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  • New Bagman Map - Team Apartment Assembly
    Xanarki has released his first map for Kingpin. It is a small/medium sized Bagman map called Team Apartment Assembly. The map is set in and around two apartment buildings
  • Screen of Upcoming Bagman Map
    Xanarki is currently working on a new Bagman map. Should be ready soon. Here is a screen of WIP.
  • New Thug Skin - Carnival Of Carnage
    Xanarki has created a new skin for the Thug Model. From Xanarki:- In the beginning of musical horrorcore (rap/rock) duo Insane Clown Posse's career, they released a set of
  • New West Coast USA Server
    Xanarki has setup a new dedicated server for Kingpin. It is called California Carnage and is currently running the Bagman mode. He went thru the entire archive of Bagman m

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