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  • Website Down
    Website was down, duo mistake of provider. They apologize for the inconvenience. Took a day :/ Becouse there not 24 hours open and just saw website down when they where cl
  • KPDED2 Files Updated
    Monkey Harris  has released an updated version of the KPDED2 files for windows and Linux. The update adds support for faster downloading and also a new "sv_download_precac
  • [M]'s Kingpin Server List
    kingpin.hambloch.com/  is [M]'s Kingpin Server List page . This is a very informative and useful site. It list's all the Kingpun servers currently running and allow
  • Kingpin Co-op Server
    Feel like playing the single player Kingpin game, or some of the great single player mods, in coop mode with some friends? Well, currently, Macanah is running a Kingpin Co
  • Carney Park Map Added To Luschen Servers
    Just letting you know that [M] has added the recent map release Carney Park to his Luschen Botmatch and Deathmatch server .   You can download the Carney Park map from her

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