Console Commands

Use these commands and variables in the console or a config file to completely customize Kingpin, troubleshoot problems with video or sound hardware, optimize performance, or make your own scripts. If you don't know how to get to the console, please read this.

Select the complete list (handy for searching for keywords using your browser, or for looking up a command or variable alphabetically), or any of the categorized lists from the links over to the left.

Variables are listed with their default values. Commands are listed without values, but some may have <required arguments> and/or [optional arguments], see the descriptions for valid arguments or values. If none are specified, it's a boolean variable, meaning it can be on (1) or off (0). Note that many video and sound changes will not take effect until you restart the video or sound system with vid_restart or snd_restart respectively.

The flags on some variables have the following meanings:
- (dash) command-line parameters - these variables can only be changed by loading the game with 'kingpin.exe +set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
+ set variable value', they will not work if entered directly into the console.
* saved variables - changes to these variables are saved between games by writing them to Kingpin/Main/config.cfg
S server variables - will be listed in the output of a serverinfo command
U user variables - will be listed in the output of a userinfo command
L locked variables - changes will not take effect until the map changes

All Console Commands:

Command arguments
- or -
Variable default value
+activate activate item in crosshairs
+attack fire current weapon
+back move backwards
+forward move forwards
+klook use keyboard to look around (see +mlook, +jlook)
+left turn left
+lookdown look down
+lookup look up
+mlook use mouse to look around (see +klook, +jlook)
+movedown move down
+moveleft strafe left
+moveright strafe right
+moveup move up
+right turn right
+speed walk if autorun enabled, else run
+strafe strafe modifier, direction keys strafe while this is held down
+use use item in crosshairs
adr0 "" multiplayer server address book entry 0 [Flags: *]
adr1 "" multiplayer server address book entry 1 [Flags: *]
adr2 "" multiplayer server address book entry 2 [Flags: *]
adr3 "" multiplayer server address book entry 3 [Flags: *]
adr4 "" multiplayer server address book entry 4 [Flags: *]
adr5 "" multiplayer server address book entry 5 [Flags: *]
adr6 "" multiplayer server address book entry 6 [Flags: *]
adr7 "" multiplayer server address book entry 7 [Flags: *]
adr8 "" multiplayer server address book entry 8 [Flags: *]
ai_debug_memory 0 allocate memory to ai debugging
alias <name> <"cmd1; cmd2; … cmdN"> create a new command with the name indicated that will perform the commands indicated. leave off name and commands to get a list of aliases in memory. quotes must surround multiple commands separated by semicolons.
allow_download 1 toggle automatic downlloading of all game files from multiplayer servers joined
allow_download_maps 1 toggle automatic downlloading of maps from multiplayer servers joined (in no case will maps inside .pak files be downloaded)
allow_download_models 1 toggle automatic downlloading of models from multiplayer servers joined
allow_download_players 1 toggle automatic downlloading of skins from multiplayer servers joined
allow_download_sounds 1 toggle automatic downlloading of sounds from multiplayer servers joined
basedir the path to the main/ directory if other than the current directory [Flags: -]
bind <key> <"cmd1; cmd2; … cmdN"> assign key or button to perform command(s) indicated (in quotes, separated by semicolons if more than one). Binding a key to a +command automatically binds RELEASE of that key to the corresponding -command. Valid list: ESCAPE, F1-F12, PAUSE, BACKSPACE, TAB, SEMICOLON, ENTER, SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, SPACE, INS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END, PGDN, UPARROW, DOWNARROW, LEFTARROW, RIGHTARROW, KP_SLASH, KP_MINUS, KP_PLUS, KP_ENTER, KP_5, KP_UPARROW, KP_LEFTARROW, KP_RIGHTARROW, KP_DOWNARROW, KP_HOME, KP_END, KP_PGUP, KP_PGDN, KP_INS, KP_DEL, MOUSE1-MOUSE3, AUX1-AUX32, JOY1-JOY4, MWHEELUP, MWHEELDOWN.
bindlist display all key and button bindings
bob_pitch 0.002 set amount view bobs up and down while moving
bob_roll 0.002 set amount view rolls left and right while moving
bob_up 0.005 set amount of time before moving makes the view bob and roll
burn_b 1.0 ? [Flags: *]
burn_enabled 0 ?
burn_g 1.0 ? [Flags: *]
burn_intensity 0.03 ? [Flags: *]
burn_pickcolor ?
