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  • Four Player Model Betas Released
    Hypov8 has released betas of four player models he has ported to Kingpin (they have less wobble than the normal player models in Kingpin). You can download the four player
  • Killerz Mod Update
    Hypov8 has finished updating the Killerz mod and a Windows version is ready. The source files are now going to be sent to Goat who will be making a Linux version. It a sim
  • More Player Models On Way
    Hypov8 is busy porting some models from another game to Kingpin. Here are some screens of the WIP. Mark is also working on a new thug model.
  • Killerz Mod Update
    Hypov8 is continuing to update the Killerz mod. He has changed/updated the hud added sounds for start of the Killer round and when the Killer dies Added an option for the
  • Killerz Mod Being Updated
    Hypov8 is currently updating the old Killerz mod. Killerz is a mod made in the early days of Kingpin by the Atrophy Mod Team. It a simple enough mod, the game starts like
  • Dust Textures Updated
    Hypov8 has redone the Dust textures he used in his de_dust conversion maps team_hypo_dust2 and bom_dust2. They now look much closer to the originals and are much better. T
  • Hypo's Mine Bagman Map
    Here is an old Bagman map from August. 2001. It's called Hypo's Mine as was made by Hypov8 . It's a large BM map set in a mine. There are darkish mine tunnels between the
  • Video On Converting Quake 3 Models To Kingpin
    Hypov8 has created a video tutorial on converting Quake 3 models to Kingpin using Blender. You can leave any questions/comments in the comments section at YouTube or join
  • Thug Floor Mod Released
    Fredz and Hypov8 have released the files for their ThugFloor mod. The ThugFloor mod is based on the Killing Floor PC Game. using all of the Kingpin characters from the sin
  • Summer Mod Server Files Updated.
    FREDZ has uploaded the latest Summer Mod Server Files that Hypov8 has recently updated to v1.00d. Updates are:- -some models fixed -some bugs fixed -more spray paint The S
  • Hypov8's Model Skin Changer Tool Updated
    Hypov8 has updated his modelling tool called Kingpin Skin Changer to v1.0.3. This allows Kingpin modelers to replace skins/textures in md2/mdx files and to add or change s
  • Botmatch Server Files Available
    If you want to play against the botmatch bots offline then just download the botmatch server files that Hypov8 released a while ago. The zipfile contains everything you ne
  • Godfather Mod Update
    Hypov8 has updated the Godfather mod to version 2.0 beta 2. The latest version has some minor fixes and now has a Linux version :) The new version is currently running on
  • Godfather Mod 2.0 B1
    Hypov8 is currently fixing any remaining bugs in the latestt version of the Godfather mod. We have played it several times since Hypo first updated it a few of months ago
  • Team Keypoint Bagman Map
    Team Keypoint is a large sized, classic urban style, Bagman map for Kingpin I made back in 2008. The Nikkies and Dragons' bases are situated in urban street areas and the
  • Hypov8 Releases V1.03 Of His Game Browser.
    Hypov8 has released a new version of his Hypo Game Browser . It supports Kingpin, KingpinQ3, and Quake 2. For Kingpin it incorporates the M-browser and Gamespy protocol in
  • Godfather Mod Update
    Hypov8 has finished updating hte Godfather mod and it's now at ver 2.0. He has fixed all the bugs, added five new game modes and added a couple of new features:- Added MM2
  • New Death Match Map - No Mercy
    A remake of the Rooftop Finale map from the No Mercy campaign in L4D by Mr Damage & Hypov8. No Mercy is a large map set on the rooftop of a large hospital. Most of the act
  • Godfather Mod Updated
    Hypov8 has added antilag to the old Godfather mod and release Godfather 1.7a. Fredz has created a Linux version. Godfather is a DM style mod but is unique in that it has l
  • 2v2DM Death Match Map By Hypov8
    Here is one of Hypov8 's older maps. It's a medium sized, urban style, death match map that was originally created for a 2vs2 Ozzie tourney. You can download 2v2DM (2v2dm_
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Map
    Hypov8 is currently remaking one of his older death match maps called Broken Towers. Work is progressing well and here are some shots of the WIP.
