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  • New Death Match Map - Shoot First...
    Shoot First... is remake of the mnhq2dm30 Quake 2 death match map by Mr Damage for Kingpin. The original map was made by Macanah who gave me the map to remake for Kingpin.
  • Halloween Mod Client Files Released
    The client files for the new Halloween mod have just been released. They contain the actual Halloween client files and all maps that will be used by the mod. The major fea
  • New Halloween Prefab
    Roarke has created a Hallowen themed creepy crawlies prefab pack. I have made some prefabs for the upcoming Kingpin life of crime Hallowen mod, and i hope you enjoy it in
  • New Halloween Alpha textures
    Roarke has created some new alpha textures,for mappers,of insects and spider webs. Just in time for Halloween :) You can download them from here. Feedback for Roarke can b

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