burn_r 1.0 ? [Flags: *]
burn_size 48 ? [Flags: *]
cam_dist 45 set chase-cam distance behind player (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cam_pos display chase-cam position coordinates (see togglecam, cam_*)
cam_speed 5 set chase-cam tracking speed (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cam_zofs 30 set chase-cam height above player (see togglecam, cam_*) [Flags: *]
cashlimit 0 set amount of cash one team must get to change to the next map [Flags: S]
cd_loopcount 4 set the number of times that a looping CD track will play
cd_looptrack 6 set the CD track number to loop
cd_nocd 1 enable CD music [Flags: *]
cddir set location of the CD-ROM game files [Flags: -]
centerview center the view
changing internal command used by the server to alert clients of upcoming map change
cheats 0 enable cheats [Flags: SL]
cl_allow_downloads 0 enable download of files from multiplayer servers joined (client only) [Flags: *]
cl_anglespeedkey 1.5 set the +speed multiplier value for cl_forwardspeed, cl_sidespeed, and cl_upspeed
cl_autoskins 0 ?
cl_blend 1 enable pallette-blending effects (lighting change when shot, underwater, etc.) 0 may increase FPS
cl_bloodtime 10 set time before blood splats disappear (lower, or 0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
cl_captions 1 enable voice captions in single-player cutscenes [Flags: *]
cl_entities 1 enable display of entities (see cl)_testentities)
cl_fireworks 3 enable fireworks (special effects) display, 0 - 3, higher is prettier and slower [Flags: *]
cl_footsteps 1 enable footstep sounds
cl_forwardspeed 160 set maximum forward or backward movement speed (cannot exceed server max)
cl_gun 1 enable display of the player gun model (set to 0 to increase FPS a bit)
cl_lights 1 enable dynamic lighting (set to 0 to increase FPS, see cl_testlights)
cl_maxfps 31 set the maximum frames-per-second (FPS) -- higher FPS requires more bandwidth, lowering it can reduce lag
cl_nodelta 0 disable delta compression (only use if you get network errors online -- will slow netplay)
cl_noskins 0 disable use of custom skins on other players in multiplayer (0=enable skins, 1=disable skins, 2=enable skins, but do not download new ones from the server) -- 1 may improve lag and FPS
cl_parental_lock 0 enable parental content-control lock [Flags: -]
cl_parental_override 0 enable parental content-control override [Flags: -]
cl_particles 1 enable particle display (sparks, splats) see cl_testparticles (0 may increase FPS)
cl_physical_memory 128 display system RAM quantity (in MB) [Flags: -]
cl_pitchspeed 150 set the speed that keyboard keys change view pitch (look up and down)
cl_predict 1 enable client-side prediction (attempts to compensate for lag by predicting player movements)
cl_rearviewmirror 0 enable rear-view mirror display (for the incomplete vehicle mode, see g_vehicle_test)
cl_run 1 enable always-run mode (hold +speed key to walk) [Flags: *]
cl_showmiss 0 enable display of missed predictions (see cl_predict) -- may want to turn off cl_predict if many
cl_shownet 0 enable display of network packet latency information -- turn on while tweaking net settings (see also netgraph)
cl_sidespeed 160 set maximum sideways (strafing) movement speed (max not exceed server max)
cl_stats 0 enable map statistics display
cl_stereo 0 enable stereoscopic display mode (for 3D-glasses, see cl_stereo_separation)
cl_stereo_separation 0.4 set stereoscopic display mode separation value (see cl_stereo) [Flags: *]
cl_testblend 0 enable pallet blending display test
cl_testentities 0 enable entity test (see cl_entities)
cl_testlights 0 enable dynamic lighting test (see cl_lights)
cl_testparticles 0 enable particle system test (see cl_particles)
cl_timeout 120 set time (in seconds) for clients to wait for packets before disconnecting (how long of a lag spell it takes to dro pfrom the server)
cl_upspeed 200 set speed for moving up and down (may not exceed server max)
cl_vwep 1 enable visible weapon models on other players (0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
cl_yawspeed 140 set keyboard key turning speed
clear clear the console screen
cmd <cmd> <args> another way of executing a command -- no effective difference than omitting the 'cmd' part
cmdlist print a list of commands to the console
con_autosize 0 enable console autosizing
con_highres 0 enable high-resolution console text [Flags: *]
con_notifytime 3 set time console messages stay on screen
con_scale 1 set scale multiplier for con_highres [Flags: *]
condump <file> write the contents of the console history to the file Kingpin/Main/file.txt
connect <ip:port> connect to a sever at ip address and (optional) port indicated (i.e.
