New CTF Map - Burnhole

and I have collaborated on a new Capture the Flag map caleld CTF Burnhole.

It is an open, medium sized, map that is a remake of one of Mac's Quake 2 maps.

There are several paths to the other team's base or you can drop down to the water below to get there too. There are also four teleports in the map that can be used to get you closer to the other team's base.

The map uses all Quake2 textures, has ample weapons and items, and there are two spawn rooms for each team. Players spawn in one of these rooms then exit to the main map.

It was tested with several people yesterday and they all gave the map a thumbs up.

Thanks to eveyone who helped test it :)

You can download CTF Burnhole from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.




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Space Checkmate Death Match Map

Now that is back playing Kingpin it's a good time to post about a deathmatch map he made several years ago.

Space Checkmate is a simple map that is a chessboard in space. It has low gravity and three levels of boards, each one smaller the the one below it.

The main board has all the player spawns and lots of weapons and items, the middle board has full armour and the adrenaline and the top baord has the HMG and cooling mod.

The map is a lot of fun and you can download Space Checkmate from here. 



There are also two earlier versions - checkmate which is just a big open chessboard and chessmatev2 which is the same board onlly enclosed by a wall.



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New Death Match Map Street DM

and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Street DM.

Street DM is a medium sized death match map where the setting is an urban street and also inside some of the buildings.

It uses all custom textures so looks quite unique in Kingpin. It has 14 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

It utilises some parts of maps from Mr.Goodfingers upcoming single player mission Street Revenge and also some new areas.

It has had two beta versions which were tested over the last two weeks and now the final version is released :)

You can grab Street DM from here.





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Bagman Q3 Style Bagman Map

Another map Jogger sent me, that we didn't have, is the final version of Bagman Q3 Style (team_kdarena.bsp) by Knockdown.

This is his take on the popular Q3CTF1 map. The only difference I can see from the beta2 version is that it appears to be a bit lighter which is a good thing :)

You can download Bagman Q3 Style (team_kdarena.bsp) from here.



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Team X Octagon V3 Final Bagman Map

Team X Octagon V3 Final is a Bagman map made by Martrix*[RnD]*.

This is the 3rd version of this map we now host and all of them are different from each other.The others are Team X Octagon Rev and Team Octagon Final. There is also a later urban version, by Dread, called Team X Urb Final.

It is a smallish, pretty standard sort of Bagman map. Usual team bases with wepaon caches. Only way to the other team's base is through the middle area.

There is a side room that overlooks the middle area with a large cache of armour and health.

You can download Team X Octagon v3 Final from here.



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Team Heat Final Bagman Map

Here is another map we didn't have.

Team Heat Final is a medium sized bagman map made by . It has two large, multilevelled, bases with the usual weapon caches. The upper level leads to points where you can overlook the centre playing area that separates the two bases. The middle leads to the central area and the lower level leads directly to the other team's base. 

There is a big lava trap in the centre area of the map that is turned off and on by switches located on the upper ledges of the central area. The money drop is also in this central area.

You can get to the other team's base by going via the central area and risking the lava trap or directly by staying on the lower level

This map looks like it could be fun to play.

You can download Team Heat Final from here.



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Team Bunkerhill V2 Bagman Map

Another map that Jogger sent is a Bagman map made by . Gravedigger made popular Bagman maps in the early days of Kingpin.

Team Bunkerhill v2 is a typical two forts style map. It has the two team bases separated by an open land area. In this case the land area is sloped up until you get to the centre of the map then it slopes down towards the other team's base.

The bases are fairly standard, two levels, with weapons and items spread throughout plus two weapon cache rooms.

I'm not sure why he made you have to crouch to get into the weapons rooms but anyway.

The safe is on the lower level and needs to be opened with a switch on the upper floor. Once you have flipped the switch you can jump through a hole in the floor back down to the safe.

There are more than enough weapons and items.

There are three ways to get to the other team's base (sort of). There is the land mass between the bases and two side ledges accessed from the upper level of the team's base.

Overall the maps has a few small issues but, given a chance, it could be a fast and furious fun map.

You can download Team Bunkerhill v2 from here.



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New XMas Mod Map XMas Immortal Combat

Sorry for delay in releasing this map as my intenret was down for three days sigh.

XMas Immortal Combat is a Bagman map for the XMas mod and is a remake of the standard Team Imortal Combat Bagman map.

It has all the usuall XMas mod additions like Christmas music, decorations, Christmas trees, snow etc.

Other than that the only real change from the standard verson is that I changed some of the armour around after a suggestion form Xanarki.

You can download XMas Immortal Combat from here.



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New Death Match Map

Here is a new death match map converted from Quake.

The map is called Sex Without A Kiss and is a smallish, urban style, death match map. The original author of the Quake version is Malevola.
It has a nice tight layout with three levels. There are twelve player spawns and ample weapons and items. The map also uses a custom sky.

You can download the map from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



**I plan to release several new maps this week so please check back each day to grab the latest map***

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Recoil Death Match Map

Here is a good old map that doesn't get played much anymore.

Recoil is from 2001 and was made by omnI.

It's a medium sized map set in an urban environment. There are plenty of places to frag in invluding in the street, on the roof, and down in the sewer.

There are enough weapons and items and the map features a custom sky.

You can download Recoil from here.

Just extract/unzip the fiels to your Kingpin folder.



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