Console Intro

Complete descriptions of the console commands and variables are now available (in handy categorized lists and a complete alphabetical list for reference). Check out the Console categories page for descriptions of the categories, or just click any of the category links on the left (under Console Help -- yeah, the ones that weren't there when you were on the main page).

One way to get the console to work, is to edit the text file kingpin/main/autoexec.cfg and add this line:

set developer 1

Then you'll be able to open (or close) the console with the ~ key (that's a TILDE, and it's on the key on the upper-left of your keyboard, under ESCAPE, with the wiggly line and the left-tic on it!) Note that in some foreign versions, such as the British release of Kingpin, the console will not work unless you edit the autoexec.cfg as described above and add +developer 1 to the Kingpin shortcut If, for some reason, that doesn't work, edit kingpin/main/autoexec.cfg and add the line:

bind ~ "toggleconsole"

How to edit a text file like autoexec.cfg

Here are extremely detailed instructions for editing a text file, including how to add developer 1 to your Kingpin autoexec.cfg file:

  1. Run notepad by selecting it from your Start button (Programs -> Acessories -> Notepad).
  2. If, for some reason, notepad is not there, open the Run dialog box (Start -> Run), type in "notepad" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
  3. When notepad opens, select File -> Open, and browse to your Kingpin directory. Click the "Files of Type" box at the bottom of the Open dialog box and select "All Files".
  4. Find the Kingpin/Main folder, select the autoexec.cfg file (you may just see "autoexec"), and select Open.
  5. Type the following line into the file -- it dosn't matter where, just make sure it's on a line all by itself: developer 1
  6. Select File -> Save, and then close notepad.
  7. You should now be all set, but don't forget that enabling developer mode as you just did is very likely to mess up the single-player game. For example, doors that are supposed to open once a certain enemy is dead may not (or worse). If you're still playing the single-player game, I suggest NOT enabling developer mode (delete that line altogether, or just change it to developer 0).

FREDZ | Thursday 03 March 2016 - 02:20
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