Halloween Mod Client Files Released

The client files for the new Halloween mod have just been released.

They contain the actual Halloween client files and all maps that will be used by the mod.

The major features of the Halloween mod are:--

- New skins for the Pistol and Pistol mods
- New Shotgun skin and new Shotgun ammo model
- New Tommygun skin and new Tommygun ammo model
- New Hmg, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and Flamer skins
- New bat ammo (for RL)
- New flame sprite
- New health model
- New adrenaline model
- New armor skins
- New money models - Candy replaces cashrolls and a Thug head replaces money bags
- New Safe model - Pumpkin model
- New team skins (mummy team skins made by
- All Halloween themed skins for Death Match
- New cleaver model
- New custom console background by
- Halloween themed prefabs and alpha textures by

You can download the client files from here. 

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.



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GunRace V1.0 Released

GunRace v1.0 has now been released. It's just the Windows version now with the Linux version to be released shortly.

For those of you who don't know the mod it is a free for all game mode where the objective is to use weapons selected by the server in order to reach the kill limit. It requires multiple kills with each weapon, except the final tier (machete), which requires only one kill, to finish the game.

It's similar to Hitmen and Arsenal mods and there are also similar mods in other games.

The features of the GunRace mod are:-

Nine weapons - eight bullet weapons and a machete
Five custom weapons
Dual pistols and Uzis
Mod boxes which contain the Cooling Mod and Pistol Rate of Fire mod
Three weapon modes - standard, reverse and random mode
Custom weapon skins
Bot support
Twelve maps made for the mod
Custom console background

The zipfile is the full install and contains the v1.0 client files, the GunRace maps, bot files  and the files needed to run a server.

You can download GunRace Windows Full install from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.

If you already have the beta files installed you will have all the maps so just overwrite them when you install the v1.0 files.

Thanks go to and for their work on the mod :)





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GunRace Mod Update

We are nearly there guys. 

and  are just finishing off the random weapon order mode at the moment.

"weaponorder" has 3 modes, 1 default, 2 reverse and 3 random.

Its random generated on map load. So every game will be different.


Check out the GunRace webpage here.

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Crash Squad Mod Beta 0.5 Server Files Released

has now released new Windows and Linux Server files for the Crash mod (beta 0.5). He has also released the source files.

There are several changes/updates and here are a few of them:-

Any map on the server (even not in rotation) can be loaded with the "changemap" command (or new "votemap" alias)
Grenade blast radius reduced slightly to reduce self-damage
A larger notice is shown to the bomber/VIP at the start of each round
Doors are reset at the start of each round
Round start delay reduced from 2s to 1s
Radar hint shown for 15s at start of map

See the enclosed readme for a complete list of updates.

You can download the Crash server files from here.

Crash Server v05 Windows

Crash Server v05 Linux

Just extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (kingpin/crash).

If you are going to run a Crash server you need the clent file too for the Crash maps and so players can downlaod the client fiels from the server if they don't have them already.

Crash Client Files

It is recommended that you use the KPDED2 Enhanced Kingpin Server File to run your server. Apart from many other fixes and imrovements it allows players to download the client file from the server.

You can download KPDED2 (for both Windows and Linux) from here.



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New Crash Squad Mod Client Files

has released new client files for the Crash mod (beta 0.5).

You can download them from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

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Thursday Game Of GunRace Beta Mod

This Thursday's game, starting at 9.30pm UK time, will be GunRace beta mod on Goat's GunRace server.

Unless any issues are found this should be the last beta test before release of v1.0 of GunRace :)

Game details:-

Server : Goat's GunRace Server
IP :
Date : Thursday 17th May
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK time/4.30pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

If you need the Gamespylite Kingpin server browser you can download it here.

You can download the GunRace beta client files from the server but to save your self some time you can download them from here.

Just extract all files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/gunrace_b1).

Please come along and check out our new mod :)

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GunRace Mod Update

After a lot of work from  and  the GunRace mod has reached beta stage :)

There will be beta testing of the mod after the Thursday game this week.

Three more maps have been added to the mod, and to see screens of these maps, plus check out all the latest news visit the GunRace website here. 

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KPQ2V3 Mod Full Install

I have put together a complete install package for the KPQ2V3 mod.

KPQ2V3 is an old mod that is a Kingpin-Quake2 hybrid. It supports both Kingpin weapons and items and Quake2 weapons and items. You can play death match , team death match or bagman (but there are no KPQ2v3 bagman maps).

There is also a grappling hook, personal teleports and a jetpack (but none of the maps seem to have a jetpack in them). There are 32 maps for the mod included in the zipfile.

Recently  sent me a client file zipfile for the mod containing client fiels and all the maps. So I dediced to do a complete install package with client files, maps, and server files. I also included the Enhanced server file (kpded2) so ppl can run a public server if they want to.

It took a while to put together as I had to find some missing files, test everything out, set up a pak1 file, add a binds.cfg file with all the custom key binds and create some scripts so you dont have to bind extra keys for the Quake 2 weapons. To swap to the Quake 2 weapons you can just press the normal weapons keys twice (for example if you press the 3 key twice you will switch beteen the Kingpin shotgun and the Quake 2 super shotgun).

I included several readmes on installation, all the custom binds, configuring and running  a server etc. There are also two bat files included so you can quickly start either a public or lan server.   

You can download the KPQ2V3 Full Install from here.

Just extract/unzip to your Kingpin folder.




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Hitmen Linux Updated

has updated the Linux version of the Hitmen mod to now work with the Enhanced Server Files (kpded2).

So you can now run public servers and have all the benefits of using the kpded2 files such as players being able to download the grappling hook files (pak1).

You can download the updated Linux Hitmen files from here.

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Hitmen Full Client Install

has put together a complete client package zipfile for the Hitmen mod.

It contains the following files:-

Pak1 file (which includes the grappling hook files)

Hitmen custom console background

All known Hitmen maps

All the death match maps currently rotating on the Luschen Hookmatch server

Levelshots for all the included maps

You can download the Hitmen Full Client Install zipfile from here.

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