Sunday Game Of Bagman 7th June

The Sunday game this week will be Bagman on Monkey Harris's UK Newskool Bagman server.

Game details:-

Server : Sunday Bagman
IP :
Date : Sunday 7th June
Time : 21.00 (9pm) UK Time\4.00pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

All welcome to come along.

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Screen Of New Bagman Map

Bigchunks and I have been working on a new Bagman map for Kingpin. It's a large map and is a remake of a UT24K map called TwinTombs.
It's in beta and will be hopefully tested at this week's Sunday game. 


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New Monkey Mod Map Voting Feature

 has added a new feature to his Monkey Mod.

On the map voting screen he has added map sizes above the map levelshots - S(mall), M(edium), or  L(arge).


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Thursday Game Of Death Match & GunRace Mod 4th June

The Thursday Games this week will be split between Death Match and the GunRace Mod.

Server Details:-

Server : Newskool Fragfest server
IP :
Date : Thursday 4th June
Time : 9.30pm UK time/4.30pm EST time

Server : Newskool Gunrace
IP :
Date : Thursday 4th June
Time : 22.30 (10:30pm) UK time/5.30pm EST time 
Check out the worldclock here to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm in the UK.
If you can try to be there for the start of the game :)

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Video Of Sunday's Game Of Team Hitmen

 made a video from today's game of Team Hitmen.


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Street Revenge Update

Looks like there is one final map still to be released:-

Kingpin Street Revenge - Final Fight Episode,
One month to release. This Will be final story of Street Revenge.  

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Sunday Game Of Team Hitmen & CTF 31st May

The Sunday Games this week will be an hour or so of Team Hitmen mod on the California Carnage server and then the remainder of the night will be Capture the Flag on the Newskool CTF server.

Server Details:-

Server : California Carnage
IP :
Date : Sunday 31st May
Time : 21.00 (9pm) UK Time\4.00pm EST time

Server : Newskool CTF
IP :
Date : Sunday 31st May
Time : 22.00 (10pm) UK Time/5.00pm EST time

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.00pm UK time here.

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Street Revenge Released

 (aka Deluxive) has finally finished working on his Street Revenge Single Player mission pack and it has now been released.

From Mr.Goodfinger:-

New Episode for Kingpin Life of Crime with new textures, skins and more. Story of Game There is a big gang war in which rivals fight each other to become the next big one and you are involved. You must take your personal revenge over Nicki in this new and wild episode for Kingpin Life of Crime.

The mission is spread over three episodes with fourteen playable maps.

The episode took Mr.Gooodfinger two years to makde and he put a lot of work into it (which you will see when you play it).

You can download Street Revenge from here.

Download and open the zipfile, then just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

Mr.Goodfinger also recomends installing the MH Patch v8 if you don;t alreayd have it installed - to get the best overall experience with this mod and to avoid any errors/bugs install Monkey Harris Kingpin Patch v8

You can download the MH pPatch from here.







Also check out the Street Revenge ModDB page here.

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Kingpin On Sale At

Kingpin is on sale at for 65% off.


Unfortunately the Steam & button for Kingpin wont show up if it is banned in your country, such as Germany.

It's part of their Summer Sale and will be on sale until 15 June.

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Thursday Game Of Power2 & Crash Squad Mods 28th May

The Thursday Game this week will be an hour or so of Power 2 mod and then the remainder of the night will be Crash mod.

Server Details:-

Server : Thursday Power2 Game
IP :
Date : Thursday 28th May
Time : 21.30 (9.30pm) UK Time/4.30pm EST time

Server : Newskool Crash Squad
IP :
Date : Thursday 28th May
Time : 22.30 (10.30pm) UK time/5.30pm EST time

If you don't know about the Crash mod you can read all about it here.

Check the World clock to see what time it is where you are when it is 9.30pm UK time here.

All welcome to come and join in the fun :)

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