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  • Heretic II Map Conversion
    Here is a map with an interesting history. Back in 1999  Optimizer created a small, arena style, map called DM Arena 1 That map was then converted to Heretic II. Then {GT}
  • The Gauntlet Deathmatch Map
    Here is an older deathmatch map called The Gauntlet that was converted to Kingpin by  {GT}Knight . It is a two level, arena style, map converted from Quake 2. The are two
  • Death Match Map No Hope
    I just found the No Hope death match map that we didn't have in our archives. I haven't played this map since aobut 2002. It is a small, circular map, converted from Quake
  • Spaceman Spiff Player Model
    Here is a lesser known male player model. It's Spaceman Spiff. Spiff is an alter ego of the cartoon character Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It's a small
  • Knights-Castle-1 Death Match Map
    The other day I was showing Lyph some death match maps set in castles and found one I hadn't seen in yonks :) The map is called Knights-Castle-1 and was made or converted
  • Jailhouse Frag Death Match Map
    Here is an older, less well known, map that isn't currently on any servers hint hint ;) Jailhouse Frag is a small death match map that  {GT}Knight converted from the fabul

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