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  • Custom Gibs Added To Luschen Botmatch Server
    [M] has added custom gibs to the Luschen Botmatch server. When you join the server you will download a small pak2 file which contains the custom gibs. 
  • New GunRace Bot Server
    No sooner have I uploaded the GunRace v1.0 files that [M] has set up a GunRace server with bots :) Server Details Server : Luschen Gunrace IP : kp.hambloch.com:31516 Maxcl
  • Luschen Servers News
    [M] is relocating his Luschen servers so they will be down for a few days from either November 30th or December 1st. This means that  the Luschen Kingpin servers, [M]'s Ki
  • New Version Of [M]'s Server Browser
    [M]  has done another small update to his Kingpin server browser and released ver1.9a. You can download the new version from here. Just extract the file to your Kingpin fo
  • Luschen Death Match Server Running Standard Maps
    [M] has changed the maps running on his Luschen Deathmatch server to run the original KPDM1-5 maps for the next week or so. So now all you guys out there who prefer to pla
  • Duke Nukem Sounds Added To Botmatch Server
    [M] is trying something new with his Botmatch server. He has added a custom sounds pak to the server. When you next join the Luschen Botmatch server you will download the
  • [M]'s Server Browser Updated
    [M] has done a small update to his Kingpin server browser and released ver1.9. You can download the new version from here. Just extract the file to your Kingpin folder. Ch
  • Kingpin Server Browsers
    Just a reminder about the Kingpin server browsers that are available so you can find servers to play online :) The two main ones are Gamespylite and [M] Server Browser. Ga
  • DM Snowball Death Match Map
    Here's a map you may have forgotten about , or maybe never knew in the first place. DM Snowball is a small, single area DM Map made by Whoop Ass. It is set outside in a sn
  • New Kingpin Server Browser
    Kingpin has always had a large percentage of people willing to put their time and effort into making Kingpin a better game and keep it varied and interesting. 2016 is no d
  • Two New Kingpin Servers
    Good new. Two new Kingpin servers. [M] is now running a Luschen Coop server from Germany. Macanah has added a TeamDM server to his other servers running out of Australia.
  • Sunday Night Death Match
    This weeks game on the Luschen server is going to be Death Match. As I always say the games are very informal with the emphasis on having fun while playing some KP. Detail
  • [M]'s Kingpin Server List
    kingpin.hambloch.com/  is [M]'s Kingpin Server List page . This is a very informative and useful site. It list's all the Kingpun servers currently running and allow
  • Carney Park Map Added To Luschen Servers
    Just letting you know that [M] has added the recent map release Carney Park to his Luschen Botmatch and Deathmatch server .   You can download the Carney Park map from her

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