coop 0 enable cooperative play mode (buggy) [Flags: L]
crosshair 1 enable crosshairs (0=off; 1, 2, 3 = different crosshair types) [Flags: *]
cvarlist display a list of variables and their values to the console (flags: *=setting is saved in config.cfg between games, U=user variable shown in output of userinfo or dumpuser commands, S=server variable, shows up in serverinfo command output, L=Locked for current map, changes will not take effect until next map change, - = may only be changed from the command line (i.e. kingpin.exe -cmd)
deathmatch 0 enable deatchmatch multiplayer mode (as opposed to teamplay) [Flags: L]
debuggraph 0 enable debug graph display
dedicated 0 enable dedicated-server mode (as opposed to listen-server mode) -- dedicated server is faster, but has no graphical display, cannot be played locally [Flags: -]
demomap <filename> play pre-recorded demo in file filename.dem (see record, stop)
developer 1 enable developer mode (display more verbose information, allow console and screw-up in-game scripted sequences in single-player :)
dir <path> <mask> display list of files on the disk where Kingpin is installed, relative to Kingpin/Main (use mask of *.* for all files)
disconnect disconnect from a server or local game
dm_locational_damage 1 enable locational damage in multiplayer mode (different damage for head, torso, leg hits) [Flags: *]
dmflags 784 deathmatch settings, contains the sum of ALL the active optionns' values: 1=no health, 2=no powerups, 4=weapons stay, 8=no fall damage, 16=instand powerups, 32=same map, 64=teams by skin, 128=teams by model, 256=no friendly fire, 512=spawn farthest, 1024=force respawn, 2048=no armor, 4096=allow exit, 8192=infinite ammo, 16384=quad drop, 32768=fixed FOV (no zoom) [Flags: *S]
download <file> download file specified from server, path is relative to Kingpin/Main (i.e. download models/actors/bitch/body_001.tga)
drop <item> drop item from player inventory (in multiplayer, only works if instant powerups is disabled, see dmflags)
dumpuser <userid> display information on a user (client connected to the server), shows all 'U' variables with values
echo <text> display text to the console (not seen by other players in multiplayer)
error <text> quit the game and return the text (error message, I suppose) indicated
exec <file> execute a script file (.cfg and .rc extensions are common, but not required)
extracrispy cause everyone in view to burst into flames
extras 1000 Display or set which "extras" your player has on (hat, cigar, etc.). There are 4 digits in the variable after set extras: For male models: 1st digit (hats): 0=none, 1=cap, 2=fedora, 3=stetson; 2nd digit (cigar): 0=no cigar, 1=cigar; 3rd and 4th digits do nothing (shown as N/A on player setup). For female models: 1st digit (cigar)): 0=no cigar, 1=cigar; 2nd, 3rd and 4th digits do nothing (shown as N/A on player setup) (Thanks Chris Preedy aka Slipscream!) [Flags: *U]
filterban 1 enable the banlist (0=only allow ip addresses in list to join, 1=only allow ip addresses NOT in list to join)
fixedtime 0 enable forced display of all game frames (slows the game as needed to render frames that would have otherwise been skipped)
flood_msgs 4 set the number of messages a player must send (in flood_persecond time) to be considered flooding
flood_persecond 4 set the time (in seconds) that a player can send flood_msgs before being considered to be flooding
flood_waitdelay 10 set the time (in seconds) that a player cannot send any messages after flooding
fov 90 field-of-view (in degrees). Default is 90, lower is zoomed-in, higher is fish-eye'd out [Flags: *U]
fraglimit 0 the score that will cause a map change when any player achieves it [Flags: S]
freelook 1 toggle using forward/back controls to look up and down [Flags: *]
g_cashspawndelay 5 ? [Flags: *L]
g_select_empty 0 ? [Flags: *]
g_vehicle_test 0 enable vehicle test mode (0 is off, 1, 2, 3 give different vehicles) [Flags: L]
