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  • Revised CTF Map - CTF TNT 2018
    Last Year Hypov8 and me updated the Team TNT Map ( Team TNT 2017 ). I have now updated the old CTF TNT map and made a similar version to Team TNT 2017. The main changes in
  • New Player Model – Male Soldier
      Hypov8  and I have collaborated on a new player model called Male Soldier. It is converted from Quake 2 and somewhat improved. The original model in Quake 2 was made by
  • Gunrace Mod Update
    Hypov8 is now working with us on the Gunrace mod. He is working mainly on the models for the mod. Initially we were going to have a knife as the final weapon but we decide
  • New Bagman Map Team Combat
    Here is the first new map for 2018. This is a normal Bagman version of the XMAS Combat map that Hypov8 and I worked on recently. Team Combat is a smallish Bagman map set i
  • New Player Model Released - Bender
    We have a new player model for Kingpin. It's Bender (Bender Bending Rodríguez) the steel bending robot from Futurama. It is the first new player model released for Kingpin
  • New Player Model On The Way
    Hypov8 is currently working on a new custom player model for Kingpin ported from another game. It should be finished soon. See if you can tell the name of the model by loo
  • New Xmas Bagman Map
    Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new Winter themed map called Xmas Combat. It is a remake of the old death match map called Combat . Xmas Combat is a smallish Xmas them
  • New Server Browser By Hypov8
    Hypov8 has released a new server browser that searches for Kingpin, KingpinQ3 and Quake 2 servers. It incorporates the M-browser and Gamespy protocol into one browser and
  • Bagman Arena Gate
    Bagman Arena Gate is a Bagman version of the Q3DM1 map that Hypov8 converted to Kingpin. He also did the Bagman version. Bagman Arena Gate is a smallish Bagman map. Two ba
  • New Custom Tommygun Model
    When I was updating the zipfile and testing out the Enhanced Bagman mod  I found that the custom tommygun model wasn't quite right. Some of the animations weren't right. S
  • Trash Metal 2013 Death Match Map
    This is a popular death match map that is an update of an old   Cujo map by Hypov8 . Trash Metal 2013 is a small death match set in an area where there are lots of derelic
  • Get Some Air In Dav's Room Death Match Map
    Here is one of Hypov8 earlier maps called Get Some Air In Dav's Room. It's set in his bedroom and it is a huge room and the players are very small. Its like you are a mous
  • New Death Match Map
    Several years ago Cujo converted this map from Quake 2 but never quite finished it and so it was left unreleased. Recently I found it in one of my old Kingpin archives and
  • KPDM1 Quaked
    Here is a very nice looking death match map made by Hypov8 many years ago. KPDM1 Quaked is KPDM1 remade in the Quake 3 style. It uses mostly Quake style textures and the b
  • Southpark KP (ver.2) Death Match Map
    This is a map I converted from Quake 2 a few years ago. It's a smallish map with  simple layout set in the cartoon land of Southpark. It features all custom textures, a te
  • New CTF Map CTF Highone
    Macanah and Hypov8 have released a new map for the CTF Mod clled CTF Highone. This is a largish map set in a seven story building. Each team has three levels and the lowes
  • Hypov8's Green Weapon Sprites
    Hypov8 has sent in a pak file which contains green weapon sprites for the grenade launcher, rocket launcher and flamer. This means that, in game, you see green rocket trai
  • New HMG Skin By Hypov8
    Hypov8 has sent me a new custom skin for the HMG. Check it out here. The skin is in pak5 file. Just extract/unzip the file to your Kingpin folder. This will place the pak5
  • New Death Match Map - Vector
    Macanah , Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Vector. Vector is a smallish , multi levelled death match map which should be fun with either a sm
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming CTF Map
    Here are a couple of shots of an CTF Map I am working on. It's was originally a Half-life map which Hypov8 converted to Kingpin as a Bagman map. I suggested he make a Capt
  • Broken Towers Death Match Map
    Here is an old death match map, by Hypov8 , called Broken Towers. Broken Towers is a large, Central Towers style map, that has been trashed. You'll see what I mean by look
  • Two New CTF Maps
    We have two new CTF maps for you to enjoy. CTF Compound 2016 by Hypov8 . This is an update of the teamcompound-ctf map which was made by Creamator. The major change is tha
  • Hypo's DMFlags Calculator
    Hypov8  has created a DMFlags calculator which might be of some help to people who are setting up Kingpin servers. Most death match servers have the DMFlags value set to 7
  • Another Mapping Tutorial Added
    Fredz has uploaded the video tutorial made by hypov8 on how to use the kingpin mapping tool Radiant to make archways in your maps.  You can check the video out here.
  • Ancient Sky Castle Death Match Map Released
    Before releasing this map I asked Hypov8 to take a look and see if he could add anything to it. He has done some tweaking and the map is now ready for release. Ancient Sky
  • New Bagman Map Team Woods 2016
    As I posted a while ago, Fredz asked Hypov8 to complete his Team Woods beta map. Hypov8 has finished working on the map and it is now released. Team Woods 2016 is a mirror
  • Revised Midnight Death Match Map Released
    Hypov8 has finished revising the Midnight death match map and has now released the updated version (kp_biodm_v3). The Midnight map is a medium sized map converted from the
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Revised Map
    Currently Hypov8 is working on updating the old Midnight death match map. The Midnight map (kp_biodm_v2) is a medium sized map converted from the game SiN. It uses all the
  • Video Tute For Mappers
    Here is just a little video tutorial from Hypov8 for mappers on how to easily make archways.
  • Hosted Sites Added
    If you look in the Menu Box on the left you will see a new entry Hosted Sites. The two hosted sites we have here are the mapping sites for me and Hypov8. Hypo Central has
  • New map-packs For Luschen Servers
    Hypov8 has put together map-packs containing all the maps on the Luschen Hookmatch Server and Luschen Deathmatch Server. You can download these map-packs here:- Hookmatch
  • Video adding player weapons
    By Hypov8
  • Green Hell Death Match Map By {420}Mayhem
    Here is a map I hadn't seen for many years until me and Hypov8   found it recently. Green Hell is a medium to large death match map converted from Quake2 by {420}Mayhem .
  • Video Radiant-Archways
    By Hypov8

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