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  • RealKP Deathmatch Map
    Here is an oldie made way back in February of 2001. RealKP Deathmatch is a small, two level, death match map made by Tunnleram . He made it for a clan called RealKP. You c
  • RealKP Death Match Map
    RealKP Deathmatch This is a small arena style DM map that  Tunnleram  made for the RealKP clan several years ago. It has two levels, 10 players spawns, ample wepaons but n
  • Two Maps By Tunnleram Added
    I have uploaded two death match maps made by Tunnleram back in the day. They are both DM versions of two of his Bagman maps. The maps are Assassins City Killers and Assass

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