient structure floating in space, using all custom textures, some custom sounds and a custom sky as well. 

It features some jump pads and dangerous slime pools, has ample weapons and items and yes if you fall off the edge you'll die.

You can download Mephistopholes Lair from here

Just extract all the files to your Kingpin folder.



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Team Rival 2007 Bagman Map

I like the original Rival Teams map but the weapon placement leaves a little to be desired (especially the placement of the HMG).

Back in 2007 an updated version was released with better weapon placement that I think people would prefer to play.

You can download Rival Teams 2007 from here.

Just extract the file to your Kingpin folder.



Update 17th Jan. Monkey Harris has added this map to the rotation o nthe Newskool Bagman server.

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Team Facing Worlds Updated Again

has updated the Team Facing Worlds Bagman map again. He has now got the weapon numbers and placement the way he finally wants it to make the map play the best way it can.

The HMG's and Rocket Launchers have moved and more HMGs have been added. He has put the grenade launchers back into the map but it may take you a little while to find them.

There may be two secret rooms as well ;)

You can download the updated map (team_facingworlds.bsp) from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

**Please note I made a mistake and put the old version of the map in the new zip folder. I have now fixed it and uploaded the correct version.  About 10 people downloaded the old version. Sorry about that.***

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First New Map For 2017

has the honour of releasing the first new Kingpin map for 2017.

It's a Bagman Map called Facing Worlds.

Originally it was a wildy popular Unreal Tournament map. Then it was rebuilt in Quake2 and now it has been converted to Kingpin by AB|Jones.

Facing Worlds is a small Bagman map with a space theme. There are two towers which house the team's bases. The bases are separated by two small, inclinded, pathways. The layout is subly simple.

It uses a custom sky and custom textures, has teleports to the roof of the tower where the grenade launcher awaits and there are enough weapons and items to keep people happily fragging.

Update 8th January

- After playing the map tonight AB|Jones decided to imrove gameplay of the map by making some weapon type and placement tweaks.

You can download the updated map (team_facingworlds.bsp) from here



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2016 Bagman And Death Match Map-Pack

I have put all the bagman and death match maps, that have been released in 2016, into a map-pack.

It includes maps by Acc, AB|Jones, Hypov8, Killa, Macanah, Whoop Ass and others.

You can download the 2016_mappack from here.

We also host mappacks featuring the best maps from 1999, 2000 and 2001 here

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Last Minute Christmas Present - New Map

has released a new Christmas themed death match map called Christmas Rush.

It is a medium sized map set in a shopping mall (or chopping mall as he calls it) that is closed for Christmas. It is multi levelled, has ample weapons and items and features Christmas trees, presents, and decorations.

The map should be good in both the XMAS mod and normal death match.

You can download Christmas Rush from here.



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New XMAS Mod Bagman Mappack

I have put togther a new map-pack for the XMAS mod containing seven new XMAS mod Bagman maps by Killa and AB|Jones.

You can download xmas_bm_mappack2 from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.








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New Death Match Map By Macanah

has now released his latest death match map called Mistaken (mnhkpdm8.bsp).

It is similar in style to his other maps. It is set in a large multi level room. It features teleports, rain, plenty of weapons and items and has 8 player spawns.

You can download Mistaken from here.

Just extract/unzip files to your Kingpin folder.

Check it out and if you have any feedback leave it in the comments for this news post.



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New Death Match Map By AB|Jones

abandoned his plans to convert a map from Quake 2 and instead decided to make an original map with a Quake 2 style.

Sinister is a medium sized death match map, Quake 2 style, with mostly custom textures used. It is multi leveled, has a custom sky and features some 'sinister' custom sounds.

It has 18 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

You can download Sinister from here.





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