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  • New Death Match Map - Crossfire 2023.
    After two years I have finally updated this map and taken it out of beta :) Crossfire 2023 is a smallish sized map set in an urban environment that I converted to Kingpin
  • New Death Match Map - Time - Leaving The Past
    Time - leaving the past is a small sized map set in an urban cityscape converted to Kingpin by me. It uses all the original textures, has 14 player spawns and ample weapon
  • New Death Match Map Terminal
    Terminal is a medium sized map set in an airport terminal that I have converted to Kingpin. It is a conversion of the Action Quake 2 map that was made by WizardExt . Wizar
  • Screens Of Upcoming DM Map
    I am converting another of the excellent Action Quake 2 maps that were made by WizardExt . This one is called Terminal and is set in an Airport. It's a small to medium siz

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