Outer Base Death Match Map

Outer Base is a conversion to Kingpin, of the first single player map in Quake 2, that I did a few years ago.

It's a medium sized death match map.  I have replaced most of the Quake 2 textures with Kingpin ones and used a standard KP sky environment. It has ample weapons and items and ten player spawns.

If you have played Quake 2 you will recognise this map.

You can downlaod Outer Base (kp_base1.bsp) from here.



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New Bagman Map Team Subway Mayhem

Many years ago worked on a map for the Colors CTF mod that was called Subway Mayhem CTF. He also made a Bagman version but never released it. Recenrtly he gave me the map source file and after updating/changing a few thing I have released the map as Team Subway Mayhem.

Team Subway Mayhem is a small to medium sized Bagman map. The two team's bases are subway stations. There is a small middle section which is a labrinth of tunnels and sewers where there are two money drops located (cash wads).

There are ample weapons and items and also two moving trains that need to be avoided :)

You can download Team Subway Mayhem from here.



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3CTF2 Revised Bagman Map

3CTF2 Revised is a remake of the Quake3 CTF map Q3CTF1 created by way back in January of 2002. He used the KPDM5 texture set which he uses for most of his maps.

It's a small, straight forward, Bagman map with the two bases seperated by an open area where the money drops are (the map has two money drops which drop cash rolls). There are ample weapons, armour and other items in the map.

You can download 3CTF2 Revised from here.



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Crash Mod Maps Out Of Beta

has taken the KPDM2 (Industrial Waste) and KPDM3 (Mean Streets) Crash mod bomb scenario maps out of beta and released them.

You can download them from here:-



Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.



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New Bagman Map Team Combat

Here is the first new map for 2018.

This is a normal Bagman version of the XMAS Combat map that and I worked on recently.

Team Combat is a smallish Bagman map set in an old war torn village. The map contains four bombed out buildings, two on either side of a river which dissects the map through the middle. There are also two army vehicles included.

The money drop is on the bridge that crosses the river. The team's bases are in two of the bombed out buildings.

There are plenty of weapons and other items and two of the buildings contain huge radios that play two old songs.

The map contains lots of custom textures and custom sounds so much quicker to download from here rather than getting it from the server.

Thanks to Hypov8 for working on the lighting and sunlight in the map.

You can download Team Combat from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



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Team Chaser Bagman Map

Here is an old Bagman map I just found.

It called Team Chaser and was made by Chais back in 2003.

It's a medium sized, standard layout, Bagman map. It uses minimal textures, has just enough weapons, and has 8 player spawns for each team.

You can download Team Chaser from here.



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Team Captive Bagman Map

Team Captive, by , is a really nice looking Bagman map. I don't remember ever seeing this map before.

It is a medium sized, well layed out map, that has a medieval/gothic syle to it.

You can download Team Captive from here.

Just extract the files to your Kingpin folder.





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Team Descent 1 Bagman Map

Team Descent 1 by is a medium sized, 2 forts style, Bagman map with the money drop area in an underground cavern.

Worth checking out in my opinion.

You can download Team Descent 1 from here.



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New Xmas Death Match Maps

Two new death match maps for the Xmas Mod.

Xmas Combat DM

A death match version of the Xmas Combat Bagman map.

You can download Xmas Combat DM from here.


Bloody Christmas

A remake of the old Bloody187 map.

A small, frantic, arena style map.

You can download Bloody Christmas from here.


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Fragtown Revolution Death Match Map

Fragtown Revolution was the first of the Fragtown Quake 1 map converted to Kingpin. In Quake 1 it is called Fragtown Bronx. It was converted by [TCC] Bad Ass.

It is a classic,  smallish, urban style death match map. There is lots of fighting in the streets but you can also enter some buildings and fight on the rooftops too.  

You can download Fragtown Revolution from here.



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