Screenshots of Upcoming Bagman Map

Back in 2013 me and Hypov8 released a Bagman map called Team TNT. It was a very large map and hardly ever gets played.

So we have updated the map and made it a bit smaller and put the bases in a more open area. We also changed a lot of the weapon and item placement.

It has been tested once and hopefully it will be tested again at the next Bagman game and then it'll be released.



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The Most Recent Bagman Maps

Here are the most recently released Bagman maps.

Team Commotion

Team Spawndeath Two

Team Foozball

Team Facing Worlds

Team Barns beta2

Team Bloody Tracks

Team Tennis

Just unzip all the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location.

All these maps are currently in rotation on the Bagman servers.

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Video From First Game Last February

As we have been playing online again for a year now (first game back was Feb 14th 2016) I thought it was a good time to highlight the video from that gameday :)

You can also check out the videos from some of our other weekly Kingpin games here.

If you haven't dropped in for a game yet, or haven't played for a while, please come along and have some fun :)

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Sunday Bagman Game

The Sunday Bagman game this week will be on Killa's Bagman server starting at 9pm UK time.

Game details:-

Server : Sundays Bagman Game
IP :
Mod : Bagman
Date : Sunday 19h February
Time : 9pm UK time
Maxclients : 24
Admin : Killa

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

Come along and get to play some of the new Bagman maps that have been released recently :)

Screens from the game:-



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Homer Sound Pack Updated

When I was updating the Homer player model zipfile recenly I also updated the Homer sound pack. Before it was an installer.exe so I updated it to be a zipfile.

The custom Homer sounds (which replace some of the deafault thug sounds) are in a pak9 file.

You can download the Homer sound pack from here.

Just extract/unzip the pak9 file to your Kingpin folder. This will place the pak9 file in your kingpin/main folder.

If you already have a pak9 file in your main folder then extract the new pak9 to a temporary folder somewhere and rename it to another number such as pak3, pak4 etc which you don't already have. Then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.

We have several replacement sound packs such as Serious Sam, South Park etc which you can check out here.

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Top 10 Downloads January 2017

The Top 10 downloads this month are:

Kingpin Resolution Steam +1
Gamespy Lite +1
Kingpin Resolution patch +2
Xmas BM Mappack -
Xmas BM Mappack 2
Kingpin Multi Patch -1
clan demos 1
Xmas client files -9

Statics are based on server stats. Txt files will not be includes in count, old files that are updated will be updated with new link.

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Homer Player Model Files Updated

I recently checked the homer model zip file and found that the skin for the baseball bat that Homer holds instead of the pipe was not included. I also realised we had several different skin packs for the Homer model and two zipfiles of Homer's extras.

So what I have done is put all these files together in one homer model zip file and called it

It includes all the Homer model files, all the skins for the model and all the extras (nacho hat, glass, cigar, beer hat and dummy [pacifier]).

You can download the complete Homer player model from here. 





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Thursday Game Of Hitmen & Real Mode

The Thursday game this week is Hitmen mod, with some real mode as well, starting at 9pm UK time on Killa's server.

Details are:-

Server : Thursday Hitmen Game
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Date : Thursday 16th February
Time : 21.00 (9pm) UK Time
Admin : Killa

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9pm UK time here.

I hope you can make it for a game :)

Not a big crowd today but the game when for many hours:-





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Team Tennis Bagman Map Released

I have released a new Bagman Map called Team Tennis. We played a beta version at the Bagman game on Sunday and since then I have made a few small changes and now released the map.

This is a small Bagman map set in and around a tennis court. The court is in the centre of the map where the money drop is and there are three ways to get to the other teams base.

There are plenty of weapons and items, 12 player spawns for each team, and even a couple of custom tennis sounds.

You can download Team Tennis from here.

Just extract/unzip all files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.




There is also a death match version of the Tennis map which you can download from here.

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Custom Grappling Hooks For Hitmen

While searching for another file in an old archived Kingpin website I found three custom chrome grappling hooks for use with the Hitmen mod.

They are chrome versions of the smiley face, skull and axe custom grappling hooks.

You can downlaod them from here:-

Chrome Axe

Chrome Smiley Face

Chrome Skull

The hooks are in pak3 files. Just extract/unzip the pak3 file to your Kingpin folder. This will place the pak3 file in your kingpin/hitmen folder.

The zipfiles include an autoexec.cfg and a binds.cfg for hitmen. You only need these if you don't already have these files in your hitmen folder. If you do need them just extract/unzip them to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in your kingpin/hitmen folder.

There is also a readme included in the zipfiles with more information on how to use the hook in game.




If you install one of these custom hooks and want to try it out then go to the Luschen Hookmatch Hitmen server (

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