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  • Team Hip Beta Bagman Map
    Team Hip Beta is a large Bagman map converted from the game SiN by Hogie . It's a map set in space that has a pretty straight forward layout. It also uses the original SiN
  • Curse Dukecity Bagman Map Added
    Curse Dukecity beta11, by Hogie , is one of the maps we didn't host here individually. Curse Dukecity beta11 is a very large Curse/Bagman map with a DukeNukem style. It is
  • Two Bagman Maps Added To Archive
    When Fredz  was putting together the complete Bagman maps map pack he found some maps we didn't feature here individually. Here are a couple of them. Team Block Party (cur
  • Video From Sunday Night's Game
    Hogie has created a video from last Sunday night's Bagman game.
  • Team Shotgun Arena Uploaded
    I was surprised that we didn't have this Bagman map in our archive. It was only because Vitachick was missing some textures from the map that I found out we didn't have it

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