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  • KillSpree - A Quick Single Player Map
    Killspree is a small, frantic, single player map made by - Sonik back in 2003. If you want to play some Kingpin custom single player but don't have much time then VR Kills
  • Nice Screenshot
    Here is a recent screenshot taken by Night Slasher . The map is shroomcity by Sonik .
  • House of Death Part 1 & 2 Lets Play Video
    Ermacgerd has done another Lets Play video of one of hte single player missions. This time it's House of Death Part 1 & 2 by Sonik . Thi is another great single player mis
  • Classic Death Match Map - Dawgtown
    Here is a classic DM map from way back in 2002. It's called Dawgtown and was made by Sonik . Dawgtown is a medium sized map in the classic urban KP style. It is on most DM
  • Woodland Hills Death Match Map
    Here is a map made by Sonik way back in 2000. It is a map based on the first level of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. You can do all the trick jumps and combos and such.
  • Team Low Rider Bagman Map
    Here is a Bagman map Sonik made back in 2002. Team Low Rider is a medium sized, urban style, Bagman map. It's an old style map so has switches to open the rooms where the
  • Shroom City Death Match Map
    Here is a map you never see any more. Shroom City is a weird and wonderful, small, death match map made by Sonik . Sonik described it as Kingpin on drugs and once you load
  • KillSpree Single Player Map
    Killspree is a small, frantic, single player map made by Sonik back in 2003. It's one map split over two levels. Killing the enemies as you go, make your way to the first
  • Zombie Killer Nurse Bitch Skin
    A few years ago DirtyDog  made a zombie bitch skin called Zombie Killer Nurse which was made for  Sonik 's House of Death Single Player map pack. There are two versions of
  • Sonik Mappack Updated
    We host a Sonik mappack here at Kingpin.info but it hadn't been updated for many years and didn't include several of his later maps.  I have added several maps and (hopefu
  • New CTF Map - CTF Bricktobrick
    Monkey Harris  asked if it was possible to convert the popular Bagman map Team BricktoBrick , by Sonik , to the CTF mod. Team Bricktobrick is an excellent little map by So
  • Out Of Business Death Match Map
    Here is a great little map by Sonik which you don't see much these days. Out of Business  is a small, urban street style map which is a busy little map. What I mean by tha

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