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  • Tuesday Game Of Kill Confirmed Mod 20th August
    Goat has implemented standard death match into his Kill COnfirmed mod and wants to test it out. So he has called a game on Tuesday night starting 9.30pm UK time. Server De
  • New Mod On Way - Kill Confirmed
    Goat is currently working on a new mod for Kingpin called Kill Confirmed. The mod is based on the Call of Duty mod of the same name. Currently it only supports team deathm
  • Octogon Re Bagman Map
    I just found this older Bagman map named Octogon Re made by Hogie and [BEER]BudIce . It's one of several versions of the Octogon Bagman map. Some of the textures were miss
  • GunRace V1.0 Released
    GunRace v1.0 has now been released. It's just the Windows version now with the Linux version to be released shortly. For those of you who don't know the mod it is a free f
  • GunRace Mod Update
    We are nearly there guys.  Hypov8 and  Goat are just finishing off the random weapon order mode at the moment. "weaponorder" has 3 modes, 1 default, 2 reverse and 3 random
  • GunRace Mod Update
    Recently Goat implemented the Reverse mod so players start with the M60 and work there way backwards to the Dual Pistols and then get the Machete. This has become the most
  • Map Pack For Thursday GunRace Game
    Apart from the GunRace maps Goat has added another 25 or so death match maps to the GunRace beta server. You will probably have some of them and some you might not so why
  • GunRace Mod Update
    After a lot of work from Goat  and Hypov8  the GunRace mod has reached beta stage :) There will be beta testing of the mod after the Thursday game this week. Three more ma
  • GunRace Mod Update
    Goat has now finished the Hud for the upcoming GunRace mod. For news on this , info on a new map that is being mae for the mod, and to see some new screenshots check out t
  • New Mod Being Worked On
    Me and Goat are working on a new mod for Kingpin called Gun Race. It is similar to Hitmen and Arsenal in that the weapons are handed out by the server. We have only recent

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