Rafael Paiz 2004

March 2004 on www.gamedesign.net
A = Rafael Paiz (Lead Programmer)
Q = Yan Ostretsov aka Method

Q: Please tell us about yourself and how you got into gaming business?

A: My gaming career started in the early 90’s when I was in Miami I worked for a company called Capstone that later became Intracorp. During the time I was there I made several games Corridor 7, Operation Body Count, Witchaven to name a few.

Q: Did you enjoy working on Kingpin:Life of Crime?

A: Working at Xatrix was the best time I ever had making games, there was just a special kind of magic while I was there. The entire team was very dedicated and we were able to create several great games.

Q: How different was working on Kingpin from other games you made?

A: Working on Kingpin was fairly similar to other games I had made, the major difference in Kingpin was that in the area of AI as enemies were no longer mindless chunks of meat but bad ass MOFO’s.

Q: What was the best part of working on KP?

A: Well naturally the best part about working on Kingpin was that we used the Quake II engine. This helped simplify the amount of technology I had to create allowing most of my time to be devoted to content creation.

Q:Was there any specific story you followed in Kingpin?

A: There were several stories that we used to get cool material and ideas, however for the most part we wanted from the beginning to make a game where the player could play as a bad guy.

Q: Do you still play Kingpin?

A: Not too often however I’m glad to see that the user community is still playing and that the tools we released are being used to come out with some very cool mods.

Q: Do you have any tips or suggestions for a future game designers?

A: Yes I do! For God’s sake get away from the computer for a couple of hours and get some Sun :)

Q: Would you like to add something else?

A: I would like to thank everyone that signed the petition to make a sequel for Kingpin. It’s things like that that make the long difficult hours working on a project like Kingpin worth it. Thanks everyone.

FREDZ | Tuesday 15 January 2019 - 02:41
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