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  • Small Update On Jerry's Upcoming Single Player Mission
    Jerry 's upcoming Single Player mission, called Orbital Sanctum , will have all custom textures. Here is a screenshot of one of the neon sign textures he has made for the
  • Video Of Upcoming Single Player Mission
    Jerry has uploaded a video of his upcoming single player mission Orbital Sanctum to YouTube. The introductory map of the upcoming Kingpin mod Orbital Sanctum. The full lay
  • More Screens Of Jerry's Upcoming Single Player Mission
    Jerry has sent in some more screens of his upcoming Single Player mission pack. These screens are from the first map called Deck1. If you missed the earlier news the missi
  • New Single Player Mission In Production
    Jerry is currently working on a new single player mission project. A singleplayer campaign yet to be named set on board a spaceship. Features 3 multi-segment levels, A bra
  • Screens Of Upcoming Map By Jerry
    Jerry is currently working on a new death match map. No name yet but work is progressing nicely.
  • Video From Today's Game
    Jerry uploaded a short video from today's game.
  • Kingpin Sounds In Perilous Warp
    Jerry has modded the new FPS game Perilous Warp to include Kingpin sounds and released a video featuring the the replacement sounds. The instructions how to add custom sou
  • New Death Match Map - Shortie's Domain
    Jerry has now released his latest death match map called Shortie's Domain. It is a medium sized, urban style, map that uses standard Kingpin textures. It has had extensive
  • Five Most Recent Maps By Jerry
    Jerry has already made quite a few multiplayer maps for Kingpin. Here are his five latest maps:- Bumtopia DogTag Arena Land of the Mag Team Weaponomicon 1 Weaponomicon DM1
  • New Kill Confirmed Map On Way
    Jerry is currently working on a new map called DogTag Arena for the Kill Confirmed mod and other DM modes. It is nearly done and is just being tweaked and tested. Here is
  • Kingpin Reloaded another interview
    There's a nother inteview on twitch.tv by NightdiveStudios about Kingpin Reloaded   with Frederik Schreiber starting at 52:36: Watch Independent Game Exposé from Nightdive
  • Team Weaponomicon 1 Bagman Map Updated
    Jerry  has released an updated version of his Team Weaponomicon 1 Bagman map. The original version had a bad player spawn point. The map is a small BM map with two levels.
  • Kingpin Reloaded Tidbits
    There isn't any new news or information coming out about Kingpin Reloaded at the moment so here is a brief interview  Frederik Schreiber did with OnlySP at Pax South 2020
  • Screenshot Of New Death Match Map
    I have remade a map from many years ago called Cage that was made by  Titleist . It's a fun little map but only had 3 player spawns. Anyway I thought people might enjoy pl
  • New Xmas Mod Maps By Jerry
    It's nearly time to start playing the Xmas mod so  Jerry is currently working on a new map for the mod with both Death Match and Bagman versions.
  • New Halloween Map - Fright Bangaz
    Here is a new Halloween Mod Death Match map by  Jerry . It is a Halloween version of his Estate Bangaz death match map. For the Halloween version he added an ancient grave
  • Screenshot Of Upcoming Bagman Map
    Jerry and I are currently working on a Bagman remake of his recent Estatebangaz DM  map. It is almost done and will then be tested before being released.
  • New Deathmatch Map Estate Bangaz DM
    Jerry has released  new death match map for Kingpin called Estate Bangaz DM. It is a smallish, urban style, map where the action takes place in and around three buidlings
  • Screens Of Upcoming Kingpin Map
    Jerry is currently working on his second Kingpin map. It's a smallish, urban style, deathmatch map set in and around a small group of buildings. He is currently updating i
  • Jerry Is Working On His First Map For Kingpin
    Jerry is working on his first map for Kingpin. It's a small deathmatch map full of holes! A beta will hopefully be tested at Thursday's games and then it will be released.
  • New Head Skin For Thug
    Jerry has created a new cartoonish head skin for the Thug. The name of the skin is Sexy Nose Thug. You will see Jerry wearing this head skin in the servers. You can downlo

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