Kill Confirmed Mod Updated

has updated the Kill Confirmed mod to v1.08d.

The main change is the addition of a new rifle the MK98. At the moment it only works for the thug, runt and bitch models.

You can download the updated Kill Confirmed files here:-




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New Single Player Mission Released - Barren Meadow

has now released his Barren Meadow single player mission.

In his own words:-

I just released a small horror-themed single-player mod called Barren Meadow.
It features a few new things (such as weapon mods like the pistol accuracy, flamethrower slowburn and the acid rounds for the shotgun).
The campaign has everything you'd expect to find in a Kingpin episode: a bar, pawn, hub and 5 action maps, each with their own theme.
There's plenty of new textures and skins, several secrets to discover and two cut scenes. It should take between 1 hour and 90 minutes to complete, probably more in higher difficulty levels (if you're having a hard time, remember you can buy new mods for your gun and hire help at The Shack). Enjoy.

You can download Barren Meadow from here.

Read the index.html file in the doc folder for install instructions and everything you need to know about the mod.


You can visit the Barren Meadow ModDB page here.

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More GunRace Mod News

is still working on the v1.4 update for the GunRace mod. He is currently adding one more weapon which is an AKL47. This will even up the number of shotguns and machine guns.


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GunRace Update

 is working hard on the GunRace v1.4 update.
You could say he is working his fingers to the 'bones' :)


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Hypov8 Updating GunRace Mod

is currently doing an update for the GunRace mod.

He is working on adding a replacement for the M60 and including three new weapons - an MP5, Brenelli and a Spas12 shotgun :)

Here are some screens of the WIP.





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Saturday game of Crash Squad 29th August

There will a game of Crash squad on Saturday 29th August.

Server : Newskool Crash Squad
IP :
Date : Saturday 29th August
Time : 10.00pm UK time/5pm EST

All welcome to come for a game.

You can download the Crash client files form the server when you join the game of get them beforehand from here.

Download and open the zipfile, then just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations. 

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Kingpin In Other Games - Duke3D

There is a three level demo of a Total Conversion mod with a Kingpin theme for DUKE3D (EDuke32 required). The mod is called Suburbs.

Check out some info and screens here.

You can download Suburbs from the above link or from here.


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Summer Mod Client Files

This Thursday's games will include the Summer mod.

The Summer mod  is a summer themed mod with all new weapons, sounds and player skins. The mod is made by  and  and incorporates the Monkey Mod. The original idea for the mod was by {GA}Cleopatra.

Some of the features:-

You can play DM, TeamDM and Bagman and new mode 'Capture the Points' in Summer Mod

New weapons - water pistols, nerf gun, crossbow, Kalippo pipe, beach ball launcher, etc

Custom sounds for all the weapons

Spray Paint - You can spray paint walls. Toggle 0 to switch between spray paint and weapons. Press 1 through 8 to select a spray paint colour.

Ammo cart - replaces the pack

Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and melon - replaces large health packs

Sun Block - replaces the adrenaline

New icons for all pickups

Custom team skins

New console background

Lots of extras for the thug, runt and bitch models (hats, sunglasses, skirts, camera, cigar)

Please note that you don't select which extras you want to use but they are auto assigned depending which model you use.

You can download the Summer Mod v1.00c cleint files from here.

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations (kingpin/summer)




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Kill COnfirmed ver 1.06 Released

has now released v1.06 of his Kill Confirmed mod. The main changes are added bot support and a fast shotgun mode:-

V1.06 changes

*Added Bot Support (uncomment in comp.ini to enable)

* Added new admin commands addbot and removebot (just like SV commands)

* Added Fast Shotty Mode (dm_realmode 4)

You can add and remove bots using electable admin.

If anyone doesn't know the Kill Confirmed mod it is based on the Call of Duty mod of the same name. Basically when you frag an opponent they drop a dogtag which you must pick up to score a point.

There are several different modes you can play in the mod - deathmatch, team death match, normal Bagman (no tags just all the custom weapons and armour skins), and Tagman (like Bagman but tags not money) as well as Instagib and crossbow only modes.

Check out the included doco for lots more info.

This is the full install and includes windows server files, the client files and three custom maps made for the mod and one older custom Bagman map.

You can download the Kill Confirmed v1.06 files from here.

Download the files, open the zipfile, and then just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

You will need the updated cleint pak file to play on the server so either downlaod the above file or,  alernatively, if you have ver8 of the MH patch and try to join the Kill Confirmed server with old files it will give you the option of typing in redownload (then you will simply d/l the latest files and they will overwrite the exisiting files).

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Two Mods Updated

Crash and Killapin mods have been changed.

Crash - In bomb scenario maps - the time to plant and disarm bombs has been changed. It has been changed to 4 secs to plant and 7 to disarm with 50 secs for the bomb to go off.

Killapin - the team boss no longer does ammo or health drops - just stand by your boss for hitmen style health and ammo. boss heals himself the same way. health and ammo only gained when player is not firing.

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