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  • New Bagman Map - Team Castles
    Trickle has taken his Speed Castles Bagman map out of beta and released it. Speed Castles is a medium sized, multilevel castle-themed Bagman map. The map uses a mix of ori
  • Screens Of Upcoming Bagman/CTF Map
    Trickle is currently working on a new Bagman/CTF map for Kingpin called Bad Blood. It's a large map that features all custom textures, teleports, and even some wind tunnel
  • Screens Of Upcoming Death Match Map
    Trickle is working on another conversion/remake of a map from Perfect Dark. "A recreation of Temple from Perfect Dark (which is a remake of the Goldeneye version). Small a
  • New Lighting Tutorial
    Trickle has created a new map tutorial that shows you how to change wall textures/lighting by pressing a button. If you're a mapper you should check out this tute. Grab it
  • Screens Of Upcoming Crash Map
    Apart from being close to releasing his death match GoldenEye Complex map conversion from the game Perfect Dark Trickle is also close to finishing his Felicity conversion
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Death Match Map
    Trickle is currently working on a new death match map for Kingpin. It's the GoldenEye Complex map from the game Perfect Dark. I'm almost done with this map, just lighting
  • New Custom Bomb Model For Crash Mod
    Trickle has created a new custom model for the bomb in the Crash Mod. The files are in a pak2.pak file. You can grab the new bomb model from here . Just extract/unzip the
  • Screen Of Upcoming Crash Mod Map
    Trickle is putting the finishing touches on his new map for the Crash Mod. It is a conversion of the Felicity map from the game Perfect Dark. Here is a screenshot:-
  • Screenshots of Upcoming CTF Map by Trickle
    Trickle is currently working on a conversion/remake of the Team Fortress Classic Map Two Forts. As you can see from the screenshots he is usng all the original Half-Life t
  • New Death Match Map - Enigmatic
    Trickle has now released his first map for Kingpin which is a death match map called Enigmatic. Enigmatic is a large map in the style of the N64 GoldenEye 007 game. It use
  • Video Of Final Crime Boss
    Trickle has posted a video at YouTube of him beating Blunt (the antagonist) in The Final Crime custom single player mission.

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