QDT Sprites List

Created this list mainly out of ref_gl.dll by FREDZ

0.		Blood (Called SFX_SPRITE_SURF_BLOOD1 in code)
		Texture: sprites/blood1.tga
1.		Bullet Hole (Called SFX_SPRITE_SURF_BULLET1 in code)
		Texture: sprites/bullet1.tga
2.		Riple (Called SFX_SPRITE_SURF_RIPPLE in code)
		Texture: sprites/ripple.tga
5.		Blood Pool (Called SFX_SPRITE_SURF_BLOOD_POOL in code)
		Texture: sprites/bld_pl.tga
6.		Blood Splat
		Texture: sprites/bld_spt.tga
7.		Blood Drop
		Texture: sprites/bld_dr.tga
8.		Smoke Small (Used for for cast_runt cigar)
		Texture: sprites/smoke_sm.tga
9.		Fire
		Texture: sprites/fire.tga
10.		Carona
		Texture: sprites/corona.tga
16.		Same as 9.
17.		Carona Amber
		Texture: sprites/corona_a.tga
18.		Carona Red
		Texture: sprites/corona_r.tga
19.		Carona Green
		Texture: sprites/corona_g.tga
20.		Carona Blue
		Texture: sprites/corona_b.tga
21.		Rain
		Texture: sprites/rain.tga
22.		Smoke Small R (Red? but is not red, unfisched texture)
		Texture: sprites/smoke_sm_r.tga
23.		Sniper 1c (Missing texture)
		Texture: sprites/sniper1c.tga
24.		Sniper 2 (Missing texture)
		Texture: sprites/sniper2.tga
25.		Same as 2.
71.		Blood 1
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1.tga
72.		Blood 1b
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1b.tga
73.		Blood 1c
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1c.tga
74.		Blood 1d
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1d.tga
75.		Blood 1e
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1e.tga
76.		Blood 1f
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1f.tga
77.		Blood 1g
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1g.tga
78.		Blood 1h
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1h.tga
79.		Blood 1i
		Texture: sprites/blood/blood1i.tga
80.		Muzzle flash 3
		Texture: sprites/muzz3.tga
100.		Muzzle flash HMG (Used for HMG)
		Texture: sprites/muzzhmg.tga
101.		Muzzle flash 1 (Used for Pistol)
		Texture: sprites/muzz1.tga
102.		Muzzle flash 2 (Used for Tommygun)
		Texture: sprites/muzz2.tga
103.		Same as 80. (Used for Shotgun)
104.		Muzzle flash 4 (Used for Flamethrower)
		Texture: sprites/muzz4.tga
106.		Muzzle flash 1a
		Texture: sprites/muzz1a.tga
107.		Muzzle flash 2a (Used for Tommygun)
		Texture: sprites/muzz2a.tga
108.		Muzzle flash 2b (Used for Tommygun)
		Texture: sprites/muzz2b.tga
110.		Explode 1
		Texture: sprites/explode/explode1.tga
111.		Explode 2
		Texture: sprites/explode/explode2.tga
116.		Smoke Animated
		Texture: sprites/smoke/smokeanim1.tga
120.		Flame Thrower
		Texture: sprites/fthrow1.tga
121.		Return error texture.
122.		Flame Thrower Blue
		Texture: sprites/fthrow_blue4.tga
123.		Same as 121.
124.		Splash 1
		Texture: sprites/splash1.tga
125.		Splash 2
		Texture: sprites/splash2.tga
126.		Splash 3
		Texture: sprites/splash3.tga
127.		Splash 4
		Texture: sprites/splash4.tga
128.		Firewall
		Texture: sprites/firewall.tga

All other numbers are not listed in the code.

The follow sprites are not in the list not sure where they are used for (expect for 1)?
sprites/firescreen.tga (used for put youre screen on fire by flames.)

FREDZ | Sunday 17 March 2019 - 17:45
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