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  • New Speedway Map - The Double O
    Macanah and I have collaborated on a new map for the Speedway mod. The map is called The Double O and is a medium sized map. The track layout is in a figure of eight and t
  • New Speedway Mod Server
    Macanah has set up a new Aussie Speedway mod server. Speedway is a motorbike racing mod. Server Details:- Server : macanah.mooo.com Kingpin Speedway IP :
  • Macanah's Aussie Servers Updated
    Macanah has updated his Aussie macanah.mooo.com Kingpin servers. He has added a lot of the latest BM and DM maps to his botmatch, FFA, TDM and Bagman servers and updated h
  • New Version Of Quark Released.
    Macanah let me know there is a new version of the Quark Map Editor released. If you're a mapper who uses Quark you can check it out here .
  • New Death Match Map - Shoot First...
    Shoot First... is remake of the mnhq2dm30 Quake 2 death match map by Mr Damage for Kingpin. The original map was made by Macanah who gave me the map to remake for Kingpin.
  • New Death Match Map - Stronghold
    Stronhold DM is a conversion/remake of the dmfletter Quake 2 deathmatch map by me for Kingpin. The oriignal map was made by  Macanah  who gave me the map to convert to Kin
  • New Bagman Map - Team Burnhole
    I have made a Bagman version of the CTF Burnhole map that was made by me and  Macanah . I made a couple of minor changes by adding an extra HMG and full body armour for bo
  • New CTF Map - Burnhole
    Macanah and I have collaborated on a new Capture the Flag map caleld CTF Burnhole. It is an open, medium sized, map that is a remake of one of Mac's Quake 2 maps. There ar
  • New Sniper Script By Macanah
    Macanah has released a new sniper alias with a custom crosshair. The alias goes into your autoexec.cfg and the crosshair is in a pak file. Just see the included readme for
  • New Power2 Mod Map - Defector
    Macanah has released a new map for the Power2 mod called Defector. It's a conversion of his CTF Defector map.  It's a medium sized, darkish, multi levelled, map where usin
  • Quark Addon For Power2 Mod
    Macanah has released an addon for the Quark Mapping Editor that adds Kingpin Power2 mod entities to Quark. This is so you can make maps for the Power2 mod using the Quark
  • Short Video of 1 vs 1
    Here is a short Youtube video of Macanah and Felikkz7  playing a 1 vs 1 game. The map they are playing on is Jokin (mnhkpdm1.bsp) which you can download from here.
  • New CTF Map CTF Highone
    Macanah and Hypov8 have released a new map for the CTF Mod clled CTF Highone. This is a largish map set in a seven story building. Each team has three levels and the lowes
  • New Death Match Map By Macanah
    Macanah has now released his latest death match map called Mistaken (mnhkpdm8.bsp). It is similar in style to his other maps. It is set in a large multi level room. It fea
  • Screenshot Of Upcoming Map By Macanah
    Macanah is working on a new death match map. It's a small map and is similar to Sludge and Vector. Here is a screenshot of the upcoming map:-
  • Crash Squad Mod Server
      Macanah has now set up a Crash Squad mod server. Server details:- Server : planetmnh.16mb.com KP crash squad Mod IP : Maxclients : 24 Admin : Macana
  • Force Mod Server
    Macanah has just set up a server running the Force mod. Server details:- Server : planetmnh.16mb.com KP Jedi Force Mod IP : Maxclients : 20 Admin : Ma
  • New Death Match Map Sludge
    Macanah and I have collaboratd on another death match map. This one is called Sludge. It is a smallish, one room map with two levels, which uses standard textures. There a
  • New Death Match Map - Vector
    Macanah , Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Vector. Vector is a smallish , multi levelled death match map which should be fun with either a sm
  • Aussie CTF Server Rotating All CTF Maps
    Macanah is now rotating all the available CTF maps on his Aussie CTF server. Server details:- Server : macanah-lurker.2fh.co kp CTF IP : Maxclients :
  • Two New CTF Maps
    We have two new CTF maps for you to enjoy. CTF Compound 2016 by Hypov8 . This is an update of the teamcompound-ctf map which was made by Creamator. The major change is tha
  • New Aussie Assault Server
    Macanah is now running an Assault mod server out of Brisbane Australia. Server : macanah-lurker.2fh.co KP Assault IP : Maxclients : 26 Admin : Macanah
  • Mew Blood Death Match Map
    Macanah has released a new death match map for Kingpin called Blood. It is a conversion of one of his Quake2 maps. It's a smallish map similar in style to his other maps.
  • New Death Match Map By Macanah
    Macanah has converted another of his Quake 2 death match maps to Kingpin. This one is called Levels. It has a similar style to his other Quake 2 map conversions so if you
  • New bagman Map Team Bite 2016
    Me and Macanah have collaborated on a new Bagman map called Team Bite 2016. It is based on one of Macanah's Quake2 maps. Hypov8 also helped with suggestions and some nice
  • Two New Kingpin Servers
    Good new. Two new Kingpin servers. [M] is now running a Luschen Coop server from Germany. Macanah has added a TeamDM server to his other servers running out of Australia.
  • New Deathmatch Map By Macanah
    Macanah has released a new death match map for Kingpin called Firelight . This one is another Quake2 conversion. Firelight is a smallish, multi level, Quake2 stlye map. It
  • Soisv2 Death Match Map By Macanah
    Here is Macanah 's most recent Quake2 map conversion to Kingpin. It's called Soisv2 and is a medium sized, two level, multi room map. It has minimal textures and feautres
  • New Deathmatch map by Macanah
    Macanah has released his 3rd Kingpin map and his second converted from his Quake2 maps. This one is another deathmatch map called 4got . It has a large main area and a sma
  • Kingpin Co-op Server
    Feel like playing the single player Kingpin game, or some of the great single player mods, in coop mode with some friends? Well, currently, Macanah is running a Kingpin Co
  • 2nd Map By Macanah
    Here is the 2nd map from Macanah . This is another smallish deathmatch map and is converted from his Quake2 map. This one is called Plattyv4 . If you're keen to give it a
  • New Deathmatch Map By Macanah
    Macanah is a Quake2 mapper who will be converting some of his maps to Kingpin. However, his first map release, is an original map and is called Jokin . It is a smallish, m

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