game set directory to look for additional game files (besides Kingpin/Main) [Flags: SL]
gamedate "Jun 18 1999" display the date of the game dll code [Flags: SL]
gamemap <map> restart (or start) a server running the indicated map (map.bsp)
gamename main the internal name of the game code dll [Flags: SL]
gender male set player gender [Flags: *U]
gender_auto 1 enable automatic player gender selection based on player model [Flags: *]
give <item> [qty] give inventory item(s) to player (optional quantity may be number or 'all' for max allowed), item names are the same as those listed in the inventory screen in-game
gl_3dlabs_broken 1 enable special video code for 3DLabs video cards [Flags: *]
gl_allow_software 0 enable software-rendering of OpenGL funstions not performed by available hardware
gl_bitdepth 0 enable 16-bit textures
gl_clear 0 enable screen-clearing between frames (useful when flying outside map in building/testing)
gl_cull 1 enable culling (NOT rendering obscured objects) disabling will reduce FPS
gl_drawbuffer GL_BACK set name of display buffer
gl_driver 3dfxgl display the name of the OpenGL .dll file [Flags: *]
gl_dynamic 1 enable dynamic lighting (0 may increase FPS)
gl_ext_compiled_vertex_array 1 enable compiled vertex arrays (try both 0 and 1 to see which is better) [Flags: *]
gl_ext_multitexture 1 enable multiple texture processor support (leave on if your video card supports it) [Flags: *]
gl_ext_palettedtexture 0 enable texture-specific color palettes [Flags: *]
gl_ext_pointparameters 1 enable point parameter file support [Flags: *]
gl_ext_swapinterval 1 enable frame-swapping pause interval [Flags: *]
gl_finish 1 enable calling OpenGL gl_finish() function after each frame is rendered [Flags: *]
gl_flashblend 0 enable blending of lighting effects onto the map objects (0 will increase FPS)
gl_fog 0 enable fog (0 will increase FPS) [Flags: *]
gl_lightmap 0 enable static lighting test mode (no textures, just lights)
gl_lockpvs 0 enable lock on PVS table (useful with gl_clear in map-making and debugging)
gl_log 0 enable logging of OpenGL commands to Kingpin/Main/gl.log (warning: will get huge fast)
gl_maxtexsize 256 set maximum texture size (lower may increase FPS on some video cards) [Flags: *]
gl_mode 0 set screen resolution (0=320x200, 1=400x300, 2=512x384, 3=640x480, 4=800x600, 5=960x720, 6=1024x768, 7=1152x864, 8=1280x960, 9=1600x1200), lower will increase FPS [Flags: *U]
gl_modulate 2.1 sets the brightness of dynamic lights on textures (greater than 1 is lighter, less than 1 is darker) [Flags: *]
gl_monolightmap 0 enable monochromatic light map test mode (no textures)
gl_nobind 0 enable binding textures to triangles
gl_nosubimage 0 enable subimages (rendering feature)
gl_particle_att_a 0.01 set intensity of particle type A [Flags: *]
gl_particle_att_b 0.0 set intensity of particle type B [Flags: *]
gl_particle_att_c 0.01 set intensity of particle type C [Flags: *]
gl_particle_max_size 40 set the maximum size of particle type A [Flags: *]
gl_particle_min_size 2 set the maximum size of particle type B [Flags: *]
gl_particle_size 40 set the maximum size of particle type C [Flags: *]
gl_picmip 0 set the scaling factor by which to shrink textures (higher numbers increase FPS, but look poorer, over 2 is very bad)
gl_playermip 0 set the scaling factor by which to shrink player skins (higher numbers increase FPS, but look poorer, over 2 is very bad)
gl_polyblend 1 enable flash/blending effect when injured or under water (0 will increase FPS)
gl_reflections 1 enable reflections (not used?)
gl_round_down 1 enable rounding down of texture sizes to next-lower power of 2 (set to 0 to round up, may look better, but will decrease FPS)
gl_saturatelighting 0 enable full saturation level on all lights
gl_shadows 0 enable shadows (1 will decrease FPS) [Flags: *]
gl_showtris 0 enable display of triangles that make up the display (wireframe mode), OpenGL only, won't work on 3DFX cards.
