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  • KPtools Map Compiler
    After decompiling kpbsp, kpvis and kprad i saw that there was not much diffrent between Kingpin and Quake 2 map compiler version. So I convert the map compilers from q2too
  • Blender MD2 and MDX updated
    Hypov8 has update the MD2 and MDX importer/exporter for Blender v.279 You can now load directly MDX models into Blender without converting them first. Download MD2 import
  • TrenchBroom for Kingpin Updated
    Since  Trenchbroom can not load MDX models or multiple models and textures i created this md2 addon, so that all the errors and gone and you can see every model. I seprate
  • NetRadiant for Kingpin
    I added Kingpin support to NetRadiant. NetRadiant is a fork of the now defunct GtkRadiant 1.5 editor what is based on QERadiant (KPRadiant) and later on Q3Radiant. You can
  • TrenchBroom for Kingpin
    I added Kingpin support to Trenchbroom. TrenchBroom is a cross platform level editor for Quake-engine based games. It supports Quake, Quake 2, and Hexen 2 and now also Kin
  • J.A.C.K. Kingpin
    Added Kingpin support to J.A.C.K.: Level Editor You can also download it here on kingpin.info aswell. Also the Linux version is available. Just install jack and then insta

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