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  • Team Nipples Bagman Map
    Way back in 2001 Truzenzuzex created this Bagman map called Team Nipples. It's a small Bagman map in the Quake3 style. It's a tight map and shoudl be fast paced action. It
  • YouTube Video Of [BC]'s Evil Town Map
    Truzenzuzex has uploaded a video to Youtube of his touring, or playing through, his death match map [BC]'s Evil Town on his Catch the Chicken server. Many of you will watc
  • Catch the Chicken Server
    You may have noticed that Truzenzuzex is running a Catch the Chicken mod server. This is the mod where a chicken spawns and somebody picks it up then everyone else tries t
  • New Hitmen Mod Server
    Truzenzuzex has set up a Hitmen server running out of the USA. A lot of you would remember the classic Da Playgroundz Hitmen server and this is his latest version of that

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