  • GunRace V1.4 Released For Linux
    Hypov8 has released the v1.4 update for the Linux version of the GunRace mod. The Windows v1.4 update was already available. The changes in v1.4 are:- Added support for th
  • Male Turtle Player Model Updated
    Hypov8 has fixed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (male_turtle) player model. The existing version had an issue that the flamethrower and grenade launcher skins didn't show
  • New Player Model - Sonic
    Hypov8 has ported the Quake3 player model Sonic the Hedgehog to Kingpin. The original model was made by Ryan "Kaos" Daniel. It has six skins and full Kingpin weapon suppor
  • New Player Model On Way
    Hypov8 is currently porting the Quake 3 Sonic The Hedgehog player model to Kingpin. It's in the beta testing stage and should be released shortly.
  • New Bagman Map - Stronghold Opposition 2021
    I have done another conversion of the Stronghold Opposition Quake2 CTF map for Bagman. I have given it a SiN theme. Stronghold Opposition is a large map with two team base
  • New Death Match Map - Ancient Curse
    I have made a new map in the fragndie series of maps (fragndie8). This one is called Ancient Curse. Ancient Curse is a small, arena style, death match map with an Egyptian
  • New Crash Mod Map - Dust Dark Winter
    Elfor has done some editing/converting and bought us a Dark Winter version of the Dust map for the Crash Mod. It involved converting the Dark Winter textures from counter-
  • GunRace V1.4 Released For Windows
    Hypov8 has released the v1.4 update for the Windows version of the GunRace mod. The changes in v1.4 are:- Added support for three new custom models - male_bones male_kiss
  • New MD2/MDX Skin Changer Tool
    Hypov8 has created a new modelling tool called Kingpin Skin Changer. This allows Kingpin modellers to replace skins/textures in md2/mdx files and to add or change sprites
  • Kingpin Model Viewer 1.1.4
    Hypov8 has updated Kingpin Model Viewer to version 1.1.4. Kingpin Model Viewer is a small, easy and free viewer for anybody who likes to view/convert models from Kingpin g
  • More GunRace Mod News
    Hypov8 is still working on the v1.4 update for the GunRace mod. He is currently adding one more weapon which is an AKL47. This will even up the number of shotguns and mach
  • Hypov8 Updating GunRace Mod
    Hypov8 is currently doing an update for the GunRace mod. He is working on adding a replacement for the M60 and including three new weapons - an MP5, Brenelli and a Spas12
  • Noesis v4431
    Noesis have been updated to Version 4.431 and has support for: Kingpin MDX files. Fixed Quake 2 BSP loader not matching materials to textures correctly with certain extern
  • New Kill Confirmed/Death Match Map - Shipment Remake
    This is a remake of the popular Shipment map from CoD MW2 by Mr Damage. The map is made for the new Kill Confirmed mod but can be used with normal DM and any DM style mod
  • New Mod On The Way - Thug Floor
    Fredz and Hypov8   are working on a new mod based on the game Killing Floor called Thug Floor. The idea is that players face 10 waves of enemy AI in each map. Each wave of
  • GunRace Mod Being Updated
    Hypov8 is currently doing an update for the GunRace mod. He is tweaking the animations for the machete and M60, adding support for two or three more player models, and one
  • Hypoville South Death Match Map
    Hypoville South is a map made by  Hypov8 for the fablous GunRace mod. But it is also available as a stand alone death match map. Hypoville South is a large, urban style ma
  • Kingpin Model Viewer 1.1.2
    Hypov8 has created Kingpin Model Viewer by combining MDX viewer and MD2 Viewer . You can now view MDX and MD2 models with 1 viewer. It also includes some new features: vie
  • First New Map For 2020
    The Daikatana conversion Gibbler on the Roof is the first new map released in 2020. Its a largish deathmatch map set in an Japanese urban setting. It has both inside and o
  • Blender MD2 and MDX updated
    Hypov8 has update the MD2 and MDX importer/exporter for Blender v.279 You can now load directly MDX models into Blender without converting them first. Download MD2 import
  • New Death Match Map On Way
    Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new death match map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of a popular Daikatana map called Gibbler on the Roof. Elfor sent me the map source
  • New Player Model On The Way
    Hypov8 is currently working on converting the Quake 2 Gene Simmons Player Model to Kingpin after a request from  [M] . It should be finished in the not too distant future.
