*** Kingpin Reloaded - Release Date Announcement ***

Watch the video :)

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Missing Ski Mask

found out there was going to be a ski mask head model for the thug but it was left out of the final release.



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Kingpin: Reloaded Delayed until 2021

The KPR Team posted this in Steam:

Hey everyone!

I want to give you all an update on KP Reloaded, and why it's taking so long. Early this year we revealed the game, with the goal of releasing the game this summer.

However, some major changes have happened during development, which is why we've decided to delay the game.

We decided earlier this year to change our approach to the Remaster. As you all know, the original source code for Kingpin no longer exists, so our original plan was to "Recreate" the game in a modern engine (The same approach Nightdive uses for their KexEngine games).

However, during this, we quickly realized that in order to get the game to Feel 100% like the original (Including the fantastic path-finding for AI, etc.), a better approach would be to reverse engineer the original game and engine completely, essentially re-creating the missing sources from scratch.

We've been hard at work on this for the majority of 2020, and are finally at a stage where we're almost done.

Alongside the programming side of things, we're also close to being done with re-creating every texture in the game from scratch, in high-resolution. No AI Upscaling here!

In January we're entering the next stage of development - Putting it all together, which is at the point where we'll finally be able to share more videos, gameplay, screenshots, and open up the closed-beta.

Stay tuned everyone! Kingpin is coming!

The Kingpin: Reloaded Team!

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Kingpin Reloaded Texture

Baracuda (Daniel Mortensen) posted 2 textures of Kingpin Reloaded on Discord:

and 1 new screenshot:

There uploaded here if you want to see them fullscreen.

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Kingpin Reloaded Update

3D Realms posted some news about Kingpin Reloaded:

First we want to thank everyone for hanging in there!
It's been some crazy months since we first revealed Kingpin Reloaded, and things are going quite well!

You might wonder: Where are all the news? How about some updates huh? Are we going to see anything from Kingpin Reloaded at Realms Deep? The short answer is YES!

Right after we revealed the game at PAX South earlier this year, we realized that we had to drastically change the technical approach to this game, in order for us to make sure the Reloaded version would feel as authentic as possible.

As many of you already know, the source code to Kingpin: Life of Crime, no longer exists. That left us with two options:

1. Use another engine and write interpreters to use the Kingpin: Life of Crime data. (This was the approach the picked).

2. Completely re-engineer the source code from scratch (A huge undertaking, but it would result in a much more "Accurate" port).

We went with the first approach, which was the basis of the reveal back in January.
However, we soon realized that in order to replicate many of the key aspects of Kingpin - especially the AI - going for the second approach would be a better solution.

So we started over and dived into completely re-engineering and porting KP, using Unity as a backend.

We're happy to announce that we're ALMOST there. Unfortunately, in order to show gameplay, we'll have to pretty much be done with the entire port.

This should be done before the end of the year, at which point we'll have brand new screenshots, footage and a gameplay reveal of the game.

Until then, we want to give you a little sneak peek - We're pretty much done re-doing all of the artwork from the original game, and we want to give you a small taste of the visual differences between the original and Kingpin Reloaded.

We've assembled a Comparison Video below, which we hope you'll enjoy for the time being!

TL;DR - We're close to the finishing line, and we have much more to show later this year!

I have added the video for download also here.

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3DRealms news on reloaded.

There was no news at the announcment but  who is working on the project provided this update from 3DRealms:
Work on the game is progressing nicely, and that the community council will be started up when we get nearer to a playable state.

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3DRealms To Stream Some Kingpin Deathmatch During Realms Deep 2020

Apparently 3DRealms will be streaming some "celebrity" Deathmatch in Kingpin: Life of Crime during their Realms Deep 2020, a digital event  to be held on Saturday - Sunday, Sept. 5 & 6 2020, airing 11:00 AM PT - 4:00 PM PT via 3D Realms’ Twitch channel.

If they deem to release any more info we will be sure to pass it on.

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Lack Of Kingpin Reloaded News

If you have been wondering why we aren't posting any Kingpin reloaded news it's because 3DRealms/Slipgate Ironworks haven't been releasing any news or information.

There is a bit of a rumour that some news will be dropped tomorrow so we will see. If so we will post about it here.

There is a Steam Kingpin Reloaded Store page and an Official FAQ post in the Discussions. So you can always leave questions/comments/suggestions there.

Steam Kingpin Reloaded Offical FAQ

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Snippet Of Kingpin Reloaded News

Since the initial announcement about Kingpin Reloaded there has been no news released. There has only been the occasional forum or Discord post by one of the devs.

Here is the latest post by one of the devs:-


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Kingpin Reloaded another interview

There's a nother inteview on twitch.tv by NightdiveStudios about Kingpin Reloaded  with Frederik Schreiber starting at 52:36:

Watch Independent Game Exposé from NightdiveStudios on www.twitch.tv

Thanks to  for supplying the link.

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