gl_skymip 0 enable mipmap sky graphics
gl_specular 1 enable specular lighting effects (0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
gl_strings display OpenGL string information
gl_swapinterval 0 display delay between video buffer swaps [Flags: *]
gl_test_specular 0 enable specular lighting test mode
gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST sets texture rendering mode: GL_NEAREST = nearest-neighbor interpolation (looks like software mode with colored lighting); GL_LINEAR = linear interpolation (blurs textures that are too close). GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST = nearest-neighbor interpolation with mipmapping (blurs textures that are too far away). GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST = linear interpolation with mipmapping; GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR =nearest-neighbor interpolation with mipmapping (for trilinear hardware); GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR = linear interpolation with mipmapping for trilinear hardware. (The later ones in the list look better, but are slower) [Flags: *]
gl_vertex_arrays 0 enable vertex array support (compare 0 and 1) [Flags: *]
gl_ztrick 1 enable z-buffer clearing between frames (0 will increase FPS, but may cause flickering)
graphheight 32 set graph heights (such as netgraph)
graphscale 1 set graph vertical scale (such as netgraph)
graphshift 0 set graph vertical offset (such as netgraph)
gun_model <file> use to view weapon model and animation frames
gun_next display the next gun model animation frame and number
gun_prev display the previous gun model animation frame and number
gun_x -3 set player gun model x-coordinate
gun_y 0 set player gun model y-coordinate
gun_z 3 set player gun model z-coordinate
hand 0 set player handedness (0=right, 1=left, 2=center but no gun model shown) [Flags: *U]
heartbeat send a heartbeat signal to master server
host_speeds 0 display server timing info (sv=server, gm=game, cl=client, rf=renderer)
hostname set the server name (what appears in server browser lists) [Flags: *S]
hud toggle through heads-up-display types
hudguys 1 enable display of players on HUD [Flags: *]
hudtalk 1 enable display of talk icons on the HUD [Flags: *]
imagelist display loaded image types [M (model), P (player HUD), S (sprite), W (wall)], sizes (x, y, in pixels), and pallette type [RGB/PAL, PAL=internal pallette]
immortal enable god mode (invincibility)
impulse send a special impulse command to the server (used to add game features, none known yet)
in_initjoy 1 enable joystick initialization (set to 0 if you don't use a joystick to save a bit of RAM) [Flags: -]
in_initmouse 1 enable mouse initialization (set to 0 if you don't use a mouse to save a bit of RAM) [Flags: -]
in_joystick 0 enable joystick input use (set to 0 if you don't use a joystick to save a bit of RAM) [Flags: *]
in_mouse 1 enable mouse input use (set to 0 if you don't use a mouse to save a bit of RAM) [Flags: *]
info display server information (use serverinfo instead)
intensity 2 set OpenGL brightness
invdrop drop currently selected inventory item (see inven, invnext, invprev)
inven display inventory (see inven, invnext, invprev)
invnext select next inventory item (see inven, invnext, invprev)
invprev select previous inventory item (see inven, invnext, invprev)
invuse drop currently selected inventory item (see inven, invnext, invprev)
joy_advanced 0 enable advanced joystick support
joy_advancedupdate initialize advanced joystick support
joy_advaxisr 0 map joystick r-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_advaxisu 0 map joystick u-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_advaxisv 0 map joystick v-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_advaxisx 0 map joystick x-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_advaxisy 0 map joystick y-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_advaxisz 0 map joystick z-axis to: 0=nothing, 1=forward/back, 2=pitch, 3=strafe, 4=yaw (add 16 to one of those values and use the sum for relative mapping)
joy_forwardsensitivity -1 set joystick sensitivity for forward/back movement
joy_forwardthreshold 0.15 set threshold for forward/back movement (increase to help centering/constant motion problems)
joy_name joystick set joystick name
joy_pitchsensitivity 1 set joystick sensitivity for looking up/down
joy_pitchthreshold 0.15 set threshold for looking up/down (increase to help centering/constant motion problems)
joy_sidesensitivity -1 set joystick sensitivity for strafing
joy_sidethreshold 0.15 set threshold for strafing (increase to help centering/constant motion problems)
joy_upsensitivity -1 set joystick sensitivity for moving up/down
joy_upthreshold 0.15 set threshold for moving up/down (increase to help centering/constant motion problems)
joy_yawsensitivity -1 set joystick sensitivity for turning right/left
joy_yawthreshold 0.15 set threshold for turning right/left (increase to help centering/constant motion problems)
kick <userid or username> remove client from the server (see filterban)
kill commit suicide (useful if you get stuck somewere)
killserver shut down the server (server op only), but do not exit console (useful for changing mods remotely)
link <from_path> <to_path> add the <to_path> shown to the list of directories that the game looks for files in <from_path>, use "" for path to clear
load <savename> load a saved game
loading internal command used to show the "loading" screen
log_stats 0 enable logging of map statistics
logfile 0 enable console message logging (0=off, 1=buffered log, overwritten on server restart, 2=continuous log, overwritten on server restart, 3=continuous log, appended (never overwritten)
lookspring 0 enable automatic screen-centering when +mlook deactivated [Flags: *]
lookstrafe 0 enable look direction keys to strafe when using +mlook [Flags: *]
m_forward 1 set sensitivity for moving forward/back with the mouse
m_interpolate 1 enable mouse interpolation, or smoothing (see m_filter) [Flags: *]
m_pitch -0.022000 set sensitivity for looking up/down with the mouse (negative inverts y-axis) [Flags: *]
m_side 0.8 set sensitivity for strafing with the mouse
m_yaw 0.022 set sensitivity for turning left/right with the mouse
map <file> load a map (.bsp assumed if no extension on file), a demo (if .dm2 extentsion used), or a picture (if .pcx or .tga extension used)
map_noareas 0 ?
