QERadiant Sky


Sky is very important, it helps create an atmosphere in our maps and is very easy to change to your liking even while in game.

Step 1:

Find a sky you like by typing 'sky xx' in console, xx being one of the skies below while in game test running your map.

Crystal Palace

CP - Crystal Palace
A nice night sky with fog on the bottem instead of water.


HL - Half-Life
A good color that will match any rain map.


PV - Poisonville
To be used in dock type maps or if it is raining even harder.

Radio City

RC - Radio City
A nice night time sky map with buildings in the distance on other sides.

Skid Row

SR - Skid Row
The default sky map, use this only if you really want to because it is seen too often.

Steel Town

ST - Steel Town
As seen in steeltown maps when the sun goes down that gives off a beautiful orange/red color.

Train Yards

TY - Train Yards
Similer to RC, but a little brighter.

Use the key and value chart below for a worldspawn brush that will set all 0sky textures to the sky used.

Sky Entity

Use the two letter initial of a map of your choice.

FREDZ | Tuesday 19 December 2017 - 02:14
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