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  • Chaos Town Death Match Map
    Here is an oldie but goody. Chaos Town is a death match map made by  PigWhistler way back in 2001. Chaos Town is a small to medium sized, urban style, Kingpin map. It has
  • Atrophy Lava Tomb Death Match Map
    Atrophy Lava Tomb is a conversion of Quake 2's Q2DM6 Lava Tomb death match map by Pigwhistler . This one is textured similar to the other Quake 2 map conversions he did us
  • Atrophy's Lost Hallways Death Match Map
    This is a conversion of the classic Quake 2 deathmatch map Lost Hallways by Pigwhistler . Lost Hallways was the fourth death match map of Quake 2. The map takes place most
  • The Frag Pipe Death Match Map
    Another of the classic Quake 2 death match maps is The frag Pipe. It has been converted to Kingpin twice. Once by Pigwhistler and also by Whoop Ass . From the Quake Wiki:-

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