Team Water Treatment Bagman Map

Team Water Treatment is an older Bagman map from 2004 that was made by .

It is a small to medium sized, two forts style, Bagman map. There are small caches of weapons and armour in the bases and some HMG's located in some sniper locations.

There are several ways to get to the other teams bases, across a bridge (where the central money drop is), using the side corridors, or by going through the water below the bridge.

The map is pretty much mirrored but the bases are different. The safes need to be opened with switches but they are very close to the safes and can't be missed.

Inside the bases, at the front, you can climb up the walls to get to the cooling mods which are located in small nooks up high.

You can download Team Water Treatment from here.



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More Old Clan Matches Added To Youtube

[VL]Snowjogger has added some more clan matches to his Youtube channel.

Check them out here.

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Final Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Map-Packs Uploaded

I have finished collecting all death match maps released since 2007 and also any that were left out of the earlier map-pack-n-yo-ass map-packs.

I have created two large map-packs containing all these maps and uploaded them with the other map-packs.

So if you want to download most of the custom maps that have been released for Kingpin you can now download a few map-packs and you will have them all. I say most maps because I'm sure there are some maps we don't have or one or two others that were missed.

All Bagman Maps

Map-pack-n-yo-ass packs

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Thursday Game Of Catch The Chicken & Death Match

For a little change this Thursday Monkey Harris will be running a game of Catch the Chicken (and then probably some death match afterwards)

Game details:-

Server : Thursday CTC
IP :
Date : Thursday 15th June
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time

Check the world clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

You will be able to download the required client files from the server or you can download them from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.


Catch the Chicken information:-

When the game starts a chicken will spawn in the map. Once the chicken has appeared, the players try to find and "catch" the chicken by running over it. Once you have picked up the chicken, you start scoring points and the other players try to frag you so they can take the chicken. The idea is to hold on to the chicken for as long as you can, until you reach the score limit and you win the game. There is a timelimit that a player can hold the chicken for, before dropping it, that is set by the server admin.

While you're holding the chicken you cannot use any weapons. While you are fleeing from other players the chicken you are holding will drop feathers, thus leaving a trail right to your position. The chicken will also make noises while you are holding it and will have a coloured glow.





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More News On New Multiplayer Bot

has posted a small update about progress on his new Jackboot multiplayer bot.

You can check it out here.

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Death Match Map Added To Archive

I have added the Welcome to WDWDM4 death match map to our maps archive.

This is a smallish, two level, map that was converted from Quake 2 by me back in 2007.

You can download Welcome to WDWDM4 (wdwdm4.bsp) from here. 




There is also a version with a Winter theme - snow covered textures and snow is falling. It also features some breakable boxes and other single player props.

You can download the Winter version (kp2_wdwdm4.bsp) from here.



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Nice Doggies

A pipe versus about 20 angry dogs. Good luck with that :)


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Sunset Death Match Map

Checking all the death match maps as part of adding them all to map-packs (see post below) is bringing back memories and I'm finding maps we haven't played for years.

One of the maps we used to play a lot is a fun little map called Sunset (sunset-re.bsp) that was made by .

This is a smallish map with two main areas. It's a typical Kingpin style map using all standard textures. Even though it is a smallish map it's one of those maps where there are enough corridors, rooms and nooks and crannies to keep things interesting. Just dont get too close to the electrical panels or you wil lget zapped :)

You can download Sunset from here.



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Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Map-Packs

The map-pack-n-yo-ass map-packs are map-packs that contain most of the maps that were released from 1999 up to January 2007.

They were initially compiled by Truzenzuxez and then continued by me. As we didn't have such fast internet back then as we do today the map-packs were quite small and we ended up hosting nearly 100 map-packs lol.

So what I have done is recompiled all the map-packs into eleven much larger ones. As stated they contain most (but not all) of the maps released during that period.

You can download them from here.

Just extract/unzip all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.


What I am in the process of doing now is compiling all the death match maps released since then into map-packs also.

I am not including Bagman maps because Fredz already spent a lot of time compiling all Bagman maps that have been reelased (up to Nov. 2016) into the complete Bagman map-pack that you can grab from here.

I am almost finished. All the death match maps released since Jan 2007 have been zipped up and now what I am doing is checking for any maps that were left out of the original map-pack-n-yo-ass packs. Surprisingly I have found about eighty so far. Once completed I will upload the new map-packs and then nearly all maps ever released for Kingpin will be available in map-packs.

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Batman Thug Skin

Some of you may know that last Friday, Adam West, the original TV Batman, passed away aged 88. As somewhat of a tribute I'm posting about the Batman thug skin. The skin was one of the many made by Loaded.

You can download the skin from here.

Just unzip all the files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

Easiest way to select these skins is to:-

Pull down the console (tilde key ~)

Type in :-

skin "male_thug/541 095 085"


We also have a thug skin of his sidekick Robin that you can grab from here.

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