  • New Modelling Video
    The man who can do everything  Hypov8 , has a new modelling tutorial Youtube video out showing how to convert a Quake2 model to Kingpin using 3DS Max. This video is part 1
  • Another Luschen Botmatch Update
    Hypov8 and  [M] have made further improvements to the bots on the Luschen Botmatch server. As you probably know the Luschen Botmath server can be changed to play DM, Team
  • Hyov8 Botmatch Server Files Released
    Hypov8 has released the server files for v037 of his Botmatch bots. The zipfile contains everything you need to run a local lan server (both a listen server and a dedicate
  • Summer Mod Released
    The Summer Mod 1.00b beta has been released. The Summer mod   is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. The mod is made by  Fredz ,  Hypov8 and
  • Summer Mod Update
    Fredz   and  Hypov8   are working away on the Summer Mod. In case this is the first time you are hearing about the mod it is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, soun
  • GunRace V1.3 Released
    Hypov8 has updated the GunRace mod to v1.3. The changes are:- Fixed a posible server crash bug Added support for two more custom models - female_leela female_coffy Added l
  • Deathmatch Map DM MasinB
    Here is an older map made by  Cujo / Stigma with help from me and  Hypov8 . I was trying to remember the name of a map I was thinking of the other day and finally remebere
  • Small Update For GunRace Mod On Way
    Hypov8 is currently working on v1.3 of the GunRace mod. It is a relatively small update and will feature the latest monkey mod map voting screen, a fix for a bug that can
  • Mapping Tutorial Video - Making A Tree
    Hypov8 has created a video on how to make the perfect tree in the Kingpin Radiant mapping editor. It's only a short video and Hypo has included closed captioned text to ex
  • New Player Model Released - Leela
    We now have a second player model from the TV show Futurama in Kingpin. We already had Bender  and now he is joined by Leela. Leela is the one eyed, sewer mutant, spaceshi
  • New Deathmatch Map - Cepheus
    Cepheus is a new deathmatch map that I have converted from Quake 1 after being made aware of this map by Elfor. The original is a great looking map and was created by Adib
  • Noesis MDX Plugin
    Hypov8 created a MDX plugin for Neosis . Noesis is a tool for previewing and converting between hundreds of model, image, and animation formats. It utilizes a robust plugi
  • Atrip Beta1 Death Match Map
    Here is an older map made by Hypov8 . Atrip Beta1 is a small death match map which has many jump pads and colourful teleports so there is lots of flying around the map. It
  • GunRace Mod V1.2 Released
    Hypov8 has completed his updates for GunRace and v1.2 is now released for both Windows and Linux. The main updates from v1.0 are:- Fixed a bug that allowed players to get
  • Male MrBurns Player Model Updated
    Recently  Hypov8 added GunRace weapon support to several models so they could be used with the GunRace mod. When he was doing that he actually fixed some issues with four
  • KPDM1 Quaked Death Match Map
    There was a texture missing from the zipfile of the KPDM1 Quaked map. I have added the texture, a levelshot, and the source map file then uploaded the map again. KPDM1 Qua
  • GunRace Bot Server Updated
    Hypov8 is continuing to improve the GunRace bots and fix a few small bugs with the custom models. As such there is a new pak2 file which has been added to the Luschen Gunr
  • New Halloween Prefab
    Roarke has created a Hallowen themed creepy crawlies prefab pack. I have made some prefabs for the upcoming Kingpin life of crime Hallowen mod, and i hope you enjoy it in
  • GunRace Mod Update
    Even though GunRace v1.0 has been released  Hypov8 is still working on it. He is currently adding the custom weapons to some custom player models so they can be used with
  • GunRace V1.0 Released
    GunRace v1.0 has now been released. It's just the Windows version now with the Linux version to be released shortly. For those of you who don't know the mod it is a free f
  • Halloween Mod Update
    Fredz has been tweaking the Halloween mod. He has been updating the bats that are fired by the Rocket Launcher and tweaking a few other things. Killa has converted 5 or 6
