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  • New CTF Map - CTF Facing Worlds
    AB|Jones has released a Capture the Flag version of the Facing Worlds map. It was originally a popular CTF Map in Unreal Tournament so it makes sense to make a CTF version
  • Team Facing Worlds Updated Again
    AB|Jones has updated the Team Facing Worlds Bagman map again. He has now got the weapon numbers and placement the way he finally wants it to make the map play the best way
  • First New Map For 2017
    AB|Jones has the honour of releasing the first new Kingpin map for 2017. It's a Bagman Map called Facing Worlds. Originally it was a wildy popular Unreal Tournament map. T
  • New Death Match Map By AB|Jones
    AB|Jones abandoned his plans to convert a map from Quake 2 and instead decided to make an original map with a Quake 2 style. Sinister is a medium sized death match map, Qu
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Map By AB:Jones
    AB|Jones is currently working on a new death match map for Kingpin. It is a conversion from Quake 2 and is called Broken Shadows. It's a medium sized map and should be don
  • Bagman Map Updated
    AB|Jones has released an updated version of his Team Foozball Bagman map (team_fo0zball.bsp). The team textures have been changed slightly, pistol mods have been added and
  • New Bagman Map - Team Foozball
    We have been lucky with the recent release of several good Bagman maps by Killa and AB|Jones. Here is another great addition to the list. Team Foozball by AB|Jones is a gr
  • New bagman Map - Team Spawndeath Two
    AB|Jones has released a new Bagman map called Team Spawndeath Two. This is another of those very small, chaotic, crazy Bagman maps like Team 817 and Team Spawndeath etc. I
  • New CTF Map - CTF Lavapit Beta
    AB|Jones and I have collaborated on making a Capture the Flag version of his Team Lavapit map. As the lava trap at the money drop area was the main feature of the Bagman v
  • Team Lavapit Bagman Map Released
    AB|Jones has now released a beta of his new Bagman map called Team Lavapit. It is a medium sized Bagman map in the two forts style. It's mirrored and uses both standard an
  • Screenshots Of Upcoming Bagman Map
    AB|Jones is working on a new Bagman map called Team Lava Pit.  It's a two forts style  Bagman map and features a trap at the money drop area :) It should be finished short

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