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  • New Bagman Map Team Crossfire 2016
    I have made a new Bagman map called Team Crossfire 2016. This is a straight forward map that is a conversion to Bagman of an old death match map made by Cujo. It's a small
  • New bagman Map Team Bite 2016
    Me and Macanah have collaborated on a new Bagman map called Team Bite 2016. It is based on one of Macanah's Quake2 maps. Hypov8 also helped with suggestions and some nice
  • Team Shotgun Arena Uploaded
    I was surprised that we didn't have this Bagman map in our archive. It was only because Vitachick was missing some textures from the map that I found out we didn't have it
  • Tanyacheex Bagman Map & Updated Map-Pack
    When I was putting the Tanyacheex map-pack together I found a later version of her team_tc_04 map which we didn't have in our map archive. I have now added it to our Bagma
  • New Bagman Map - Team Japan
    I have released a new Bagman map. Team Japan is a smallish Bagman map with a Japanese theme. The layout is based on an unreleased map from 2004. It uses mostly custom text
  • Bagman Map Revised
    I have revised the Bagman Map called Team Winter's Edge which was made by Stigma . This map had an issue with the downloadable custom sky, some spawn points and the middle
  • Sunday Night Bagman
    This weeks game on the Luschen server is going to be Bagman. The games are very informal with the emphasis on having fun while playing some KP. Details are:- Server : Lusc
  • Team Gangland Map Uploaded
     A map we didn't have in our archive is a Bagman map called Assassins Gangland by AI_PharoahTT . This is a medium sized, none mirrored, BM map which is basically made up o

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