  • GunRace Mod Update
    The mod is basically ready. Hypov8 is just doing some last minute tweaks to the bots and adding route files for the bots in the GunRace maps. Shortly he will send the GunR
  • GunRace Mod Update
    We are nearly there guys.  Hypov8 and  Goat are just finishing off the random weapon order mode at the moment. "weaponorder" has 3 modes, 1 default, 2 reverse and 3 random
  • GunRace Mod Update
    Recently Goat implemented the Reverse mod so players start with the M60 and work there way backwards to the Dual Pistols and then get the Machete. This has become the most
  • Another GunRace Mod Update
    There has been a further change to the way rate of fire pistol mods and cooling mods are used in GunRace. Basically the rate of fire fire pistol mod and cooling mod has be
  • GunRace Mod Update
    After a lot of work from Goat  and Hypov8  the GunRace mod has reached beta stage :) There will be beta testing of the mod after the Thursday game this week. Three more ma
  • GunRace Update #2
    Hypov8 has been working hard to add the custom weapons to the bitch model. The custom weapons we are using aren't new but are from Quake 2, Crash mod, KP2 mod and CS. Some
  • UpDated Mapping Tool
    Hypov8 has worked with  Acc to create a new mapping tool for Kingpin. This tool will allow lighting in maps to appear as it is intended to look. It also converts everythin
  • Gunrace Mod Update
    BoA and Hypov8 have collaborated on a nice new custom skin for the tommygun which will be used in the  GunRace mod.
  • Revised CTF Map - CTF TNT 2018
    Last Year Hypov8 and me updated the Team TNT Map ( Team TNT 2017 ). I have now updated the old CTF TNT map and made a similar version to Team TNT 2017. The main changes in
  • New Player Model – Male Soldier
      Hypov8  and I have collaborated on a new player model called Male Soldier. It is converted from Quake 2 and somewhat improved. The original model in Quake 2 was made by
  • Gunrace Mod Update
    Hypov8 is now working with us on the Gunrace mod. He is working mainly on the models for the mod. Initially we were going to have a knife as the final weapon but we decide
  • New Bagman Map Team Combat
    Here is the first new map for 2018. This is a normal Bagman version of the XMAS Combat map that Hypov8 and I worked on recently. Team Combat is a smallish Bagman map set i
  • New Player Model Released - Bender
    We have a new player model for Kingpin. It's Bender (Bender Bending Rodríguez) the steel bending robot from Futurama. It is the first new player model released for Kingpin
  • New Player Model On The Way
    Hypov8 is currently working on a new custom player model for Kingpin ported from another game. It should be finished soon. See if you can tell the name of the model by loo
  • New Xmas Bagman Map
    Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new Winter themed map called Xmas Combat. It is a remake of the old death match map called Combat . Xmas Combat is a smallish Xmas them
  • New Server Browser By Hypov8
    Hypov8 has released a new server browser that searches for Kingpin, KingpinQ3 and Quake 2 servers. It incorporates the M-browser and Gamespy protocol into one browser and
  • Bagman Arena Gate
    Bagman Arena Gate is a Bagman version of the Q3DM1 map that Hypov8 converted to Kingpin. He also did the Bagman version. Bagman Arena Gate is a smallish Bagman map. Two ba
  • New Custom Tommygun Model
    When I was updating the zipfile and testing out the Enhanced Bagman mod  I found that the custom tommygun model wasn't quite right. Some of the animations weren't right. S
  • Trash Metal 2013 Death Match Map
    This is a popular death match map that is an update of an old   Cujo map by Hypov8 . Trash Metal 2013 is a small death match set in an area where there are lots of derelic
  • Get Some Air In Dav's Room Death Match Map
    Here is one of Hypov8 earlier maps called Get Some Air In Dav's Room. It's set in his bedroom and it is a huge room and the players are very small. Its like you are a mous
  • New Death Match Map
    Several years ago Cujo converted this map from Quake 2 but never quite finished it and so it was left unreleased. Recently I found it in one of my old Kingpin archives and
  • KPDM1 Quaked
