Beta Of Another New Bagman Map

has now released a beta of his new Bagman Map Team Doom3.

The map is a medium to large Bagman map based on Doom3. The bases are fairly straight forward and the Team's cash bags are inside cages.

There are basically two routes between bases, upper and lower passages. The lower route is basically a lava room where you might see a ghost or two and the upper route is full of blood and giant skeletons. The money drop is in the middle of the upper route.

There are weapon caches in the bases, of course, and you can get into the air conditioning ducts to snipe and to get the HMG cooling mods.

You can download Team Doom3 b7 from here. 

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.



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Beta Of New Bagman Map

After getting a suggestion from Elfor has released a beta of a Bagman version of his Dark Woods Shrine map.

The map contains 16 spawn points per team and is pretty huge, some extra textures were added to differentiate bases

You can download Team Dark Woods Shrine Test from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder.

Hopefully we will be able to test it out at Sunday's Bagman game.





Mr.Damage | Wednesday 04 April 2018 - 08:47 | News, Map, Download | 1 comment
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New Map Dark Woods Shrine

has released a fantastic new death match map called Dark Woods Shrine.

A conversion of "House of Wang" ($DMShrin) from Shadow Warrior. Small to medium deathmatch map with 8 spawn points, 2x heavy machine gun (2x .308, 2x cooling), 1x tommygun (1x bullets and 5x cylinders), 1x grenade launcher (4x grenades), 1x bazooka (5x rockets), 2x shotgun (6x shells), and 3 pistol kits (damage + reload + rate of fire).

I'm sure this map is going to be very popular so make sure you download it quick :)

You can download Dark Woods Shrine from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.





You can see more screenshots and leave feedback about the map here.

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Quake Map In Kingpin

Most of the official death match maps from the original Quake have been converted to Kingpin. Some of them several times.

Place of Two Deaths (Q1DM1)

kpq1dm1 by Dread

The Bad Place (Q1DM4)

kpq1dm4 by Dread

The Cistern (Q1DM5)

reboot by {420}Mayhem

The Dark Zone (Q1DM6)

kpq1dm6_final by Mr Damage

Acrophobia (Q1DM7)

kpq1dm7 by Mr Damage


The Bad Place

The Cistern

The Dark Zone


The list above is just some of the maps available if you want to get all known conversions including all the versions of The House of Chton (Q1E1M7) then download the Quake 1 map-pack from here.

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New Death Match Map by Acc

has released a new death match map for Kingpin called Raw Meat.

It is a conversion of the map from Duke Nukem 3D. It is a largish map set in and around a sushi bar. It has 16 player spawns and plenty of weapons. It uses both Kingpin and Duke3D textures.

Another good map by Acc that you can check out here.



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Tower Arena Death Match Map

Another great death match map from the early days of Kingpin is Tower Arena by Bolt.

It's a largish map that was released in 1999. It uses all Kingpin default textures and is set in a tower style structure. There is one main arena and many exits that lead to stairs which take you up to several rooms that overlook the main arena. There are ample weapons and others items and a even a secret room.

You can download Tower Arena from here.



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New Luschen Botmatch Zipfile

 has created a new zipfle for the Luschen Botmatch server that contains all the maps in rotation and the custom models that the bots use.

This is very handy if you like to play on the Botmatch server and don't alredy have all the files.

You can download the Luschen Botmatch zipfile from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

The Botmatch server is the place to be :)

If you're looking for a game and no one is aorund then join the Luschen Botmatch server.

Other people will proably see you there and join in.

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Tower Death Match Map

We used to play this death match map, Tower (play2.bsp), all the time in the early days of Kingpin when there weren't many custom maps available.

The map is totally crazy with a few players :)

It's a very vertical map with a small ground area and platform lifts to small upper levels. You can jump from the top level all the way back to the ground.

There are heaps of weapons but no cooling mods (due to them being mispelled as colling) .



***Update Monday 5th March***

 has edited the Tower map, using Quark, and renamed the cooling mods so they now show up in the map.

You can download the fixed Tower map from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.


Mr.Damage | Friday 02 March 2018 - 23:50 | Map, Download | 1 comment

Shroom City Death Match Map

Here is a map you never see any more.

Shroom City is a weird and wonderful, small, death match map made by .

Sonik described it as Kingpin on drugs and once you load it up you will see what he meant.

You should probably listen to White Rabbit while playing this map especially after you have found the secret room :)

You can download Shroom City from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder



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Neighborhood (ver.2) Death Match Map

Neigborhood was originally an small Action Quake2 map created by JKL that was converted to Kingpin by Cujo as dm_thehood.

It was then totally rebuilt by Hypov8 and me to give it a more 'kingpinish' style. It is a small map set in an urban neighborhood at dusk. One street, five houses and a vacant lot.

You can download Neighborhood (dm_thehoodv2.bsp) from here.

Just unzip all the files to your Kingpin folder.



I also made a version that includes single player props for play with mods that support them (which is most mods these days). The setting was also changed to a winter one and it is also snowing. You can now enter some of the buildings as well.

You can download KP2 Neighborhood (kp2_dm_thehood.bsp) from here.



Mr.Damage | Tuesday 27 February 2018 - 12:11 | News, Map, Download | 1 comment