mapname logo.tga display current map name (or logo.tga if no map loaded) [Flags: S-]
maxclients 1 set maximum number of clients that can play on the server at any one time [Flags: SL]
maxentities 2048 set maximum number of entities allowed on a map [Flags: L]
menu_addressbook display multiplayer server address book menu
menu_credits display game credits
menu_dmoptions display deathmatch options menu
menu_game display single-player game menu
menu_joinserver display join server (gangbang) menu
menu_keys display key controls menu
menu_loadgame display load game menu
menu_main display main menu
menu_multiplayer display multiplayer (gangbang) menu
menu_options display options menu (video, audio)
menu_playerconfig display player configuration menu
menu_quit display quit menu
menu_savegame display save game menu
menu_startserver display start server menu
menu_video display video options menu
messagemode prompt for a chat message to sent to the screen of all players on the server
messagemode2 prompt for a chat message to sent to the screen of only your teammates on the server
mfilter 1 enable mouse filtering (see m_interpolate)
modellist display information about loaded models, sprites, and maps
msg 1 enable message display (0=all, 1=most, 2=some, 3=few, 4=no messages) [Flags: *U]
name randy set player name (appears in scoreboard) [Flags: *U]
nav_aipath 0 ? [Flags: *]
nav_debug 0 ?
nav_dynamic 0 ?
nav_optimize 1000 ?
net_origin_offset 1 ?
net_shownet 0 ?
netgraph 0 enable network condition graph (green bar height indicates ping, lower is better; red/yellow represents packet-loss/lag, fewer is better) -- enable this while you tweak rate or any oher setting to see what works best for you
nextserver "" set the alias name for looping demos. for example, to loop demos "a.dm2" and "b.dm2" repeatedly: 'alias d1 "demomap a; set nextserver d2" ; alias d2 "demomap b; set nextserver d1" ' -- then just d1 or d2 to start looping from that demo (may be extended to loop any number of demos).
noclip toggle clipping (allows walking through walls, flying when active)
noipx 0 enable IPX networking protocol [Flags: -]
notarget make enemies ignore player
noudp 0 enable UDP TCP/IP networking protocol [Flags: -]
parental_password "" set parental content control password
password "" set server password required for clients to join the server (none or "" disables password) [Flags: U]
patch_create used for creating game update patches (record changes in the executable code)
patch_snapshot used for creating game update patches (record changes in the executable code)
patch_snapshotfile ..\snapshot.txt set the directory used for creating game update patches (record changes in the executable code) [Flags: *]
path display current search path
pause pause game
paused 0 enable pause mode
pingservers display pings (and other info) for servers in the serverlist
play <file> play a sound file (.wav assumed, path is relative to Kingpin/Main/sounds)
precache load all files before beginning play on a new map
prog ?
props 1 enable in-game props (0 may increase FPS in single-player) [Flags: *]
protocol 32 display game protocol version [Flags: S-]
public 1 enable listing server in the master server list (for server browsers to find, see setmaster)
qport 10869 display the random protocol port for NAT (network address translator) proxies [Flags: -]
quit exit to windows without confirmation
r_debug_lighting 0 enable lighting debug mode
r_detail_alpha 0.2 set detail reduction coefficient [Flags: *]
r_detail_dist 256 set detail reduction distance (higher may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
r_detail_scale 8.0 set detail reduction scale factor (higher may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
r_directional_lighting 1 enable directional lighting effects (0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
r_drawentities 1 enable display of map entities
r_drawworld 1 enable display of map architecture and sky
r_fullbright 0 enable maximum exture brighness
r_lerpmodels 1 enable player model movement prediction
r_lightflares 1 enable lens flare effects (0 may increase FPS) [Flags: *]
r_lightlevel 0 ?
r_nocull 0 disable skipping rendering on hidden objects (1 will decrease FPS and render all objects, hidden or not)
r_norefresh 0 enable video display refreshing
r_novis 0 disable map bsp vis tables
r_painskins 2 set pain skins level (0=none, 1=some, 2=all), lower may increase FPS [Flags: *]
r_sfx_pause 0 ?
