Team Dragoon01 Beta3 Bagman Map

Team Dragoon01 Beta3 is a smallish Bagman map set indoors. The texturing and lighting makes it really easy to know which side of the map you are in at all times. There are some nice Ancient Greek style symbols used to identify the team's bases.

The money drop is an open area with three ways leading to the teams' bases.

You can download Team Dragoon01 Beta3 from here.



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Reflections Abound You Bagman Map

Reflections Abound You is a small to medium sized, older style, Bagman map that was made by RedWormCharlie.

It has 'reflective' surfaces so the room you are in reflects in the floor.

It is an older stylre map so it has switches to open the safes but they are nearby and easy to spot.

It has a big middle area where the money drop is and several exits leading to the team bases.

It isn't mirrored and so will take a few minutes to learn all the routes but it looks like a fun map.

You can download Reflections Abound You (reflection2.bsp) from here.



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Bagman Arena Gate

Bagman Arena Gate is a Bagman version of the Q3DM1 map that converted to Kingpin. He also did the Bagman version.

Bagman Arena Gate is a smallish Bagman map. Two bases (with the big mouths at the bag where the safe bags are) and one open area, with Quake3 character statues, between them. The two bases have the HMG's but most of the other weapons and armour is in the central area.

You can download Bagman Arena Gate from here.



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1,000 downloads of Kingpin City Map At GameBanana

The Kingpin City death match map has just passed 1,000 downloads at Gamabanana.

It took several years to achieve but I think it is great. A Kingpin map can get so many downloads at a site that is not dedicated only to Kingpin.

Direct link to the Kingpin City map here.

Now if only some of those people who download Kingpin maps from GamaBanan and other places would come for a game :)



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Real Bosnia Death Match Map

Real Bosnia is a conversion of a SoF map which had been made by Turbo. He gave me permission to convert it to Kingpin.

Its a small to medium sized map set in a Bosnian village during the war there. The village is right in the middle of the warzone as is evident by the bombed out buildings and the sounds of a battle in the background.

I have used a combination of the original SoF textures and Kingpin textures. It also includes the origiinal custom sky and custom sounds. It has 16 spawn points and a good amount of weapons, armour and other items.

You can download Real Bosnia from here.

Just unzip all the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



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The Atrophy Pits Death Match Map

This is a conversion of the classic Quake 2 deathmatch map The Pits (Q2DM5) by .

The Pits was the fifth deathmatch map of Quake 2. The map, as its name suggests, consists mostly of pits, which offer many opportunities for utilizing high ground.

You an download The Atrophy Pits (kpq2dm5c.bsp) from here.

Just unzip all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



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Light... Death Match Map

Light... is a medium sized death match map set in a castle. It is a conversion of a classic Heretic 2 level. The map uses all the oiginal Heretic 2 textures. There are plenty of weapons and items and 11 player spawns.

You can download Light... from here.



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Wolfenstein 3D Death Match Map

Did you know there is a Wolfenstein 3D map in Kingpin?

It was made by several years ago and is a largish map:-

Just a quickie map i made while waiting for my new comp, its layout is VERY similar to theoriginal Wolf3d level 1 released somewhere around 1992 I think. There are some small differences, like : theres stairs, i put them in to make it a little more "dimensional" lol. Theres lots of secret rooms all in the same places as they were in the original wolf3d, but instead of treasure theres teleports to different places around the map, giving it a bit more deathmatch friendly layout. Lots of weaps, lots of ammo, lots of armor, and more spawn points then you can shake a stick at.

You can download Wolfenstein 3D from here.



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Revised Bagman Map

I have revised the Bagman map called Team AK Colt after people complained about the lighting when we played it recently.

I have fixed the directional lighting issue (juniors).

Removed the actual team safes so you just deposit your money in the safe bag.

Fixed some texture misalignments.

Added pistol mods, the backpack and adrenaline.

Slightly revised the weapon and item placement and numbers.

Made the map slightly smaller so when standing at one end of the map you can now see the other end.

Team AK Colt 2017 is a small, simply layed out, Bagman map that is fast and furious action all the way :)

It was tested during last Sunday's Bagman game and is good to go.

You can download Team AK COlt 2017 from here. 

Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.



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Junk Flea Tribute Death Match Map

This is a deathmatch map I made a few years ago that is based on the Junk Flea map from the game called Combat Arms. It's a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map.
One of the main features are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map.
There are sixteen spawns and plenty of weapons and other items.
Hypov8 helped with this map.

This map is very popular in the servers :)

You can download Junk Flea Tribute (dm_jf.bsp) from here.



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