Setting AI Navigation

You carefully crafted your custom SP addon for Kingpin. Mapping, texturing, lighting...Everything looks fine, but when testing the maps, a major problem occurs: AI casts behave strangely. They run in circles, they can hardly follow the player, they can't climb stairs. Henchmen are nothing but millstones and fighting sequences are just inefficient and boring.

It's all about Navigation Nodes, a network of beacons spread throughout the maps and used by AI casts for orientation.

How to?

Setting Navigation Nodes is fairly simple since Kingpin will do most of the job for you.

  1. Run a map.
  2. Open the console and type these two commands: nav_debug 1 and nav_dynamic 1
  3. Roam the map entirely. Go everywhere, climb ladders, open doors, etc...
  4. Leave the map.

Kingpin has just created a navdata directory and a xxx.nav file, with xxx as your map name.

And now let's play again the map and enjoy the difference! AI casts work perfectly. Henchmen follow without hesitation and above all, the game can reveal its full potential in fighting sequences. According to their moral, enemies can be fast, dauntless and merciless. They will chase the player without delay and harass him until death.


FREDZ | Wednesday 20 November 2019 - 01:27
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