r_showbbox 0 enable display of player bounding-box
r_speeds 0 enable rendering speed running display (including FPS), see timerefresh, timedemo
rate 18000 set the maximum bytes-per-second that the server can send data to the client -- enable the netgraph and try different values to find the best. Starting points: 28.8k/33.6 = 2100-3500, 56k = 3000 - 5000, for T1, cable, DSL, LAN: up to 20000 or so [Flags: *U]
rcon [password] <command> execute a command on a server remotely (from a client). If the variable rcon_password is set to the same password as the server, the password can be omitted. Example: rcon password "map kpdm1"
rcon_address "" set address to send rcon commands
rcon_password "" set the remote console (rcon) password
reconnect reconnect to the current server
record <file> start recording a demo to file.dm2 (map must already be loaded), use 'stop' to stop recording, demoname to playback
run_pitch 0.002 set amount player view tilts up and down while moving
run_roll 0.005 set amount player view tilts side-to-side while moving
s_initsound 1 enable sound card (0 disables all sounds)
s_khz 22 set sound sampling rate, options are 11 and 22. 22 sounds better, but may decrease performance [Flags: *]
s_loadas8bit 0 force lower-qiality (8-bit) sound samples (1 may improve performance) [Flags: *]
s_mixahead .20 set sound mixing delay -- use higher numbers to fix stuttering problems [Flags: *]
s_primary 0 enable DirectSound primary sound buffer, 1 may improve performance a bit, but also may not work [Flags: *]
s_reverb_count 4 set number of times reverberating sounds repeat and fade (lower or 0 may improve perfomance)
s_reverb_delay 1500 set delay between repeats of reverberating sounds
s_reverb_test 0 enable reverb sound test mode
s_reverb_volscale 0.4 set amount that reverberating sound volumes diminish on each repeat
s_show 0 enable display of list of currently playing sounds
s_testsound 0 enable test sound tone
s_volume 1 set sound sample playback volume [Flags: *]
s_wavonly 0 force game to only play .wav sound samples
save <file> save the current game (1p only, see load)
say <text> send a text message to the screens of all players on the server, only required in script files, since anything you type at the console (that isn't another command) will be sent out as a 'say' message (see messagemode)
say_team send a text message to the screens of teammate players on the server (useful in scripts, see also messagemode2)
scr_centertime 2.5 set time duration that messages will stay in the center of the screen
scr_conspeed 3 set the console opening/closing speed
scr_drawall 0 enable extended character set display on the console
scr_hud 2 set hud type (0=off, 1=partial, 2=full) see HUD
scr_printspeed 8 set the console scroll speed
scr_showpause 1 enable the "pause" screen display
scr_showturtle 0 enable the slow-framerate warning icon
screenshot capture the current screen and save to Kingpin/Main/Scrnshot/KingpinXXX.tga, XXX increments with each screenshot
sensitivity 6 set mouse sensitivity [Flags: *]
serverinfo display server information (contents of all S-flagged variables), server admins can make their own S variables (see set command) to report more info to server browsers. Commonly used additional S variables are: admin, email, location.
