Thursday Game Of Capture The Flag

This Thursday's game at 9.30pm UK time will be the Capture the Flag Mod on the Newskool CTF Server.

Game details:-

Server : Newskool CTF
IP :
Date : Thursday 13th July
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time

You can download the files from the server but if you want to get them beforehand to save time you can grab the full install which includes everything you need to run a server or to just connect to one as a client including all available CTF maps from here.



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Enhanced Bagman Mod Uploaded

I recently found the windows server files for the Enhanced Bagman mod that had been missing for about twelve years. 

The mod was made by Cashmoney with help from a few others.

It's a Bagman mod with a few different features:-

 * Enhanced scoreboard (fixed those ugly colors)
 * Replacement for the Pipe (press 1 for Machete)
 * Replacement for the Tommygun (Coltm41a) made by Hypov8
 * New explosion graphics
 * New weapon sprites for muzzle flash and rocket trails
 * Custom music
 * Custom weapon sounds
 * Changed team names and skins (Rednecks and Punks)
 * Weather effects in maps (Rain and snow)
 * Flashbangs and regular grenades! (press Q to switch between them)
 * Two maps made for the EBM mod (all Bagman maps will work though)

As it is an older mod it incorporates the MMAdmin and as it is recommended to run public servers using KPDED2 I have included that file plus the readme for it. I also included a please_read.txt file with suggested settings.

If you use the KPDED2 file then players will be able to download the required client files that contain all the new skins and weapon models, maps etc.

I have combined all the files (both server and client) into one full install zipfile.

You can download the EBM Full Install for Windows files from here. 







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Thursday Game Of Crash Squad Mod

The Thursday game this week is going to be the Crash Squad mod. This will be the first time we have played this mod in a long time (other than the practice session on Tuesday).

Game details:-

Server : Newskool Crash Squad
IP :
Date : Thursday 9th March
Time : 9pm UK time
Maxclients : 18

You can download the new client files from here.

Just unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (kingpin/crash).

Please note that if you already have the current Crash client files then you will still be able to connect to the Crash server.

However you should rename the pak9 file that is in your crash folder to pak1.

The reason being is that the new client files are downloadable from the server and are in a pak1 file. If you don't already have a pak1 file in your crash folder it will download it.

This is a great and fun mod with a reasonable sized crowd so I hope you can all make it for a game :)

Btw the client files contain comprehensive info which I have also uploaded as a webpage here. 

Take note that there is a team radio where you csan send simple command mesaages to your team (cover me, follow me, I see them etc). To access the radio and seelct a command press F3.

Another long session today with a good crowd :)

Hopefully we will play the Crash mod again soon.





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V1.1 Power2 And CTF Server Files Released

Captain Death has now released the v1.1 server files for both the CTF and Power2 mods. The files are available in both Windows and Linux.

You can download the server files from Captain Death's site here:-



The server files do not contain the relevant CTF and Power2 maps so in order to run a server you will need to download the client files as well. The client files are also available from the links above.

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V1.51 Of XMAS Mod Released

has released an update of the XMAS Mod client files. The new version is v1.51.

The new version includes more new Christmas themed weapon and ammo skins and sounds.

You can download v1.51 XMAS mod client files from here.

Extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder after reading following instructions

If you are updating from the recently released v1.50 then just overwrite the files.

If you still have an older version then delete the xmas folder and install new version.

If you don't have the XMAS mod already installed just install latest version.





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New XMAS Mod Client Files Released

has now released v1.5 of the XMAS mod client files.

If you already have an xmas folder in Kingpin just delete it befroe installing the new version.

You can download v1.5 of the XMAS mod client from from here.

There are also two map-packs you can download:-

XMAS Bagman maps

XMAS Death Match maps

Just extract/unzip all files to your Kingpin folder.

Once you have downloaded and installed the files I suggest joining one of the Newskool XMAS mod servers to confirm everytihng is ok. If you experience any issues then post in the comments for this news post.

You can play bagman, death match and hitmen with the XMAS mod and word on the street is that some games will be scheduled shortly.





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Power2 Client Files Released

has now released the client files for the Power2 mod.

The files contain all you need to play on a Power2 mod server. The client files also contain all the available Power2 maps made so far.

For those who don't know Power2 is a team based capture and hold mod. Each map contains three control points which the two teams (Warriors and Rogues) must control to gain points and win the round.

You can download the Power2 mod client files from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder.

**If you already have a Power2 folder delete it before installing the new Power2 files**





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Force Mod Server

has just set up a server running the Force mod.

Server details:-

Server : KP Jedi Force Mod
IP :
Maxclients : 20
Admin : Macanah

Force mod is a mod created using some of the features from the game Jedi Knight 2 into a mod for Kingpin. All weapons have been removed and replaced with a saber that you start the game with.  In the Force mod the Thug, Bitch and Runt duke it out to the death with a combination of force powers and light saber combat.

Features include:-

* 3 Different Force Powers (push, pull and cloak)
* Built on Monkey Mod v1.40, for easy and secure server setup.
* High powered, high range Light Saber (no guns).
* Togglecam re-enabled
* All special engine features enabled (explosions, SP props, spawners)

There are four maps included in the Force mod files (Dual Carbon & Dual Pit by |AB|Mr.Knoxville and Team Jedi Beta & Jedi Arena by Whoop-ass). You can grab the files (which include files for running a Windows server) from here.

Just extracr/unzip files to your kingpin folder.



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Bloody's Place Hitmen Map

After getting some missing textures from I put together a zipfile for the Bloody's Place (siw.bsp) Hitmen map and uploaded it here.

Bloody's Place is a medium sized,multi level, Hitmen map which features some adult textures. It also includes ample armour but, sadly, no pistol mods.

It has one issue that the lower steps can't be walked up because the height btween each one is too high so you have to jump up them.

Other than that it is fine.

You can download Bloody's Place (siw.bsp) from here.



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Power2 Mod Update

Now that has included the grappling hook in the Power2 mod he is also adding a laser trail to the hook.

Some screens:-



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