    Here is a very nice looking death match map made by Hypov8 many years ago. KPDM1 Quaked is KPDM1 remade in the Quake 3 style. It uses mostly Quake style textures and the b
  • Southpark KP (ver.2) Death Match Map
    This is a map I converted from Quake 2 a few years ago. It's a smallish map with  simple layout set in the cartoon land of Southpark. It features all custom textures, a te
  • New CTF Map CTF Highone
    Macanah and Hypov8 have released a new map for the CTF Mod clled CTF Highone. This is a largish map set in a seven story building. Each team has three levels and the lowes
  • Hypov8's Green Weapon Sprites
    Hypov8 has sent in a pak file which contains green weapon sprites for the grenade launcher, rocket launcher and flamer. This means that, in game, you see green rocket trai
  • New HMG Skin By Hypov8
    Hypov8 has sent me a new custom skin for the HMG. Check it out here. The skin is in pak5 file. Just extract/unzip the file to your Kingpin folder. This will place the pak5
  • New Death Match Map - Vector
    Macanah , Hypov8 and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Vector. Vector is a smallish , multi levelled death match map which should be fun with either a sm
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming CTF Map
    Here are a couple of shots of an CTF Map I am working on. It's was originally a Half-life map which Hypov8 converted to Kingpin as a Bagman map. I suggested he make a Capt
  • Broken Towers Death Match Map
    Here is an old death match map, by Hypov8 , called Broken Towers. Broken Towers is a large, Central Towers style map, that has been trashed. You'll see what I mean by look
  • Two New CTF Maps
    We have two new CTF maps for you to enjoy. CTF Compound 2016 by Hypov8 . This is an update of the teamcompound-ctf map which was made by Creamator. The major change is tha
  • Hypo's DMFlags Calculator
    Hypov8  has created a DMFlags calculator which might be of some help to people who are setting up Kingpin servers. Most death match servers have the DMFlags value set to 7
  • Another Mapping Tutorial Added
    Fredz has uploaded the video tutorial made by hypov8 on how to use the kingpin mapping tool Radiant to make archways in your maps.  You can check the video out here.
  • Ancient Sky Castle Death Match Map Released
    Before releasing this map I asked Hypov8 to take a look and see if he could add anything to it. He has done some tweaking and the map is now ready for release. Ancient Sky
  • New Bagman Map Team Woods 2016
    As I posted a while ago, Fredz asked Hypov8 to complete his Team Woods beta map. Hypov8 has finished working on the map and it is now released. Team Woods 2016 is a mirror
  • Revised Midnight Death Match Map Released
    Hypov8 has finished revising the Midnight death match map and has now released the updated version (kp_biodm_v3). The Midnight map is a medium sized map converted from the
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Revised Map
    Currently Hypov8 is working on updating the old Midnight death match map. The Midnight map (kp_biodm_v2) is a medium sized map converted from the game SiN. It uses all the
  • Video Tute For Mappers
    Here is just a little video tutorial from Hypov8 for mappers on how to easily make archways.
  • Video Radiant-Making A Tree
    Hypo has included closed captioned text to explain the process. I suggest watching the video at half speed so you can read all the text and follow what Hypo is doing. By H
  • Hosted Sites Added
    If you look in the Menu Box on the left you will see a new entry Hosted Sites. The two hosted sites we have here are the mapping sites for me and Hypov8. Hypo Central has
  • New map-packs For Luschen Servers
    Hypov8 has put together map-packs containing all the maps on the Luschen Hookmatch Server and Luschen Deathmatch Server. You can download these map-packs here:- Hookmatch
  • Video adding player weapons
    Quake Model Editor : Autodesk 3ds Max : Blender 3D :
  • Green Hell Death Match Map By {420}Mayhem
    Here is a map I hadn't seen for many years until me and Hypov8   found it recently. Green Hell is a medium to large death match map converted from Quake2 by {420}Mayhem .
  • Video Radiant-Archways
    By Hypov8

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