serverrecord <file> begin recording a demo including the view information for ALL players, use serverstop to quit recording (see record, stop, demomap) -- the demo cannot be played back unless it is split into separate view files
serverstop stop recording a server demo (see serverrecord, record, stop, demomap)
set <var> <value> [flag] set the value of a variable (or create a new variable with the given value and flags). 'set' itself is not required unless creating a new variable. Flags are 'S' to make variable appear in serverinfo list and 'U' to make variable appear in userinfo list. Common variables used by server admins to provide more info to server browsers (give them the 'S' flag) are: admin, email, location
setenv set operating-system environment variables from within the game (such as the old FX_GLIDE_XXX variables for Voodoo1 tweaking)
setmaster <ip1> [ip2] . . . set the ip address(es) of the master server lists (up to 7 allowed) to register this server with (so it will appear in server browsers) -- if no ip give, will register with the default masterserver
showclamp 0 enable diplay of network clamping information
showdrop 0 enable display of dropped network packet info
showlights 0 enable light-ray display (shows direction of all light sources)
showpackets 0 enable display of network packet info
showtrace 0 enable display of packet tracing info
sizedown shrink the view screen (will increase FPS if your video card will let it shrink)
sizeup enlarge the view screen (will decrease FPS if your video card will let it grow more)
skill 1 set single-player difficulty level (0 easy, 3 real) [Flags: L]
skin "male_thug/001 001 001" set the player model and skin (model names are the directory names in Kingpin/Main/Players, such as female_chick, male_runt, male_thug), the skin numbers set the head, body, and leg skins from one of the Kingpin/Main/Models directories, which one is listed in skinfolder.txt in each model directory) [Flags: *U]
skins display skin information for each player on the server
sky <name> [rot] [x] [y] [z] set the sky texture (name), and rotation speed (rot) and axes (xyz)
snd_restart restart the sound system, required for most sound setting variables to take effect
soundinfo display number of: stereo channels, samples, samplebits, speed, DMA, and sound channels
soundlist display list of all loaded sounds
soundlistout apparenttly does nothing
status list the server current map, and for each client list: user#, frags, name, frame rate, frame latency, ping, drop %
stop stop recording a demo started with record
stopsound stop playing current sound
sv <command> execute a server command (only from rcon or server console), even hacked (added) commands. Examples: addip adds an ip address to the banlist, listip lists addresses on the banlist, remove removes an address from the banlist, writeip writes the banlist to listip.cfg
sv_enforcetime 0 enable enforcing time synchronization between the server and clients
sv_gravity 800 set server world gravity (lower is less gravity, higher jumps, etc.)
sv_maxvelocity 2000 set the maximum velocity for any moving object on the server
sv_noreload 0 disable reloading of all game data on map changes (1 may kick players, slow map changes)
sv_reconnect_limit 3 set maximum number of times a client may reconnect to the server [Flags: *]
sv_rollangle 0 set maximum roll angle (unused)
sv_rollspeed 200 set maximum roll speed (unused)
sv_runscale 1.0 set movement speed scaling factor
sw_mode 0 set the screen resolution for software rendering mode (unsupported)
sw_stipplealpha 0 enable stippling effect to simulate transparent textures in software rendering mode (not supported) [Flags: *]
teamplay 0 enable teamplay mode in multiplayer (i.e. bagman) [Flags: L]
timedemo <file> 0 play the pre-recorded demo in file.dm2 at full speed and report average FPS (buggy?)
timegraph 0 enable time graph
timelimit 0 set the time (in minutes) between server map changes (assuming cashlimit is not attained first) [Flags: S]
timeout 125 set the number of seconds to wait for ectivity before disconnecting
timerefresh [arg] If no [arg] given, will spin view in place and report average FPS for the 128 frames required for the full spin (FPS = 128 / time_required_to_spin). see timedemo, r_speeds
timescale 1 set the relative relationship between game and real time (may be used to play demos in slow motion, or to mess with players on your server :)
togglecam toggle chase-cam mode (see cam_*)
togglechat see toggleconsole
toggleconsole toggle display of the console screen for sending chat messages or commands
unbind <key> remove previously set bind command for the given key
unbindall remove all key bindings (see bindlist, unbind, bind)
use <item> use an inventory item (instead of the invuse, invnext, invprev method)
userinfo display client information, including all U-flagged variables and their values
v_centermove 0.15 set view minimum off-center distance for autocentering
v_centerspeed 500 set view autocentering speed
verbose 0 enable verbose messages [Flags: *]
version 1.00 x86 Jun 18 1999 Win32 RELEASE display build version and exe date/timestamp [Flags: S-]
vid_front force the video display to use the front (instead of back) buffer
vid_fullscreen 1 enable full-screen video mode [Flags: *]
vid_gamma 1 set video gamma level [Flags: *]
vid_ref gl display name of the video rendering driver [Flags: *]
vid_restart restart the video rendering system, many video tweaking variables will not take effect until this command is executed
vid_xpos 3 set the game view screen x-position [Flags: *]
vid_ypos 22 set the game view screen y-position [Flags: *]
viewpos display player position: x, y, z (elevation), and x-angle (facing direction)
viewsize 100 set the game view screen size [Flags: *]
voice_test 1.0 ?
wait pause for 1 tick in an alias or script
wave <n> make player perform special taunt animation in multiplayer
weapnext select the next weapon in the inventory (relative to the currently selected weapon)
weapprev select the previous weapon in the inventory (relative to the currently selected weapon)
win_noalttab 0 disable ALT-TAB switching from game to desktop [Flags: *]
z_stats display z-buffer memory statistics
zombietime 2 set time (in minutes) before a frozen player is dropped from the server

FREDZ | Thursday 03 March 2016 - 02:28
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