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  • V1.60 Xmas Mod Server Files released
    Monkey Harris has released the Xmas Mod v1.60 Server files for both Windows and Linux. There are a heap of fixes and updates which you can read about in the included histo
  • Sky Info For Mappers
    Fredz has created a tutorial for mappers that describes which is the best of the default Kingpin skies to use in your maps. It shows an example of the seven default Kingpi
  • Xmas Source Maps Uploaded
    Fredz has uploaded the source map files for all the maps he made for the Xmas mod. Now other mappers can check them out. You can download them from here.
  • XMas CTF Mod Client Files Released
    Captain Death has released the client files for the Xmas CTF mod. Capture The Flag Christmas Mod is a merger between Colors - Capture The Flag and Xmas mods. The gameplay
  • Small Update To Gamespy Lite.
    Fredz has made another small update to the Gamespy Lite server browser. The chat in Gamespy Lite (#kingpin) has been linked to [M]s Kingpin chat room. So if you type somet
  • Mancer 2 Death Match Map
    Mancer 2 is a map which is also a conversion/remake from Duke Nukem 3D and was a collaboration between  Fredz and Whoop Ass . Mancer 2 is a small death match map. The main
  • Mancers Death Match Map
    Mancers is a map Fredz converted from Duke Nukem 3D using Build Map Converter Programs. It's a smallish, fun, death match map which has six player spawns and uses a combin
  • Another Kingpin Laptop Intel Graphics Fix
    If you are having problems getting Kingpin to work on a laptop that has Intel graphics card try these fixes:- Download the GLDirect utility from here and copy the opengl32
  • Latest Build Map Converter Uploaded
    Fredz has uploaded the most recent version of Acc 's Build Map Converter. It is an utility program which allows you to convert Build Games' maps to Kingpin. Games include 
  • Contact Us Button Added
    Fredz has added a Contact Us Button in the Menu Section. If you look to the left at the bottom of the Menu section you will see an Envelope Icon. Click on it and you can t
  • French Manual Now Hosted
    Fredz has found the French version of the Kingpin manual and has uploaded it. You can download it from here. Dont forget we also host the French Kingpin sounds. This repla
  • Source Files Released For KPrespatch
    Fredz has released the source files for his little Kingpin high resolution utility called kprespatch. You can download the source files from here.
  • Fredz Website Hosted
    Fredz has uploaded his Kingpin Fredz website to Kingpin Info. It includes all his maps, mods and tutorials. He will be updating it as soon as he finds time after settign u
  • Kingpin Info Is One Year Old
    It's now one year since Fredz opened the doors here at Kingpin Info. The first news post was made on 1st Feb. 2016. It's been a busy year since we opened here. Lots of new
  • V1.51 Of XMAS Mod Released
    Fredz has released an update of the XMAS Mod client files. The new version is v1.51. The new version includes more new Christmas themed weapon and ammo skins and sounds. Y
  • New XMAS Mod Client Files Released
    Fredz has now released v1.5 of the XMAS mod client files. If you already have an xmas folder in Kingpin just delete it befroe installing the new version. You can download
  • XMAS Mod Being Updated
    Currently Monkey Harris and Fredz are working on updating the XMAS mod to v1.5. Changes so far are:- - Upgraded mod to monkey mod 2.0 thanks to Monkey Harris - Added some
  • Important Kingpin Milestone Dates
    Fredz has created a page with some important milestone dates for Kingpin such as when the demo was released, when the actual game was released and when the patches were re
  • Aztec 3D Modelling Tool Added
    Fredz has uploaded the latest version of Aztec 3D. This is the program used to make Quake2 models and I assume it can be used to convert Quake 2 models to Kingpin. You can
  • Two Bagman Maps Added To Archive
    When Fredz  was putting together the complete Bagman maps map pack he found some maps we didn't feature here individually. Here are a couple of them. Team Block Party (cur
  • Massive Bagman Map Pack
    Now that Fredz has finished checking and/or fixing all the Bagman map zipfiles we host here at Kingpin Info he has now put all the Bagman maps into one giant mappack. The
  • Bagman Map Zipfiles
    Fredz has been doing a lot of work in the last few days checking all the zipfiles of all the Bagman maps we host here at kingpin.info. He has been making sure they have al
  • Kingpin 3D Printer Creations
    Fredz has made replicas of the crowbar and dog from Kingpin using a 3D Printer. If you want to create them yourselves you can grab the .stl files from here.
  • Kingpin Server Browsers
    Just a reminder about the Kingpin server browsers that are available so you can find servers to play online :) The two main ones are Gamespylite and [M] Server Browser. Ga
  • Coding Tutorials
    Fredz has created some tutorials on coding for Kingpin. The tutorials cover which tools to use and how to use them, how to remove single player code and even how to make a
  • New Bagman Map Team Woods 2016
    As I posted a while ago, Fredz asked Hypov8 to complete his Team Woods beta map. Hypov8 has finished working on the map and it is now released. Team Woods 2016 is a mirror
  • Hulk Thug Skin
    Fredz has found another Hulk skin for the thug model. That makes three different Hulk skins now. Unfortunately the skin Fredz found uses the same skin names as an existing
  • Comp Mod Source Uploaded
    Fredz has uploaded the source code for the old comp mod version 1.3. You can grab it from here. 
  • Game File Explorer Uploaded
    Fredz has uploaded Game File Explorer. GFE is a game resource file viewer and ripper that supports many different formats including PAK and TGA files. Main features:     
  • More Tutorials
    Fredz has put together some more Tutorials that cover gameplay and the console. They are very informative. The gameplay ones cover the weapons, maps and strafe jumping. Th
  • Further Update For Gamespylite
    Fredz has done a further update to the GamespyLite Kingpin server browser. He has fixed the chat so it now works too. So now all the features of Gamespylite now work again
  • More Demos Added
    Fredz has added two more demos of a player doing some nice jumps in KPDM1 and KPDM5. You can grab the demos here:- goox2dm1.dm2 goox2dm5.dm2 Thesetwo demos need to be extr
  • New Tutorials for Installation and Setup of Kingpin
    Fredz has written two tutorials on the Installation and Setup of Kingpin. These tutorials are very in-depth and thorough and are an interesting read even if you already ha
  • Kingpin Demos
    Fredz has uploaded three demos of a player completing the KiT (Kingpin Intensive Training) map Kit+ by Mantis . KiT maps are like obstacle course maps with lots of trick j
  • Kingpin Official Missing Stuff
    Some of you may know about this already but for those of you who don't -  Fredz put together a webpage that highlights all the stuff that was left out of the final version
  • Kingpin Gamespylite
    Just a reminder that the server browser that comes with most editions of Kingpin, Gamespylite , was updated by Fredz a while ago and so it works again. Originally it stopp

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